Our Thursday Stroll Around Town--The Fire House And An Awesome Local Artist

August 23, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Today when the Redneck went to work, he dropped us off at the library so I could try uploading a video to my YouTube channel. Doing it here at home is taking a lot more time than it should, Fortunately it went much faster on the library computers. I'll probably shoot the videos at home then upload at the library.

After I was done with that, I decided to take my new camera for a 'test drive' around town. Obie was ready to go for a walk, so off we went.

First we stopped at the fire house.

I like this set of painted cinder blocks out front.

Obie likes the big trucks. When we was about 10, he rode in one for a small town parade. He was fine with it--until the guy driving hit the siren! He sort of jumped a 'bit'.

We always stop at this monument to pray for the firemen, police officers, EMTs, other emergency workers in our town and the rest of Montague County.

We started to walk down Thrift Angels, and that's when we met a local artist. He was painting this marvelous mural outside the Scoop Shack Ice Dream store. We talked for a while, and he gave me his card. I saw his name and said, "Roger Whitaker. I love his music." He couldn't believe I knew about the singer with the same name. Hey, I'm very eclectic in my music tastes, I don't JUST listen to ZZ Top!

Oh yeah, and THIS is his car! I LOVE IT! Talk about great advertising. And speaking of advertising, let me just put Roger's information out there for anyone who may be interested in his work.

Roger Whitaker, Artist--Acrylics, Oils, Ink, Charcoal
Facebook and Instagram--Artist Roger Whitaker

Roger's going to be doing at least one more mural here in Bowie that I know of--I'll make sure to get photos of that too.

After talking a little while longer with our new friend, we headed back to the library and I did some work online until closing, when my friend brought us home. I did the evening feeding of the critters, then made supper.

Earlier in the day I was watching a new video by Kate Singh, when Obie heard her say "Ramen Noodles". Well, guess what someone decided he wanted for supper? Yep, looks like he got his way! I loaded the noodles up with veggies, fish sauce and rice vinegar, along with some diced tomatoes. It was pretty darn good, and Obie scarfed it down.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


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