Finally Got Something Planted!

July 9, 2018

Hey y'all, it' me!

It's been a great Monday so far, very productive.

I am now up to two sets of 15 reps on the Total Gym. I like to push myself a little bit more as I work toward my goal. I had made it to two set of 12 reps with the starter routine last week, so now I added 3 reps to my routines. I will stay at this level until next week, then try for three sets of 15. I'm also making a 'track' out in the back of the property, and once it's set up, I can do laps of either walking or running each morning. I can't walk down our road anymore since the cats are outside--they think they have to follow me!

Okay, on to today's project. I wanted a garden this year, but with one thing or another, it's not going to happen--yet. It WILL happen, I just have to keep working toward it.

I at least wanted to get some herbs planted in the big feed tubs a friend gave me. Saturday I bought two small pots of chocolate mint. I knew if I got the plants, I would HAVE to make the tubs ready and get them mint into them. I would feel horrible if I let them die.

Today I got out a feed tub, weed blocking cloth, scissors, hot glue gun, drill and a 5/16 bit, empty plastic bottles and milk jugs, along with a couple of miscellaneous hand tools. I also got a roll of rabbit fence wire.

Using the drill, I put holes about an inch from the bottom of the tub, about 4-5 inches apart.

I cut a 3 inch strip of weed blocking cloth, then cut it into small strips. Using the hot glue gun, I secured the strips over the holes I had drilled. This would keep any soil from falling out, and also prevent ants and pill bugs from entering the tub.

The finished strips. Once soil is in the tub, it will also help to keep the cloth in place.

Sorry for the blurred photo. I put two layers of plastic bottles and milk jugs in the bottom of the tub. This will allow plenty of soil for the mint to put down roots, but I will use less potting soil. It will also prevent the finished planted tub from being too heavy to move. Plus it keeps the plastic bottles from going into a landfill. Make sure you leave the lids on the bottles.

Before I put any soil in the tub, however, I had to create a barrier around the mint. I have five cats who live outside my house, along with all the neighborhood felines who occasionally stroll through my property. We all know what cats love to do in soil, so I needed something to allow sun and water to get to the plant, but prevent any 'toilet activities'. 

I had a roll of rabbit fencing, so I used a pair of pliers to cut off a piece to fit around the inside of the tub. I used the ends of the panels to wrap around and close up the cylinder. Then I took another smaller piece and wired it to the top to make a cage.

It's not attractive, but it's just like the men in my life--it ain't gotta be pretty, it just has to work.

I used the potting soil I had made back at the beginning of the spring. It had been sitting in a barrel, and after all the rolling and flipping and brewing, it was absolutely lovely for plants. I began pouring it into the tub, around the bottles. Occasionally I would shake the tub to settle the soil better.

My two little chocolate mint plants, Billy and Barty (yes, I anthropomorphize plants. hey, they are alive, give them a little respect).

The final result. I gave the mint a good watering, and left them in the shade of the carport to let them get used to being outside. I will eventually remove the PURINA sticker from the tub, but for now I'm just thrilled to have SOMETHING I planted! I hope to make another tub of cilantro next week.

The entire project was inexpensive. I bought a roll of weed blocking cloth for about $10.00, and it will last a long time. I already had the tools and the hot glue gun and glue sticks. The fencing was left here by the previous owners, and the potting soil was cheap to create from compost, vermiculite, and peat moss. I only used a little, so I have more soil for more plants later. The tubs were free from a friend, and the mint plants cost $6.00 for both. Of course the plastic bottles were just trash from the 4th of July party we went to, and the milk jugs were from our family's pantry. Once the mint is established, I will be able to make tea from it for years, making this a very cheap project.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Wow this was a lot of work and you are so handy, good for you.

    1. The hardest part was wiring the fence pieces together and avoiding poking my fingers with the sharp points. I like to figure out how to do things, it keeps my brain from imploding!


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