Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

July 8, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. Ours was awesome. We were invited to a party by a friend from church, and it was a pot luck. I didn't cook anything to take, instead we opted to buy hummus, chips, sodas, etc. when on sale, to allow me to relax and enjoy the day. It was fun, lots of fellowship.

Well, let's see where I saved money this last week.

I brought home all the aluminum cans from the party to add to my recycling bin. I also received a big jar of my friend's homemade salsa to bring home. This stuff is terrific.

I made pancakes from scratch on Saturday, and there were leftovers. I put them in a container in the fridge, and Obie enjoyed them a few times for breakfast during the week.

I found some Sewing With Nancy episodes on You Tube, I'll download them this week, and watch them at home to renew my sewing skills. I was sad to learn she had passed away, she was so sweet and I actually understood her when she told how to sew projects.

I did a quick search on Pinterest for a Georgie costume for the church Halloween party. I actually have the majority of what I need, yellow raincoat, galoshes, newspaper to make the little boat--I will just buy a couple of red helium balloons and write "We all float down here" on them with marker. I'm sure I can rig up a bloody stump for the arm of the costume. Yes, I'm bizarre, but you all love me, right?

I got some free magazines from the library giveaway shelf.

Since I developed an allergy in my mouth from the mouthwash I had been using (Almost healed up, BTW), I certainly couldn't use it anymore. Yet I didn't want to just throw it away, that would be a waste. I recalled my friend Eleanor telling me that she uses it to clean her toilet bowls, so I gave it a try. I just pour a cap full into the bowl, swish it about and let it sit for a while. I give it another swish, then flush. It's kinda terrifying that it works so well!

To help my mouth heal a bit faster and soothe the pain in my mouth, I used a mixture of warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda to rinse my mouth whenever I felt pain. It worked great, and I didn't spend money on store bought medicine that may have more detrimental effects on my already sore mouth.

I received coupons in the mail. I was able to use a couple on some razors and a bottle of shampoo I was wanting to try. I handed them to the checker at Walmart, but she forgot to put them into our total. She told me that if I took the receipt, the products and the coupons to the customer service desk however, the people there could take care of it. The lady was indeed able to give me the difference back on the total, and it saved me $6.00. I try not to shop at Walmart, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Good to know!

Since the camera I'm using now takes batteries, I invested in a simple rechargeable battery setup from Family Dollar. Each pair of batteries will last up to 1,000 uses before being replaced. That will save a lot of money for my blogging.

A trip down the clearance aisles at Brookshires got me a container of pulled rotisserie chicken, a couple of bags of pretzel crisps, and a container of macaroni salad. The pretzel crisps are delicious, but there were a lot of tiny bits and pieces in the bottom of the bags. No worries though, because I am adding them to my bread 'extras' mix after crushing them even smaller.

After church this morning there was an arena team meeting. Obie and I went outside to wait, and I took a look in the old clothing donation box outside the fellowship hall. Someone had put more clothes in it, so I took it for the homeless shelter. There was also a bunch of books dumped into it. I took them to donate to the library book sale. I will read a couple of them, then drop them off.

We love to fellowship with folks from church, but we realize that going out to eat after services is too pricey for us to really enjoy the time. Today we went to our friend Kenny and Barbara's  house and had a potluck lunch. I brought a casserole, and she made a big salad and steamed corn on the cob. There was fruit infused water for me, and iced tea for everyone else. Later on Barbara made a unique dessert--she made a white, cake like cornbread, and we ate squares of it with butter. She put out honey, jam, pear butter, molasses, etc, to go with it. Simple, but tasted good--it's been added to our family's meal ideas. It was lovely, we all had a relaxed afternoon, and we calculated the money we saved by not going out (true Thriftologists love to talk about that stuff). I also got to raid their DVD collection, and I borrowed a few movies to enjoy, including 3 Godzilla films!

While there, Barbara gave me this spinning tool caddy, since it doesn't fit on her counters. I think I might be able to get rid of some of the canisters I use to hold utensils. I have no drawers in my kitchen--weird. If I can't use it the Redneck can have it for some of his tools.

They had an old fridge in the barn they needed to get rid of, so we loaded it into the back of the truck, and I will sell it for scrap this week, along with a lot of other metal scrap I've collected.

I also wanted to share a beautiful freebie we enjoyed from our porch this last week. Sometimes the simplest joys are the most valuable, ya know?

Well, I got chores; Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018