Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

June 24, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Saturday was a wonderful day, except for one little incident...

We only had a couple of things that we needed to do, and we were enjoying a rare slow Saturday. I was on the phone to work out a refund from a company, so the Redneck said he and Obie would go ahead and run to the post office, then get horse feed, so when I was done on the phone we could run the rest of the errands when they got back. I nodded okay, and was still talking on the phone when the Redneck ran back in the house and put our smallest dog into her kennel, then ran back out and led our biggest dog Angel back into the house. His face was pale, and he was obviously upset.

He had backed the truck up--with Angel under it. He said he heard a 'thump, thump' and stopped the truck immediately. He had found her alive, but shook up. We figured out that she had been laying under the bed of the truck, thankfully away from the tires. The air dam had caught onto her, and she was rolled, causing the thumps.

Long story short--she is fine. Stiff and sore, but fine. Nothing was broken. She actually got to where she was 'milking' her predicament. I petted her and Obie petted her without so much as a wince. The Redneck however, only had to look in her direction, and she would shriek. Yeah, he feels guilty. I finally had to tell her to knock it off, she was fine, and there would be no more treats for whining.

Had a decent week of money saving adventures. On Father's Day I made the Redneck chicken fried steak, and the leftover seasoned flour mix was stored in the freezer, there was so much of it. Later in the week I made potato pancakes for breakfast, and I dipped the patties into the seasoned flour before frying them.

I used some of the blue cornmeal a friend had given me to make tortillas. Meh--I need to work on the recipe.

Made cookies for the Redneck's work lunches.

I ordered xylitol in bulk and saved money. I'm no too impressed with the taste, however, and the calories are not that much different from sugar.

When we lived in the mountains, a utility company sent me a package full of stuff to save money on different utilities. Included was a low flow shower head, which was nice, but we had no running water at the time! I simply saved the shower head in my plumbing box, and this weekend I installed it in my son's shower. The old shower head wasn't that good, but the new one has a great pressure, and it was free. I'm happy that I hung on to it all these years.

A charity I have supported in the past sent me a pocket planner for 2018-2019. I gave it to the Redneck to use.

Inventoried the pantry and freezer, did menu planning.

I got a free sample of a multi vitamin from the health food store. I like them, and will probably get a bottle to try for a month. The sample came with a $5.00 coupon.

I downloaded a free DIY book, and a free novel from Book Bub.

The tent we had ordered was out of stock, so we received a refund from the company.

We discovered that Amazon had been charging our credit card for a subscription we didn't order, and the mistake was around $45.00. I called customer service, and we got all the money refunded, and the subscription canceled.

At church today I received a dozen duck eggs from a friend. If you have never made a custard with duck eggs, oh man, it's rich.

Not too shabby, huh?

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Glad your pup was okay and know all about trying to milk a situation. My grandpup showed me this weekend that her dad was giving her an egg on her dry food instead of her half a can of wet food on top...she was very disappointed in him! lol Of course he headed on in to town so she would quit complaining to Gma about it!

    Lots of money saving for your week!

    1. They are definitely smart when it comes to food and how they want it! Angel is doing well, but I think she may have PTSD now! She is being so quiet and clingy, not bouncing all over the place like usual. I know she's sore, but I will be happy to see her acting goofy again.


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