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Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

September 30, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I can tell it's fall--not only are the temperatures cooler, but my days are getting busier as we prepare for all the activities that come around this time each year. Our schedule includes trail rides, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Two unexpected activities this last week were the two funerals we attended yesterday, in two different towns. Our preacher's sister had passed away, so while the Redneck and Obie sat in on her funeral, I helped to set up the food for the luncheon for the family afterward. At 12:00, the Redneck came to the fellowship hall, and we all hopped to the truck to drive about two hours to Dublin for the funeral for his great aunt. We made it back home after 6 that night, and we all slept quite well.

After his aunt's funeral, the family gave several of us flowers from the arrangements. I received these four beautiful roses. I recalled that I could stick rose cuttings into the soil and they will often tak…

The Freedom Of 'Let Me Think About It' And The 'Gift Of No'

September 26, 2018

(A painting on one of the doors in downtown Bowie)

Hey y'all, it's me!
I just had to post the above photo of a door on one of the side streets here in Bowie. Doesn't she look like she's stepping out to go visiting? I don't know why she's there on a closed shop door, or who painted her, but she always makes me smile when I see her.
Okay, on to the subject of this post.
Every year our cowboy church puts on a fall festival out at the bunk house and the pavilion. It's a lot of fun. Many of us wear costumes (I really want to go as Georgie AFTER the clown bites his arm off this year). We all bring food, and most years we have a chili cook off (I haven't won yet--but this year I have high hopes). Of course, we have to have a haunted hayride. I live too far away to help with a lot of the preparation, but I do my best to help things run smoothly once it gets going.
This last Sunday after church, one of the women in charge of putting on the ev…

Dishwasher Repair Via YouTube, And Healthy Cookies That Don't Suck

September 25, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

After cleaning the kitchen Sunday night, I noticed that my dishwasher was acting weird. It started up on its own, and just kept running. After being unable to turn it off I debated calling in an exorcist, but decided unplugging it for the night was a better option.

The next day I plugged it in again, and I still couldn't turn the darn thing off. Searching online for a solution led me to a video on how to reset the control panel. I did what the video said, then I ran a cycle of dishes through it. It worked. Until that night, when it futzed out again. I really did consider the exorcist this time, but I unplugged it again instead.

This morning I did more research, and I finally found another video that actually explained what was going on, and how to fix it.

Since my machine doesn't have a reset button, I have to unplug it, then after I plug it back in, I press the biggest cycle button. In this case, it's the Pots And Pans cycle…

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

September 23, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Let's see if I can get back on track with posts about saving money this week. I will not only talk about last week, I'll also throw in a few from the previous weeks, just to catch up.

Here we go!

While gathering donations for the St. Jude's auction next month, I also found a few bargains at the Second Monday Trade Days.

I found three DVDs to add to my collection, new, in the plastic, for about $5.00 total. If you have never seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, well, you ain't seen Jane Austen at her best!

I found foam tiles to use in the gym for only $2.00. The price tag from the original store said they were $12.00.

A couple of very kind Mexican produce vendors gave Obie and I these three tunas for our breakfast. I love them, they are delicious.

I also found a stainless steel 10 inch skillet for $2.00, and it even has a copper clad bottom.

The whole family went to see our chiropractor, Dr. Tate. Here he is adjusting the…

Video--I'm Not Vegan--I'm CHEAP! And I Learn How To Edit!

September 20, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I have been wanting to do more videos on my YouTube channel, but I wanted to be able to edit them so they are better looking. I tried downloading all these 'free' programs, but they always came with a "We're gonna charge you is a week or so" catch, and that just isn't in the budget at this time.

I was recently browsing my laptop, and lo and behold, I found an editing program I didn't even know I had. Turns out that back when I was syncing up the laptop with one of the many digital cameras I tried before getting the one I use now, one of the cameras automatically installed the editing program. I have had one all this time and didn't even know it.

So I decided to give it a try. First I just cut off the beginning and ending of a video, where you see me turning the camera on and off. It looked okay, so on to the next step of actually shooting and putting together a longer video.

