Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

September 23, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Let's see if I can get back on track with posts about saving money this week. I will not only talk about last week, I'll also throw in a few from the previous weeks, just to catch up.

Here we go!

While gathering donations for the St. Jude's auction next month, I also found a few bargains at the Second Monday Trade Days.

I found three DVDs to add to my collection, new, in the plastic, for about $5.00 total. If you have never seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, well, you ain't seen Jane Austen at her best!

I found foam tiles to use in the gym for only $2.00. The price tag from the original store said they were $12.00.

A couple of very kind Mexican produce vendors gave Obie and I these three tunas for our breakfast. I love them, they are delicious.

I also found a stainless steel 10 inch skillet for $2.00, and it even has a copper clad bottom.

The whole family went to see our chiropractor, Dr. Tate. Here he is adjusting the Redneck. We have saved a LOT of money by using this natural medicine over the years. Chiropractic has solved many health issues for our family.

Hurts so good!

Here I am working in the church kitchen and showing off my new apron. It started out as a curtain someone gave me. I had two, and had no idea what to do with them. Then I watched a vlog post on Coffee With Kate, and I realized that she has painted her house with all these same colors. My friend Barbara whipped up two simple bib aprons, added cloth ribbons for the ties, and voila! I kept one and sent the other to Kate for her birthday. I'm also going to get Barbara to teach me how to make these aprons, so when I come across more curtains that I like, I can add to my collection.

Our order from Thrift Books ( came in and we were very pleased. We got both of these paperbacks, in great condition, for less than $10.00, and free shipping. The Redneck enjoyed his book, The Reaper by Nicholas Irving, and I was thrilled with Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without A Crew. He is my favorite film maker, not just because his stories are great, but he's also CHEAP! He made his first movie, El Mariachi, for around $3,000.00.

I got a lot of free magazines from the library, and when I was done I took them to the laundromat so folks had some new reading material while waiting for their clothes to dry. Yes, I'm still washing clothes at the laundromat. Until we know if we are taking the job in New Hampshire, I can't see buying a machine and having to move it 1,800 miles. It will be cheaper to wait.

We had some leftovers from the church lunch last week, including a gallon of sweet tea, that helped stretch the grocery budget.

I downloaded several e books for free, including several on how to write non fiction books to publish on Amazon. I may get that DIY book up yet!

I bought a tube of 5 minute epoxy to repair a few things around the house. I love that stuff. I also got it for only $4.99 instead of the $8.00 the clerk charged me. I pointed out that the tag said it was $4.99, so we went to where it was on the shelf, and sure enough, the tag said $4.99. The clerk gave it to me for the lesser price, since it helped him to know to change the tag. Check the prices on the shelf, folks--it can pay off. I got the epoxy for almost half price.

We decided to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day by having lunch at The Rack Pub and Eatery in Bowie. We got the $6.00 lunch special of cheeseburger and fries. It was cheap, delicious, AND I brought home enough leftover fries to make chili cheese fries for supper that night for Obie and I.

A friend had 6 pairs of brand new socks she had bought for her husband, turned out they are too small for Joe. So Obie now has some new socks!

My laptop was getting slow and 'cranky' lately, but I wasn't able to take it to anyone to have it cleaned up. I asked Zack, a young man who runs the Minecraft game for the kids at the library, if he knew anything I could do to fix the problem. He told me to bring it to him Saturday morning, and he could take care of it. I did, and he installed a cleaning program that got rid of a bunch of junk on the hard drive, and my little laptop is now 'turbo charged'. I took him chocolate chip cookies in payment.

One of the things that I used as free entertainment this last week was arguing with other Marvel movie fans about the fates of certain characters in the movie Avengers Infinity War. I had a grand time, and it didn't cost anything. (LOKI, YOU WILL RETURN IN AVENGERS 4!)

This is my simple little dish scrubber. I bought it last year, and I like how it helps me with my dishes. However, I didn't like the way it looked sitting on the little blue lid on the sill over my sink--it just looked funky. Sometimes I see things online that I really like, yet I can't justify the cost. One such item was a scrub brush/holder combo for about $7.00. It looked nice and neatened up the appearance of the sink, but I already had a perfectly good scrubber.

A friend gave me a scented candle from the FOOD Network. After I had used up the candle, I realized that the container would be perfect to simulate the set I wanted. I cleaned the white container, stored the wooden top away in case I ever wanted to use it, and...

Tada! Now my scrub brush looks neat, and no worries about soap or water spilling onto the wooden sill over the sink. You don't gotta spend a lot of money to get the lifestyle you want--you just have to figure out how to create it.

Today at church, several friends brought me goodies. One of the dear ladies in our church passed away recently. Her kids brought all her clothes to me to do with as I chose. Now, Sharon had great taste, and I was able to find a few nice items to add to my wardrobe, plus I have three huge bags of nice things to donate to the local mission. Another friend brought a bag of clothes, and I found a good pair of jeans for Obie to wear for working in before donating the rest of the bag. And yet another friend brought me things from her pantry, since it was too full from combining her and her husband's household after they got married. I even got two small cans of Fancy Feast for my cats--can't wait to watch them lose their minds over that!

I think that's it for now. On a side note, the Redneck will fly out to New Hampshire on the 2nd of October for an in person interview. He will come home the next day. I will ask for prayers for a safe journey for my beloved, and that we continue to seek wisdom as we look at this potentially life changing event.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Sounds like a very thrifty week; yay on the freebies! I really like your apron; the colors are pretty on you. Thinking of you all with the possible big changes in your life soon.

  2. I just love your posts. You do things so much like me. I am so hoping that things go well for Redneck, although I dead the long move for you.

    1. Well, we are fine with either staying here or going--we just keep praying that God shows us His will. I will be honest, I have a feeling in my gut that we are staying here, just a lot of things are adding up to look like it. I could be wrong, but we'll see.


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