Requesting Prayer For Wisdom

September 10, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I'm holding off on a few of my scheduled posts, because I'm asking you to pray for the Redneck and I to have wisdom about a situation.

Recently, the Redneck received an email from a big company in the field that he has worked in and loves. They are offering him a potential job with good pay, perks, etc. He still has to go through the interview process, be approved, all the hoops you have to jump through before they decide to actually hire him.

Here's the thing. If he does get this job, it will mean HUGE changes for our family. We are both excited, yet terrified at the prospect of all this happening. So we have been asking our church, and the church Obie and I go to on Wednesday nights, our various friends here in town, and so on, to join us in praying for this situation. This morning I decided to ask all of the people who read this blog, plus I will be making a video for my YouTube channel later, to join in this effort to prayer for our family about this.

We are not asking for prayer that he get the job, but that we have wisdom to know God's will, and that whatever happens, we will both have peace over whatever happens, and that we will trust the Lord.

The Redneck has a telephone interview tonight at 8 pm, Texas time. Please help us to cover this in prayer. Thank you.

Well, I still got chores. Later y'all.
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  1. Praying for w isdom... would you guys have to move?

    1. The job is in New Hampshire. Now, y'all have heard me speak in my videos. Just think about THIS voice and attitude in NEW HAMPSHIRE. You just know the first time I put my hands on my hips, toss my head and say, "WELL BUTTER MY BUTT AND CALL ME DARLIN'!", they are gonna throw me outta church. And there ain't any cowboy or biker churches up there--I CHECKED! But if this is where God wants me, I'll go, trusting Him. We just have to be certain it's Him we're following.

    2. LOL... you will be very popular in no time at all!

    3. They will love you in New Hampshire. It is right next door to where I live in Vermont! I know it is an enormous change. But what a delightful possibility! We could use your friendliness here in New England.

    4. Oh my, Mrs. White, I am flattered that you commented on my humble blog, and I thank you for your kind words. Your blog was the first homemaking blog I ever read, and I still look forward to every post you make. It turned out that God closed the door on the job, so we will be staying here in Texas. I'm almost disappointed, because I could have 'popped next door' to Vermont and had a lovely visit with you if we had moved!

  2. Prayers sent for guidance and acceptance.


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