Money Savng Adventures For Last Week

October 7, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Tonight I am so tired my tired is tired. It has been a week of ups, downs and turn arounds, with getting the Redneck to and from the airport, finishing up gathering donations for ST. Jude's trail ride, and just trying to keep up with October, which is our family's busiest month.

For instance, we got home from church, had lunch, and then the Redneck and I put together a BBQ dry rub for two racks of baby back ribs we'd been saving for a SLOW Sunday afternoon. We had put them into the oven at 275 degrees. Just as we were sitting down to relax, we got a phone call that a gentleman who works with metal had a donation for St. Jude's. We hopped in the truck and drove to Second Monday here in Bowie. We were surprised that the man not only wanted to donate a bench, but also a second bench, a small metal table with two chairs, two large flowers made from plow disks, AND he and his wife said that if we needed ANYTHING else for the auction, let them know.

We drove back to the church to store the things, and we were halfway there when we remembered the ribs in the oven. OOPS. We got the stuff unloaded and headed home. Thankfully the ribs were not only not burnt, they were PERFECT.

Quite a busy Sunday.

Fortunately the money saving was also quite good this last week.

After dropping the Redneck off with our friends who were taking him to the airport, Obie and I headed into Azle to the library there. It's a great place, great selections of books, DVDs, audio books and more. We like the statues outside, and our favorite is the barefoot reading cowboy. If you go around behind him, you see the boots he's taken off.

You can check out up to 10 DVDs for two weeks, and we loaded up with movies and a couple of British TV shows. We also got an audio book of a Dresden Files novel. Free entertainment baby!

I made $6.50 from consignment sales this month.

I downloaded free meal plans for a new eating program we are trying out.

Last month I got a bin full of stuff from a vendor cleaning out inventory. In the bin was a travel bag that was perfect for the Redneck to use on his overnight trip to New Hampshire.

I ordered a new hand mixer by redeeming points from the Redneck card--I love it, it's great for quick tasks.

Stopped at a yard sale, and saw this big bulletin board. I asked the lady what she wanted for it. She said, "If you can use it, you can have it." I can use it, so I got it! I'll use it on the command center in the kitchen.

I got to 100 page spiral notebooks for 50 cents each from the Brookshire's clearance aisle, and further down I got two gallons of milk for $1.00 each in the dairy clearance. There was a 'boo boo' at the checkout, and after I found it on my receipt, I went back into the store and asked for the manager. I explained what I thought the problem was, but wasn't sure if *I* had made the mistake, or if the store had. I was ready to return the bags of potatoes and go get the right ones for the sale, but he just said no, that was fine, and gave me the difference in cash. I said I was sorry that I was always checking and asking question. He smiled and said that was fine, because I always asked politely, and was willing to accept if I was wrong. See what a little respect and common courtesy can do?

I received free Cd's from a ministry I like.

I was really thrilled to get a thank you gift in the mail from Kate over at Coffee With Kate. She sent me a nice note card, a little promotional booklet from Joyce Meyer, and THREE of her books! Wait until she sees what frugal goodies I'm stockpiling for her next package!

With the trip for the Redneck and a couple of unexpected bills, the budget was TIGHT this last week. I realized at one point that we hadn't had the chance to buy groceries, other than a few fresh items, for over three weeks. Yet we ate well, because we stock our pantries and freezers with foods that we can use to make just about anything we want. After the trail ride however, I intend to do a replenish shopping trip for several things.

I've been working on learning how to edit my YouTube videos, and I recently figured out how to do a logo at the end of them. This is the almost finished product. I still need to add the audio and text to it. My little 'monster' Poblano may end up being an internet star!

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Glad you didn't burn your ribs. lol You guys have been very busy!! It's nice to be able to keep food in the house and know that you don't "have" to go to the store, isn't it? Pablano is a cutie... is he the one that was barking in your kitchen tour video?

    1. Yep, she's the barker. Let me tell you, those ribs were so good, and we have leftovers for lunch today!


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