I. Have. A. CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 30, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

This morning we went to run errands, and on the way back home I asked if we could stop at an estate sale I had seen an ad for in the Shopper this week.

We went, and as I looked around the house I saw a lot of lovely things, but nothing that I could use. I was drooling over a lot of the older film cameras, but I don't have the set up for developing, and as much as I adore being in a darkroom watching a picture come up on a photo sheet, it just isn't practical at this time.

One of the ladies hosting the sale asked if I was finding anything, and I mentioned the cameras, stating that when you're a blogger with no way to post photos, it's hard to do as good a job as you want to.

:Well, I think there's a digital camera in there too, let's look."

Sure enough, there was a SONY Cybershot, with the manual and a cord to connect it to my laptop. I saw it was $10.00, and I only had $7.00 and some change. I was about to say I couldn't, when the lady told me that everything was half off today, so the camera was only $5.00. I had to be sure it worked, so I sat down with the manual and figured out how it worked. Praise the Lord, there were good batteries in it! I was able to take a photo of Obie (my lovely assistant). I saw it also had a memory card inside. I decided to buy it.

Since we got home I have been reading the manual, setting the date and time, and figuring out the flash settings. I have imported a couple of photos to the laptop, and it looks like everything works.


Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. A $5 camera that works, when you've been needing one? That's truly a miracle.


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