I DID IT!!!!!!

November 20, 2018

Hey y'all, it's ME!!!

I just officially validated my final word count for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Challenge. I finished my novel on November 19, 2018, with:

50,012 words!

I am actually in shock--I honestly didn't know if I could do this, but I did! And I did it in 18 days! I know I finished on the 19th, but I took the first Sunday of November off to spend with friends.

The funniest thing was when I was finished for the day, and my word program said that I had 50,086 words. I was elated, and even though I couldn't do the official validation until the 20th, I wanted to post my word count progress. When I did, I noticed a little button to click on to validate my count, so I clicked on it, then I pasted my entire novel into the little space and hit 'validate'.

I was horrified to see that according to the site's counter, I only had 49,205 words. Apparently, this happens sometimes--the site counter will not jive with someones counter on their computer, and you have to go by the official count.

I flipped.

Big time.

I started shouting, "DOGGONE IT! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY 795 WORDS!?!?!?!?! GIVE ME BACK MY WORDS!!!!!!!

Yeah, that worked well.

I realized there was nothing for it but to write more words.

So I re opened the document and began at the beginning of the novel, looking for ways to insert more words that would make sense and enhance what I had already written.

Basically, I began the first re write.

I worked for almost three extra hours to finally come up with the needed amount of words. I added in a lot of 'he saids' and 'she replieds', along with several smirks, snickers and 'answereds'.

But I got the words I needed. About 5 minutes before the Redneck called at his dinner hour from work. The first words he heard were, 50,012 words--I AM DONE!!!!!!!!

I have waited up until after midnight my time, so that I can officially validate my count, and I have won NaNoWriMo 2018. Winning simply means that you achieved your goal of 50,000 words in a month. I did it with 10 days to spare!

I downloaded the certificate that you get when you win,

I will fill it in and print it out to show off at church this Sunday. I also want to order a Winner tee shirt tomorrow.

I will be printing out the entire novel and then I will bind it. Then I will put it away until after the New Year, when I will begin re vising it, editing, re writing it, doing more research, etc. I do not want to see that sucker until then.

If (and that is a BIG if) I decide to do this again next November, I will be better prepared. The challengers call October Preptober, and they use that month to get ready for November. I didn't know anything about any of that, I just learned a lot from YouTube videos and blogs that I have read since I started on November 1. 

I did it.
I DID it.
I did IT,
I. DID. IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I am tired, and I only have a couple of hours to sleep till the Redneck comes home. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. You go girl! I know it was lots of work.

  2. Thank you! My shoulders may never be the same! lol, a trip to the chiropractor and a little rest, then I will be ready to roll again--AFTER the new year!

  3. You are so funny and I love you. Way to GOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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