Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

May 6, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Saturday our family went to the National Rifle Association's annual convention, which was being held in Dallas this year. Afterward we went to a forum of YouTube gun channel personalities, and that was fun too. I have photos and stories to tell y'all later. Trust me when I say that we just about walked the entire 15 acres of booths, and today I was tired and sore. However, a few minutes of yoga stretches and I was up doing chores and getting ready for church (okay, I admit I DIDN'T wear makeup today). 

Let's see which of my money saving skills I can dazzle you with this week.

I bought a roll of black plastic to put over a flower bed under my bedroom window. I will use the trimmer to cut everything in it down as low as possible, then use the plastic to kill everything else. It will save a lot of time, and when it's ready I will be planting mint in the bed to serve my mint tea addiction. The plastic can be rolled up and reused.

Speaking of tea, I am reusing an orange juice container for my herbal teas. I whip them up and add stevia, then store them in the fridge so I can have a refreshing sip anytime I want.

New water filter for the kitchen sink faucet--cheaper at the local hardware store than Walmart. 

Used the ends of leftover loaves of bread for crumbs in my meatloaf.

When I contacted the company that sells Awesome Toes about a replacement set, I had to send them a screenshot of my order. I had never done a screenshot, so I looked up how to do it. I got a new set of Toes, AND I learned a new skill! Win win!

I bought the store brand of OXYCLEAN to add to the homemade laundry detergent recipe I got out of the book The Made From Scratch Life by Melissa K. Norris. Gonna give it a try this week. This is a good book, very grounded in scripture and common sense.

Made Pinto bean burgers for Obie and I out of leftover beans.

A friend at church gave Obie a box of microwave kettle corn. He doesn't care for it, but *I* will see that it doesn't go to waste! I'm noble that way...

Downloaded DIY videos at the library to watch later offline.

I was really excited to get a DVD from inter library loan. It's the movie based on the Dan Wells novel I Am Not A Serial Killer. I plan to have a movie night just for me this week!

Brookshire's Grocery Store sent me free coupons--for stuff I actually buy!

Another good deal at the local library--I got the entire series of RAMBO movies for $1.00! I also got a CD of The Joy Of Eating Well by Dr. Andrew Weill for $1.00. I like Dr. Weill--he has a sensible approach to health and eating. I also got a free issue of Guideposts magazine.

Obie and I stopped in at Ritzy Rags Consignment Shop Friday morning, and we found two CDs for $2.00 each. The John Anderson CD was a replacement for a cassette we had years ago. 

Now, Thursdays Obie and I go to the library, and I do a lot of work on the computer. At some point we go for a walk around town to stretch our legs a bit, and to check out Thrift Angels Thrift Store to see what is available. 

We hit the jackpot! The store was having a 'buy one get two free sale'. I was looking around, and I saw this tea set. I fell in love with the design and colors. It's actually more of a soft gray background, but the flash made it look white. It was only $4.00! I also found the wine glass in the packaging--it will make a cute gift, and a brand new, in the box, spiralizer (zoodle maker)! I got them for free. Not bad, huh?

I found parsnips on sale! I LOVE them. I make a patties from the Laurel's Kitchen Cook Book.

I got a new copy of BACKWOODSMAN magazine. Our family loves this magazine, it's filled with how to articles and recipes. This month has an article on building a rotating compost barrel. 

We wear boots around here, and sometimes we are just too tired to bend down and pull them off. I found this boot jack for $4.00, and I love it already. If you use a boot jack, always put the ankle part of the boot into the jack--not the heel. If you pull from the heel, you can actually pull the heel off after a while, damaging the boot and causing you to have to either replace or repair them, which costs money.

Found two bottles of Ocean Spray Mocktails for 50 cents each on the clearance aisle. Pretty good stuff!

We don't use the ice maker in our fridges. Instead we reuse Blue Bunny Ice Cream buckets to make big blocks of ice. It costs less than running the ice maker. I use an ice pick to bust up the block into smaller chunks. Over the years the pick has on occasion had the tip bent if it gets struck wrong. 

Instead of buying a new pick, I simply grab the Redneck's knife sharpening kit, add a bit of oil, and shape the pick back into a nice sharp point.

I like satin pillowcases, and this week when a friend gave me some bedding--I found one! I love the color. Doesn't go with anything in my bedroom, but I don't care, I love it anyway!

Today at church a friend sent me home with a big bag of clothes and shoes to go through. I found a few thing I can possibly wear, and the rest will go to Lighthouse Church for the homeless shelter.

What have y'all done to save money this last week? Let me know in the comments.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Nice to see your efforts in saving.
    We also sometimes plan before buying thing. We surf more websites to catch in which one we get the item in lower cost and also the quality should be good:)

    1. I don't shop online much, unless I am using points from surveys. I use them mostly for fun things, like Sons Of Anarchy Action Figures (I already have Gemma!) or e books I am interested in reading.

  2. Not nearly as much as you did! It sounds like you were blessed with some great finds.


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