Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

December 2, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

It's been a great weekend. We went to our church's Christmas party last night, and we had a blast. It was held in the barn of one of our members. A really NICE barn--cement floor, clean, with propane heaters and a lighting system. We all brought handmade ornaments for the tree. I made several paper ones from old gift bags from last year and hot glue.

Of course we had a gift exchange, and there was lots of laughter and 'stealing' of gifts. The gifts had to be $10.00 or less, and I sure had that covered with all the freebies and other bargains I found through the year.

I have been wanting a Himalayan Salt Lamp for a long time, and I was able to get a small one last night. It had a USB cord for plugging it into my laptop, but that's not how I want to use it. Fortunately I had an adapter so I can now plug it into the wall. That little sucker is BRIGHT.

Obie 'stole' a Hot Dog and Bun Toaster. You can cook two dogs and the buns in it. It will make an easy quick meal for when it's just the two of us.

Of course I snagged any gift bags and tissue paper others didn't want.

I also brought home some leftover food (after finally finishing all the Thanksgiving leftovers) from the party--brownies, cookies, unopened dips, and a huge cup of shrimp and cocktail sauce. Yes, I decided to have shrimp for my breakfast this morning!

I made extra mop cloths for my Libman Spray Mops by cutting up a couple of old sweat pants legs, using the mop cloth as a pattern.

Friends from church brought me a HUGE haul of clothes, blankets, clothes, boots and purses from a storage shed that had been bought. I sorted like mad by the light of the carport, trying to get it done before the thunderstorm hit. I will be dropping off four bags of clothes for the homeless shelter, and I till ended up with three bags of fashion boots and purses to sell at the consignment shop.

We cooked at home instead of going out.

I found a kid's basketball hoop on the curb at a house where folks are moving out. It's in good shape, so once I clean it up I will drop it off at the consignment shop. I hope to  make a little extra for Christmas.

Obie and I went with Mama In Law to go Christmas shopping--and I didn't spend a dime! I did get to go into a Daiso Store for the first time. It's a Japanese version of a Dollar Store. It's great, and the prices are decent. We will be going with Mama In Law again soon, and I hope to go back to Daiso to get a few things.

I have been looking for a new planner for 2019 for a long time. I wanted a Happy Planner like my friend Charlcie has, but I would have to drive over an hour in any direction to find a store that carried them. Last year I bought a little $3.00 pink Mom's Busy Year Planner from Dollar General, and it lasted me all year. I stopped in at DG on Monday, and there it was, a blue version of my 2018 planner. I think this is a great planner to start with, and for $3.00, I can wait until next year to buy a Happy Planner.

I found a copy of the new magazine MAGNOLIA on the free shelf at the library. I don't spend money on magazines, but I enjoy them when I find freebies. I also got a copy of an older PREVENTION.

I have needed a mat for the floor in front of my kitchen sink, and I tried using some rubber play room tiles someone had given me--they worked! The blues go with my kitchen colors, and they are easy to clean. I just forgot to clean them before the photo was taken!

While out with Mama In Law, she mentioned that she would like to get a George Foreman Grill to try. The next day I checked Thrift Angels here in town, and voila! I found a good sized one for $4.33. She can try it, and if she doesn't like it, she can give it back and I can re donate it. 

I downloaded a free E book, FRUGALING by Sam Lustgarten. 

Other than all this (and that's quite a lot), I am looking for a new Internet provider, since the contract with AT&T is up this month, and we would prefer to find something a bit better. Any suggestions?

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


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