Prayer Request For Wisdom

May 5, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me.

I'm asking for prayers for wisdom in handling a situation I just learned about.

There's a dog in our neighborhood who used to belong to someone who lived here. They moved away, and left the dog, but they kept coming back to feed him...until they didn't.

I told my neighbor today that I was afraid that her dog would be run over, since he stays out in the road at night. She said it wasn't her dog, it used to live at another place, and it just sort of 'adopted' their family, and they were trying to give it food just to keep it going, but they couldn't really keep the dog.

I was shocked when I learned where the dog came from, because it looks so different, I hadn't recognized it.

He is very thin, and I know he just feels lost without his people. I would gladly take him in, but I already have several animals, and no way to separate him from them to avoid fights. The woman said she tried to take him to several different shelters, but no one will take him due to having too many animals now. She really doesn't want him at all.

I need wisdom in this situation. I can probably call the county animal control, but they would only put him down, because they are overwhelmed with animals now. If I really talked with the Redneck I am certain he would find a way to take him in, at least until we can find another home for him.

Do I ask at church to see if anyone will take him? Do I take him? Do I call animal control? He is a very sweet dog, he always ran out to us when we walked past his old place, but as soon as I would call his name he would stop and allow us to pet him, and I even sneaked a dog treat or two to him.

Please pray for this sweet mutt, and for me to have the wisdom how to help him.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Aww, poor dog. I wonder if you posted him on facebook, maybe someone would take him.

    1. I don't do Facebook. I will be asking at church if someone will take him.

  2. Prayers for reconciling this dilemma being sent your way. It sounds like checking with your church family is a great place to start until further options become available or clear to you. Diana

  3. That would be a very hard situation. I would shelter him until you can find him a home. Local news might help. They do that here.

    1. We don't really have anything like that here.

  4. Please talk to the Redneck about it and shelter/feed him as best you can, until he finds his forever home. Definitely talk to your church family and have them spread the word far and wide. He's one of God's creatures, and deserves to live.


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