My Butt Is Dragging So Low, I Have Rug Burns On Both Cheeks!

June 15, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Yesterday's organizing of the dreaded paperwork inspired me so much, I finally tackled the Redneck's Man Cave today. That room is one of the reasons he bought this house, so he could have his own place to work and hang out. Unfortunately, the room has been used to store things that didn't have a home anywhere else for most of the time we've been here.

I decided that was just not fair, so I started the process of cleaning out the stuff that didn't belong, and start organizing the stuff that does. I started sometime this morning, after I had all the laundry hung out to dry, and I didn't finish until around 5 o'clock, when I had to feed the horses. Then I brought the laundry in, but I had to take a bath to be clean enough to FOLD it. Supper was ramen noodles with veggies. I had no energy to make the corn tortillas I had planned on. I still haven't folded the laundry!

I brought a box in at a time and sorted everything using the little plastic deli containers that we get with lunch meat. I used a sharpie and masking tape to label them for misc. screws, bolts, hangers, etc. I even sorted bullet casings by caliber (we do reloading--saves money when we go to the range)!

I pushed an old entertainment center out to the curb--hopefully someone will take it. I took stuff out to the storage shed to be sorted into plumbing, electrical, etc. I threw away two feed sacks of junk. I swept and swept and swept. And then I swept a few more times. I'm still not done. It's a converted garage, and it's not completed, so dust does get in.

The place is two rooms, and while the big room is his work room, the smaller one in the back is being turned into a work out room. I am excited to finally have a home gym. I have missed working out a lot. I'm also excited about tomorrow, because I am helping a friend from church move, and along with whatever else she is giving me, I am getting a Pro Rider exercise machine!

It's amazing how one little success leads to more. I don't care if it's something as simple as organizing a drawer, it inspires me to move on and keep making progress. Right now, however, I'm only inspired to fold this darn laundry and put it away, then I will help Obie get ready for bed, after which I will be collapsing with a cup of tea and the last book in Dan Wells's John Cleaver series.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018