To Zoodle Or Not To Zoodle?

April 25, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I have been hearing about zoodles, or zucchini noodles. for years. I have been curious as to whether they were any good, something I would like to add to my diet, or possibly just another fad to sell overpriced gadgets on TV. I wanted to try them, but didn't want to spend money just to find out they weren't something my family would eat. So I waited for years for someone to either loan or even just give me a spiralizer in a decluttering haul.

Well, that didn't happen, so I was zoodleless (Is that a word? I think it should be.) until today, when I realized that I had the means to at least try making them. All it took was looking to see what God had put in my hands.

Meet the Safety-Peel Potato Peeler. I had one of these years ago, and it worked pretty well on peeling potatoes. I would also pass the blade over the potato after peeling it, over and over, making little strips of the vegetable. These I would wad up into little loose balls and drop into hot oil, making a fried treat. My friend gave me one not too long ago, and I got to thinking about the strips of potato, wondering if it would do the same with a zucchini. 

I cut the ends off of a medium zucchini.

Popped it in between the whosit and the whatsit that holds the vegetable, and raised the blade arm to the top and began turning the handle.

The first pass worked okay, but I had to clear the blade a couple of times.

Once the skin was removed the blade did a better job of turning out little strips.

After several passes the zucchini got a bit wonky and floppy. I cut it in half and worked on the smaller pieces, but it was too much trouble.

I simply chopped up the little bits that were left over and added them to the zoodles. 

Just one vegetable turned out enough for one serving. I had researched how to cook them, and decided on my maiden voyage to forgo sautéing them in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Instead I popped them and a bit of water into a microwave safe bowl with a lid and zapped them for two minutes.

I warmed up a little pasta sauce, poured it over and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top. Obie and I tasted them, and we both liked the result. The zoodles weren't too soft, with an almost al dente texture. They would probably taste great with a meat sauce or meatballs. 

So, I have reached the conclusion that zoodles will become a staple for Obie and I for our suppers. I honestly don't think the Redneck would eat it--zucchini is not his favorite veggie. I will be on the lookout for a spiralizer at a good price. I have seen several in the stores. All I want is a simple hand operated one, around $20.00. 

I hope this post inspired you not only to try zoodles, but also to look around and see what you already have to accomplish a task with. The peeler gave me a good attempt, but would be too much work for regular use. It's going to the thrift store to bless someone else.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. 'Between the whosit & the whatsit' - LOL!! I bought a hand-held spiralizer from WalMart (I think it was called vegetti - like vegetable spaghetti) It was only $9.99 & takes up precious little room in my drawer. I like to saute the zoodles in a bit of flavored olive oil along with other fresh garden veggies for a delightful yet healthy side dish that even RancherMan likes. I found I didn't like our zoodles to be too long, so I twist a couple of times & then cut the zoodles when they're about 2" long, then twist again. A great yet different way to enjoy the zucchini that seems to prolific every year!


    1. Hey, I can't help it if I speak in 'technical' terms! Thanks for the heads up on the vegetti--will look for one this weekend.

  2. I like zoodles, but hubby isn't crazy about them. I've started cooking mine right in the sauce I'll be using and it works just fine. I stop by zoodles from being too long, like Taylor-Made mentioned above.

    1. I never thought of cooking them in the sauce, but now I gotta try it. So far only Obie and I will be eating them--the Redneck loves salads and other vegetables, but zucchini is not on his list of edibles.

  3. I remember making this beautiful pie out of zucchini and my family was so mad at me. They were prepared for a delicious apple pie and they got.....

    1. Yeah, have a few of those moments on my resume too!


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