Unintentional No Spend January

January 5, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

I've never really done a no spend period of time, never felt the need to do so. However, due to the financial ups, downs, and whoopsie daisies of the last few months of 2018, we have found ourselves in the middle of a 'forced' no spend month.

While we have paid bills and bought groceries (including what I will personally need for doing the Daniel Fast Beginning Monday) and feed for horses, dogs and cats, there will be very little money left for extras until we get securely back into our regular routines and work schedules--probably by the beginning of February.

So we have cut the month's budget to the bone for now. This means no visiting thrift stores or yard sales, no picking up extra treats at the grocery store, no going out to eat.

No problem.

We are willing to do this because we all know that we are so close to getting completely out of debt, with only the truck and house remaining. We have learned and honed the skills we need to get by for as long as it takes to accomplish not only our financial goals, but any others that we set for ourselves.

We are fully aware that everything we have comes from God, and that He will ALWAYS provide not only our needs, but often many of our wants as well.

For this time there will be reading, watching movies from our collection, deep cleaning, organizing and decluttering, working with animals, planning and prepping for the spring outdoors, naps on the couch, crafting (including my new skill--crocheting dishcloths), and just spending time together as a family. 


Just a quick reminder that I will be offline for 21 days beginning this Monday, January 7. I haven't fallen off the map, I will be back. I have several ideas for posts, and I am looking forward to sharing how my fast, both from the laptop and doing the Daniel Fast went.

Well, I still got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2019


  1. Good luck, I have tried many no spend challenges. I am good at daily no spends and not spending on certain items, but not on no spend at all.


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