NRA National Convention--Awesome Day

May 8, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Saturday my family went to the National Rifle Association's National Convention in Dallas. We are card carrying members, and since it was right in our back yard we decided to risk Dallas traffic (thank you Lord it was a weekend--I can't imagine how bad it would have been on a weekday) and show our support for the Second Amendment.

It was at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, and that place is HUGE. I think someone said it is 15 acres big. All I know is, we walked the whole thing--twice.

We got checked in, and went in search of our friends, Kenny and Barbara, who were working the Henry Rifle Company booth.

They had been working all weekend, and they still had to get through Sunday. Look how gorgeous Barbara is, looking fresh as a daisy, even after a full day of standing up and talking with folks from all over. Kenny's kind of cute too!

Of course we had to find the booth for the world's best coffee. People lined up for cups of Black Rifle Coffee. We got a couple of free 'Coffee or Die' mugs, and I even got a free bag of FN Scar blend for the Redneck.

There were people there from all around the world, and all walks of life (there were even a few 'man buns' walking around). Vendors carried all kinds of merchandise, and boy, did they give out free goodies!

My Beloved at the Thompson Center Arms booth, drooling over the new catalog.

I met Toby Bridges, who write books on muzzle loading. Western Powders is his sponsor. He is a very nice gentleman, and he knows his subject well.

Now this hunk o' hot is Andy Ross ( He's a great musician, entrepreneur, host of Maximum Archery on the Sportsman Channel, and owner of the Second Amendment Muscle Car, seen in the photos below. The front of the car photo is blurry. I guess I got flustered when I realized I wasn't just looking at the car--I was looking at ANDY! His tats are excellent. Yeah, he's nice looking, but he ain't the Redneck!

Isn't this thing beautiful? The detail work is amazing. It was designed by Danny 'The Count' Koker, of the television show Counting Cars. I can barely tell a Ford from a Chevy, but I would lose my mind if I got a chance to drive this just once! 

There were several service dogs in attendance, faithful companions to owners with special needs.

I loved the touching tribute to the late R. Lee Ermey 'The Gunny'

Two veterans saluting and smiling for the camera, and yes, I KNOW mine is backward--I was going for symmetry!

My greatest honor of the day was meeting Stephen Willeford. This brave man was the one who, along with Johnnie Langendorff, stopped the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooter. He is a sweet, humble man, who will quickly tell you he is no hero. 

I only regret that we didn't get there a lot earlier, because Rocker Ted Nugent (Cat Scratch Fever) was at one of the booths. Maybe it's just as well, because I would have gone full Fangirl on him, probably screaming "UNCLE TED!!!!!!!!!".'s better I missed him...

After the convention shut down for the day, we all went to an open forum for YouTube gun channels that evening. I was so tired I hardly took any photos. The panel was excellent, with Q & A including the fans. Prizes were given away all evening. It was fun.

We rolled into the driveway around midnight, got the animals all wrangled, we got showers and passed out. It was tiring, but a great day.

Well, I got chores. later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


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