Video--5 Budget Busters And How I handle Them

August 31, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I love to watch collab videos on YouTube. I get the best inspiration and ideas from all kinds of people. Recently I watched a series of collabs that was started by Frugal Green Girl. They were titled 5 Budget Busters And How I Handle Them. I was impressed with the different ways that these vloggers handled all the little things that can sink a family's financial boat. I decided to make my own list, albeit it was hard to just have 5. There's a lot of spending land mines out there, and we have to know how to maneuver around them.

So here's my list.

I always looks so....crazed when I'm trying to get a point across!

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Well, I got chores. Later y'all.