Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

October 29, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I'm happy to say that we are getting back into normal mode--well, as normal as this group ever gets!

I'm a day late in posting, but after all the busyness of the weekend, the only thing I wanted to do Sunday night was put on my jammies, curl up next to the Redneck and pass out. It was a great weekend, but tiring.

Saturday morning I spent cooking food for a Sunday lunch event before we left to go to Trinity Ordnance's Customer Appreciation Day, and it was a lot of fun. There was music, free food and drink, lots of cool stuff to look at, prizes given out (I won a couple of goodies), and great people to visit with.

I made a short video of our day.

After a couple of hours we headed to the church for the Fall Festival, where we enjoyed games and more food, candy, costumes and fellowship. If you're wondering why Obie looks so disgusted, he just discovered what licorice tastes like!

When we got home we wrangled all the animals where they needed to be, and got ready for Sunday.

Sunday we had the auction for St. Jude's that we didn't get to have on the day of the trail ride, since it was rained out. It was held at the Senior Center in Springtown. We got there around 9 am to set up. The volunteers had a short church service around 10, and then we finished setting up. People paid $10.00 for a BBQ lunch with all the fixings, and we had a lot of folks show up. After lunch the auction began, and it was a bidding battle for who would walk away with the goodies offered. The Redneck got me a few nice things, including a painting that I fell in love with. I'll show photos later.

Right now, let's get to the money saving.

I got four DVDs for $1.00 each from the library book sale bin. Unfortunately, my blue ray player died a day later. We decided to just buy a new one along with a converter cord so we can keep using our older TV. Someday we will get a flat screen, but this one still works fine for our purposes.

Used my 5% senior discount on Tuesday at Brookshire's Grocery Store. While there I talked with the produce guy and found out I can get free produce for my animals on occasion, when they get rid of fruit or veg that's not good enough to display. I will have to do some arranging to get in on that.

While running errands in the truck, I came across a wooden cabinet on the curb. I think it used to be an entertainment center. I loaded it up, and now it holds my TV. It will have to be painted, and I want to put some bins or baskets in the openings later.

I watched several YouTube videos on finances, and got some good ideas.

Obie and I ate a lot of meatless meals in the evenings.

One of the elders at church had promised Obie a cowboy hat a while back, but life got in the way, so it didn't happen for a long time. However, at the auction he bid on a brand new Stetson hat and when we won it, he dropped it on Obie's head. It fit hi perfectly. That is not a cheap hat! It's going to be his 'Sunday Go To Meetin' hat. I love this photo.

After the auction was over, we cleaned up the leftovers. I brought home macaroni and cheese, a pan of deviled eggs (egg salad sandwich makings), a gallon bag each of chopped red and white onions and sliced jalapenos. I put about two cups each into small zip lock bags and froze them. I now have a lot of onions for sautéing and adding to meatloaf, sauces and omelets. I also got a pint of homemade salsa, and another of guacamole. Also brought home plenty of sweets to enjoy through the week. Faith brought me another bag of cactus tunas to process. And another friend brought me a bottle of vodka and a partial bottle of Jim Beam to use for some of my Christmas gift making.

The weather is clear again, so my clothesline got a workout today.

I realized something about my cash envelope system I hadn't thought of before. I make four envelopes for the month. This week I won't have an envelope, because the first part of the week is in October, and the last half in November. So I decided I will just call it a 'no spend' week and move on. Works for me!

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
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