Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

December 9, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was pretty darn good to say the least.

We didn't make it to our church this morning. The Redneck had bad sleep last night and was too tired to move around much. Plus the weather was wonky enough to make me question the wisdom of driving an hour to services, so we made the decision to stay in Bowie. The Redneck went back to bed to try and catch up on the sleep he missed, and since I was already dressed for church, Obie and I went to Lighthouse Assembly Church, where we go on Wednesday nights. It was a great sermon, and I feel like God had worked it out so I could hear a few things I had been wondering about for a while.

So, what money saving adventures have I got for you this week?

Last week a friend at church brought us a bunch of comforters and other bedding. I found one that is perfect for our bedroom, the colors match, and it is perfect for snuggling under in this cold weather. I still have the one I got back in the summer--I packed it away for warmer weather, since it's lighter. We also found a few new pillows in the bags.

I like to drink two mugs of tea in the mornings. I use one black tea bag and one roasted dandelion root tea bag together. I save and reuse the bags for my second cup. I had been buying and using the powdered stevia to sweeten it, but when I ran out of it I had decided not to buy it anymore due to the ingredients besides stevia. Instead I had some black strap molasses in the cabinet, so I began using it in my tea. Turns out it gives a rich flavor to the tea, and of course it gives me a boost of magnesium and iron, along with a few other nutrients. And it's a lot cheaper. I did buy some more of my favorite creamer when I went grocery shopping Saturday, since it was low enough on sale for me. I enjoy a lot of different creamers, but WIDE AWAKE COFFEE Italian sweet cream is my favorite.

During my taking inventory of my pantry and freezers, I came across several dry goods (beans, seeds, etc.) that I was given but don't like to use. I bagged them up and will take them to a friend at church who will put them to good use. It also cleared out space for things that we use regularly.

Found a good meat clearance sale at Brookshire's this week, including deboned chicken thighs. I packaged them up two in a bag, for suppers for Obie and I this week. I took two that night and cut them up to stir fry with cabbage and other veggies--delish! The steaks and roasts were popped into the freezer to use later.

I made a nice chunk of change at the local consignment store this month, enough to add $50.00 to the grocery budget, and still have some fun money left over to spend on two new movies for our collection. I found UNDERWORLD BLOODWARS for $5.00, and THE EXPENDABLES 3 for $3.74. YES!

I am still working on my pantry inventory to decide what I need to buy. We bought the groceries for the next two weeks based on what I inventoried so far. And I am happy to announce that we came in UNDER BUDGET! And that's not counting the extra $50.00 I had. Next time we shop we will have another list of items to buy to restock.

I cashed in a bunch of coins at the COIN STAR machine, which I added to the grocery budget. I discovered that you can get E Gift cards when you cash in coins. I will be adding to my Amazon account this next year!

I received coupons in the mail from Brookshire's, and they helped me come in under budget. I am trying to arrange my shopping on Tuesdays, so I can combine my 5% senior discount, coupons, clearances and other sales to really add up the savings.

I am still working out the details of my EXTREME 19 challenge (, and I do want some suggestions from you on areas to explore.

Well, I still got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Sounds like you had a great week saving money. Good on you with your selling things. Every little bit helps.


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