Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

November 18, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

A quick NaNoWriMo update--as of  last night I have written 45,355 words of my 50,000 goal. If I can write 3,000 words today and 3,000 more tomorrow, I will be able to  post and validate my word count at midnight tomorrow night, which is the earliest you can do it. Then I will 'win' NaNoWriMo for 2018!

But first, I must write a post for you, my dear readers, so that you may be inspired to reach for ever higher peaks of frugal living. And here we go!

I honestly didn't get out to do a lot of 'active' saving this last week. Instead I stayed home and worked on my novel. I spent about 3-4 hours a day writing. That and keeping the house running doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else!

Remember when I began to create an emergency savings envelope a few months back? I had saved up $100.00 so far. Well, it has already been proven to be a great idea, because this last week we needed the money as a back up. You see, due to the 'do we take the job, do we not take the job' situation last month, where the Redneck had to use his personal time off to check on a job in New Hampshire, along with several days that he took off for our church's Trail Ride for St. Jude's Children's Hospital (which ended up being rained out), the paychecks haven't been as large as usual. So when we did the budget for the next two weeks, we discovered that we did not have enough money to buy feed or hay for our horses, plus there were few purchases for the home that we were dangerously low on. We decided that we would use part of the savings (because we definitely feel that not being to feed our 'walking stomachs' is a Category Level 5 emergency) to purchase what we needed, and I kept a tally of what needed to be replaced. It was wonderful to be able to have the money for a moment like that. If you have the ability, I can't recommend building an emergency savings enough.

We also realized that we did not have money to buy the extras to put toward our church's Thanksgiving meal today. I had planned to buy regular groceries, along with a few extras, but then we saw that deficit, and I couldn't justify using more of the emergency fund. So instead, I used what I had to make a double batch of chocolate brownies, along with a two bread dressing. I did have to scrounge $1.25 for a can of baking powder from Dollar General, and a little more for some bacon for the dressing, but everything else was already in our pantry. I not only had food to take to share, but I also ended up with extras to send with the Redneck for his lunch this week.

And speaking of extras, after all the cooking, serving, eating and fellowship with our wonderful church, there were a ton of leftovers. And guess who ended up with most of them? Yep, since everyone else was going to be cooking for big family get togethers this week anyway, we brought home turkey (baked and fried), dressing, several types of cranberry relish, deviled eggs, and more desserts than anyone needs (they will be frozen for later usage). I even was told to keep the Glad ware a lot of it came in!

But wait, there's more!

Every year our church buys turkeys and hams for people who can't afford it, along with bags of extras to go with them. People put in the names of folks they know need a little help this time of year, and the church buys for those people. I was gathering up the fragments', as it says in John 612,

"When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, "Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.""

Our preacher's wife came out with a puzzled look on her face. She said that all the turkeys had been given out, and the meal bags, and the money for the budget was correct, but that there was an EXTRA TURKEY and MEAL BAG, and would I like to take it home and use it so I didn't have to shop this week?

Holy Hoppin' Hannah! I quietly said, sure, we could find a use for it and thank you.

I bet you can guess that we had no money for any of that stuff this week, and yet the Lord provided it.
We hadn't said anything to anyone, we just figured that we would drive to the family meal about an hour away from here, instead of staying home and having a quiet day to rest, which we really needed. So now we can have everything we need for a nice meal, and then we can spend the rest of that day just enjoying the down time. And no, we don't do Black Friday.

We ate from our pantry a lot, and we have enough in the freezer to last until we can go grocery shopping to restock a few things. I will spend part of this week cleaning and reorganizing the pantry, fridges and the freezer.

I actually did stop at a yard sale yesterday, since I am always looking for donations of leftover clothes and blankets for the homeless shelter ministry that Lighthouse Assembly Church does. Lighthouse is a non denominational church not far from our home, and since Obie and I can't get to our church on Wednesday nights, we go there. They go on Tuesdays to the homeless shelter in Fort Worth, and they feed the people, preach the Gospel, and give out clothing to people who need it. Since it's getting cold now, they are in need of coats, sweaters, blankets, and warm socks. I have to brag on the folks in my church for just a minute. Last Sunday I got up and told them about the need for all this stuff. While I was working in the church kitchen, they were filling my truck with coats and other warm clothing (honestly, Obie almost had no place to sit on the way home!).

Back to my story of the yard sale. We had bought the hay and feed, so I still had my envelope with the emergency money in it.

I noticed this camera tripod. It is a VELBON Victory 450, and it is in perfect shape, and I have been needing an extra tripod for some of my photo and video work. They sell for over $40.00 in the stores. There was no price on it, so I asked the lady if she would take $5.00 for it. She said yes, and I took the money from my envelope. I saved about $35.00. And yes, I have already replaced the $5.00 in the envelope. 

I also saw this little coupon holder, and since I had a stray quarter in my pocket, I bought it. I don't do extreme couponing these days, but this little darling in my purse will keep any coupons I do use handy and safe.

I cleaned the coffee maker with white vinegar to improve its running, then I saved the used vinegar to use in other ways around the house.

I plugged in the heat lamp in the well house, to make sure the pump doesn't freeze. I also got out the extra blankets to use when we are just sitting around. And I am checking the Big Buddy heater, making sure we have enough propane bottles in case the power goes out. My stock of candles are also ready to go.

I planted another avocado seed. The other two are doing well, even the one that got its leafy top knocked off when Angel jumped up and whacked it. 

Okay, I will close out for now. I have to get writing to reach my 50,000 words. Thankfully with all the leftovers we brought home I can concentrate on writing, and the guys can still have a good supper.

Well, I got 3,000 words to write. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Funny how the Lord provides when we do what is right and have faith. You are so blessed my friend, but you also spend most of your time blessing others so it was your turn.

    1. I just know that my Abba Father takes really good care of me and my little family--can you dig it?


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