Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

December 17, 2018

Sunday morning sunrise

Hey y'all, it's me!

Busy week, busier weekend. We got to bed around midnight Saturday, got up 5 am Sunday, got to church early, and I began my work in the fellowship hall kitchen to prepare for Grub Sunday lunch. Had a wonderful time, great food and fellowship. Got home around 2 in the afternoon, and we all passed out for 3 hours. Today we are back on schedule, and I will be cleaning house, doing laundry, and prepping for the Christmas weekend. Obie and I are going to Lighthouse Assembly Wednesday night for their Christmas party, and I am making caramel popcorn to take. I love my life!

Okay, on to Money Saving Adventures for last week.

I sold a bunch of cans, made $3.75. That went towards a few extra purchases that I made, including a stop at the garage sale around the corner from me on Wednesday. I like to stop in at these sales, because the gentleman always has neat stuff that is often useful.

Found the Redneck a sleeveless t shirt for a quarter. He needs a few new ones for work, and I knew he would like the motorcycle logo on this one.

I had been needing a new apple corer/slicer, and this one for 50 cents was perfect.

My best deal was these four hazelnut scented candles for $1.00. They have never been burned. The big ones often sell for $10.00 or  more in stores, and the smaller ones for up to $3.00. They will be nice for decorations, and in case of a power outage we will have more available lighting.

I have been buying Ramen noodles lately. Obie and I enjoy them occasionally, and they are a cheap supper for the two of us. I use two packages, but only one seasoning packet. It gives plenty of flavor and less salt that way. I put the extra packet into a jar in the pantry to use making a quick broth for other dishes. I often add veggies and even a soft boiled egg to give a bit more protein. This night I just fried a couple of eggs and placed them on top. Simple, tasty and cheap--the trinity of thriftology cooking!

As you know, I like to do yoga, and I am working on making a fun exercise area in one of the rooms. I have a little horse figurine that is actually a business card holder. Yet when I saw him I thought, "He's doing the lotus position!". I earned him by doing an hour's work for a friend who owned the store I found him in. He is now Bindi the Yoga Horse, and he sits in my yoga area. I want to give him a real 60s vibe with flowers in his mane, love beads and a tiny yoga mat. My friend Barbara saw him and she went home and made him this little necklace of love beads.

And here in Bindi, wearing his groovy love beads! Seriously, just look at that goofy face! He had spent a little too much time contemplating his navel, wouldn't ya say?" 

As always, after Grub Sunday lunch, I brought home several leftover goodies. Cookies, a bag of tortilla chips, some taco salad and three jugs of tea made it home. I also received 2 packages of flavor wraps and a box of mac and cheese for Obie. I have never heard of flavor wraps, so they will be interesting to try. Anyone else ever tried them? What was your experience?

Remember my crocks filled with fruit and sugar? Well, I bought vodka and added it to the mix. After several weeks of allowing it all to marinate, I strained the liquid into pint jars and gave them as gifts. I ended up with a lot of cactus ones, and a few black cherry and jalapenos/blackberry ones. Everyone likes them, they are super easy to make, and since I save jars year round, very inexpensive.

The man who is in charge of the St. Jude's Trail Ride event at our church each year gave me this wonderful thermal cup as a thank you gift for working on the event. It's ceramic, dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds a double portion of my tea! It was so thoughtful of him to do this for the volunteers.

We used some of our marked down steaks for supper Saturday night. There was one left, so since I was tired Sunday night, I just cut it up, added leftover roasted diced potatoes, onions, peppers and eggs to make a hash for supper. It was excellent!

I downloaded several free ebooks, and I also found a few paperbacks at the local thrift store for about 10 cents each. I collect Catherine Anderson novels, and I found one I had never read. I even found a novel by Barry Sadler for 54 cents. SCORE! Barry Sadler wrote the song Ballad Of The Green Berets. It's hard to find any of his books in print at a good price. So this was a reason to do the happy dance.

I earned a $5.00 Amazon gift card from

My friend Linda brought me some goodies from a declutter at her house. I needed an extra shower curtain rod, and there was one, along with some other curtain rods to complete a couple of projects I have been working on. However, my favorite item is the pot you see above. It's a stainless steel pot, and the bottom is very thick, making the whole thing heavy. I feed my dogs from stainless steel bowls. They are sturdy and easy to clean by just tossing into the dishwasher. But Angel, my big husky mix female, likes to pick the bowls up and carry them around, which strews dog food kernels EVERYWHERE. I was constantly picking up or sweeping up dog food, and it drove me nuts. I  looked at the pan and wondered if it would solve my problem. I filled it with her food this morning, placed it where I wanted it to stay, and stood back.


She couldn't pick it up, and she just kept looking at it trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally she settled down and ate her food where it was, but she kept glaring at me the whole time. I LOVE IT! 

How did your week go? Any great adventures in money saving you would like to share in the comments?

Well, I still got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Dogs are so funny. We have a cat that does not like our dog and she moved out to a neighbors as soon as the dog moved in. Well they feed her and she has to stay outside, but now that is is cold and she is back with us although somewhat reluctantly. I had her on my lap last night for a while and i made her get off. The dog comes in and immediately jumps on my lap about knocking the-wind out of me, so I let him sit for a while. All of a sudden the cat jumps up on the arm of the sofa and gives three quick bats at the dogs nose hissing and teeth exposed. Dog runs off and cat resumes her position on my lap. I laughed so hard. I have never seen a cat act like this before.

    1. Pouncequick went through a phase earlier this year where she would attack my big dogs. They are such weenies that they would run from her.


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