I Think I Have A Bargain 'Anointing'

October 10, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I just had to quickly share my mini shopping trip this morning.

I had decided that I would make spaghetti for lunch today, because the Redneck is off until next week. Our St. Jude's trail ride is this weekend, so there's lots of prep to get done.

I only had whole wheat pasta on hand, but the Redneck doesn't care for it. Since I had to go to the library anyway, I also stopped at Brookshires grocery store to grab pasta and bananas.

I counted what was left in my envelope for the week, and I had $4.60. I knew that would get what I needed with no problem.

In the store I got 3 pounds of bananas at 59 cents a pound, and a package of pasta for $1.09. I walked past the clearance aisle, and saw a small round loaf of French bread that was  marked down to $1.74. I couldn't figure out the sums in my mind, so I just decided to see if I could afford the bread also.

I got to the checkout and handed the cashier, Shelby, my little customer card. I told her the amount I had to spend, and let's see if I can pull off my magic yet again. She looked at my purchases and made that "I dunno" face.

When she rang them up I asked what the damage was. She looked at her screen, looked again, and said, "It's $4.60--exactly."

The manager, Derek asked me HOW I always do that. I just told him I have a Bargain Anointing. I took a bow, thanked my fans, and left.

I love it when I blow people's minds like that!

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. LOL you are brave, very brave! I would have been afraid I'd have to remove a banana to make it work out. hee hee

    1. I thought I might have to do that too, and I had no problem with it. It's like when I did couponing, I had friends who would see me save a BUNCH of money on groceries, but they still wouldn't coupon, because it would be 'embarrassing' to have people watch them pull out coupons. I don't get embarrassed when it comes to saving money.


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