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Gratitude For The Little Blessings

March 28, 2019

My favorite find this week
Hey y'all, it's me!
Well, it's been a little hard this week--we were leaving for church Sunday morning, and we found that our little gray cat, Fraidy, had been hit by a car. Then on Tuesday evening, Pounce, my gray and white cat, shot out the front door and around the house towards the back. They go outside all the time, so I wasn't concerned. We haven't seen her since. I think there is a predator out in the pasture, and it's going after smaller animals. I have been keeping Stripe and Stormy inside as  much as they will allow me to. I am still praying that Pounce will come straggling in one morning, meowing for her breakfast.
The missing.

I baked up the weekly loaf of bread for our family on Monday. Now, while I am no genius at bread making, I do know if there is a problem with a loaf. In my expert opinion, I believe that the technical term for this is...that ain't right. I crumbled the loaf up and spread it for th…

On The Rare Occasion Of My Being Bored...

March 26, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

It's still busy around the homestead. I planted potatoes and kale Saturday, And I am back to trying to get the world's ugliest hedges dug out from in front of the house--I WILL get them out!

I have been working on setting up the home gym and my walking course around the property is just about done, so my exercise routine will soon be back up and running.

I have hauled stuff to the thrift store, the homeless shelter, and scrap yard. I will be attacking my closet soon, although it's getting hard to find stuff to purge. I am down to a few nice pieces, a couple of dresses, and my t-shirt bin, which holds all my old work clothes. If you don't count the t-shirts and old work jeans, I don't even have enough clothing to do the 333 challenge.

I think I have located some cinder blocks for free--I will do a video on building and using a rocket stove as soon as I can.

For the few moments of down time I have had, I have been reading t…

It's SPRING! And That Means...

March 18, 2019

...I am SWAMPED with chores right now.

With the weather FINALLY warming up, and the days growing longer, I am busy with chores both inside and outside the house. I am doing the spring cleaning gig, along with getting yard work started (let's face it--once begun, the yard work won't be done until the first frost hit again.).

I am getting seed potatoes ready to plant in containers, saving egg shells to start seeds in, and hauling a pile of junk off from the yard. I will be running new pipe from my washing machine out to a spot farther out from my clothes line, because I am so tired of using my dryer, and I cannot WAIT until the first sunny day that I can bring my sheets in from drying in the breeze. When I put them on our beds, we will fall asleep to scent of sunshine.

We have to replace our well house, because the last big wind storm that came through last week blew the doors off. We ordered a new metal shed, and when it comes in we will organize a work day with…

My Favorite Phot So Far This Year

March 2, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

Obie has been sick all week, and only yesterday did he feel up to going to the grocery store with me for a quick errand. This morning he was up and eager to go to the indoor gun range with the Redneck and do a few more errands.

 While the Redneck spent time in the range trying out a new pistol, Obie and I walked around the store, looking at the merchandise and displays.

We came across a black bear mount. Obie thought it was very cool, as we used to see the real thing when we lived in the mountains.

I took this photo, and when I pulled it up on the laptop later, I had to laugh--it looks like they are holding hands and having a conversation!
Yep, this is officially my favorite photo of 2019 so far.
Well, I got chores. Later y'all. © Evelyn Edgett 2019