I figured a cooking video wou…

I Got The Urge To Purge

September 18, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

The Redneck pointed out that I haven't done a Money Saving Adventure for two weeks now. I haven't had the presence of mind to even write anything down in my notebook, let alone do a post. We are just so busy preparing for the St Jude's trail ride next month, and dealing with this potential job/relocation issue, I am lucky I remember to eat, let alone do posts! I promise that I will be back on track for next week.

Also, something taking up my time the past week has been going through the house and purging things. It started when I began to think about if we actually did have to move to New Hampshire. I went through the house and asked myself what I would be willing to move almost 2,000 miles. Honestly, there's not a whole lot that I couldn't just leave at the consignment shop and start over with somewhere else. I mean, yard sales and thrift stores are pretty much everywhere.

As I was making mental notes about certain t…

Video--My Version Of The Cash Envelope System

September 15, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Anyone who has researched saving money has at some point come across the cash envelope system of budgeting. I made this video to explain how I adapted it to my personal needs.

Please let me know if you like the video, and if there are any subjects you would like me to do videos on in the future, in the comments below.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Update On Prayer For Wisdom Post

September 11, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me.

Almost forgot to let you know what happened with the phone interview last night.

The Redneck pretty much nailed it. I could hear both sides of the conversation, and the supervisor doing the interview asked a lot about the Redneck's experience, how he would handle certain issues, etc. I was so proud of my beloved, he was calm, confident, answered the questions well, just made a good impression, I think. They even talked a little about New Hampshire, and living there. Then the interviewer said they needed to get the Redneck up there for an in person interview, which I guess means they might fly him up soon. The Redneck told him that he would continue walking this path until the door shut, or he walked through it, which is a pretty wise attitude. Afterward we talked about the call, going over several things.

So, we are still in limbo over the potential job, and that is what's driving me nuts the most, the not knowing part. I know I…

Requesting Prayer For Wisdom

September 10, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I'm holding off on a few of my scheduled posts, because I'm asking you to pray for the Redneck and I to have wisdom about a situation.

Recently, the Redneck received an email from a big company in the field that he has worked in and loves. They are offering him a potential job with good pay, perks, etc. He still has to go through the interview process, be approved, all the hoops you have to jump through before they decide to actually hire him.

Here's the thing. If he does get this job, it will mean HUGE changes for our family. We are both excited, yet terrified at the prospect of all this happening. So we have been asking our church, and the church Obie and I go to on Wednesday nights, our various friends here in town, and so on, to join us in praying for this situation. This morning I decided to ask all of the people who read this blog, plus I will be making a video for my YouTube channel later, to join in this effort to pra…

Video--Poem The Perfect Church

September 4, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Does anyone else get confused about what day it is after a long weekend? I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what's going on after a couple of weekends where the Redneck has been off for a few extra days.

This  morning we have to take the mares to the vet and get their Coggins test done so they can go on the St. Jude's Trail Ride next month. It's a test to make sure they are free from a form of anemia that is very contagious and has no cure. I wish we could have the vet come out here, but they are swamped with farm calls right now. So it's gonna be 'load Up Ladies' today. In the rain. Yippee. I can't complain, my mare Fancy Pants, loads up well, and once we have her inside, anyone else that's going will jump right in to be next to 'da big mama'.

Today I want to post a video of me doing another of my poems at our church. I'm slowly building a compilation of these types of videos. I hope …

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

September 2, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

It's been another whirlwind week around the Edgett house. If you recall, our washer broke down, and we were given a replacement from a family in our church. It worked great, until IT broke down Wednesday! I was so shocked, I just started laughing. I had sold the old washer for scrap, will be doing the same with this one. I have several folks looking for another washer, so until then it's the laundromat in town for washing, home for drying. Hey, it may be inconvenient, but it beats two five gallon buckets and a plunger, can you dig it?

On to my adventures for last week.

I tried using sweetened condensed milk as a creamer in my morning mug of tea. I had a can in the pantry that had been given to me. It's not bad, but it's a bit expensive to buy regularly.

Ate leftovers of course.

Took the A/C filter outside and washed it well to remove all the dust and fur that gets in it. Makes the unit run a bit better.

I was wanting somet…