Sad News...

May 29, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me.

After such a wonderful weekend, I was met with a terrible situation a bit ago.

Obie and I ran to the store after lunch, while the Redneck slept in preparation for his night shift. When we got back home, we found Sue the tomcat on the front porch. He had been bitten by a snake, and before I could much more than get him in a kennel, he went into muscle spasms and died.

He was such a good cat, loving and gentle. He will be missed a lot.

Obie and I will bury him this afternoon in the big meadow. Then I am going on a snake hunt, and I hope to hang a few corpses on the fence.

Well, I have to go break the news to the Redneck. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Sorry to hear about Sue! We had a cat years ago, Miss Kitty, and one day she got between a copperhead and our back door which we used as the front door. They were out there for the longest time, staring at each other, neither one moving. Finally the snake slithered off into the grass and our neighbor killed it. I will never forget what that cat did. Had I come outside through the back door not paying attention it may very well have bitten me. Maybe your Sue was guarding the front door when he was bitten. Hope you find the snake!

    1. I now what you meant about cats guarding people. When Obie was very little, he was sitting on our front porch, and suddenly a snake came out of the mint bed, not six feet away. Before I could do anything, our cat at the time, named Abby, leaped between him and the snake. I didn't dare move or I might make the thing head towards my little boy. Abby held it off until Obie's father and a neighbor came running up and killed it. That old calico earned a lot of respect that day.

  2. We have to watch for snakes here also. I am sorry almost no cat survives a snake bite.

  3. Dear Evelyn,

    Hello, dear friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog~ I shall have to add your new blog to my favorites list. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. You lost a dog to a snake bite a few years back, too, didn't you? I sure hope we get to have all our pets again in Heaven!

    1. Yes, we lost Little Dove when Obie and I were back up in the mountains. Snakes are just a fact of life in the country. I love to read what you're getting done at the new place!


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