Our Thursday Stroll Around Town--Thrift Angels Thrift Store

August 30, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Today was pretty good. We accomplished a few chores around the house, hand lunch, then the Redneck dropped us at the library on his way to work. I did some work online until the Internet went down. By then Obie was ready for our weekly stroll, so we grabbed the camera and my clipboard full of stuff for the St. Jude's Trail Ride, and we took off.

If you recall last week's stroll, you will remember the artist Roger Whitaker. He was painting a mural outside of the Scoop Shack, a local ice cream shop. He told me he would be doing another mural at the other end of the building, so I headed over to see what had been done. I found that the paint was being removed down the brick wall to prepare the surface for the new mural. I thought it was splendid that the original paint had been uncovered. You can see that this building used to be a REXAL Pharmacy. I love to find these little bit of a town's history.

Next we stopped in at Thrift Angels Thrift Store. It's one of our weekly stops. It's fun to see what new and used merchandise has come in since our last visit, and find out what sales are going on. We like to find bargains to stretch our budget while helping the community.

Thrift Angels works with various charities and organizations around our area to help people get the help they need. Anajanette Bennet, the manager of the store, told me that they work with the county women's center, CASA, local churches and schools. They have a voucher program to assist families and individuals obtain what they may need to set up a household or clothe their children.

The store is well maintained, and items are easy to find. I loved this chalkboard sign you can see right when you walk in. Wise words!

They have kid's sporting goods--shoes, helmets, and so on.

You can often find exercise equipment at a terrific price, like this $700.00 treadmill for only $200.00. I wonder if I can talk the Redneck into an early Christmas present! It would be great for my home gym.

Croquet anyone?

You can find just about any kind of dishes, cups, glassware and knick knacks you can imagine. They often have Avon collectibles.

My favorite section it the Year Round Christmas Store. They have lights, decorations, wreaths, and other goodies to make your house ready for Santa.

Just look at these adorable figurines.

And Christmas tins--LOTS of Christmas tins! Here's where you get the containers for giving Christmas baked goods. A whole lot cheaper than Hobby Lobby!

They have cook books, novels, and games. If you need a Bible, they'll give it to you for free. I always find good deals on books.

Backpacks for school kids. And this is just a small sampling of all the merchandise you can find. This is a wonderful place to shop for baby items, furniture, even office supplies. Today they even had a couple of upright pianos!

So if you want to shop a local store that is invested in the local community, swing by Thrift Angels Thrift Store here in Bowie. Just set your GPS to lead you to 215 North Mason Street.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. That's cool that you got a pic of the brick wall with its original paint before it is covered up again. We have a thrift store that gives away free Bibles too. I love to go there and spend a few bucks from time to time. Looks like you guys had a good day!

    1. Yes, we enjoy our Thursdays in town. I plan to post about a local sports bar next week. I think Obie's excited about it, because it means he will get to have one of their cheeseburger specials so I can photograph it!


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