Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

April 29, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Well, the Pounce and Fang problem is calming down just a bit. I have been putting her outside for the day with the other cats, and when she comes back in it takes her longer than 10 seconds to lose her mind and attack him. I have been telling the big dope to stop acting like a victim, but he can't seem to stop hiding under my chair.

Monday we went to our family chiropractor for adjustments. His prices are reasonable, and Obie loves going to see him. We use chiropractic as a health maintenance measure. We've been going to see 'Doc' for almost 20 years, and he has helped us to stay healthy and sane throughout.

I bought four cat collars at Dollartree, so the girls can wear their new rabies tags. They all went a tad nuts when they first had them put on, because there is a small bell on each one, so with the bell and the tag there was a lot of noise and wrestling, but then they calmed down. The collars are the stretch type, in case they get caught on something. The girls can just pull out of them.

I got two inter library loan books for less than $5.00 postage. I downloaded Cutting Hunger One Coupon At A Time by Tina M. Klein for free on Amazon. I got a Nora Roberts novel from a declutter haul. A friend loaned me three audio series of sermons this week, so I had lots to listen to while working.

Was given a lot of stuff from a friend who is moving. I went through it and found a few things I could wear. The rest of the clothes went to the homeless shelter--so far we have donated almost 15 bags of clothing.

I now have a beautiful farmhouse style table. It has two extra leaves to extend it. I love it! The old dining table was nice, yet it didn't fit with my rustic style. I took it to the consignment store--any money from the sale will go to fund getting Obie's pool up and running. I didn't keep the chairs that came with the table. Instead I kept the chairs you see in the photo--they are really comfortable, and once I paint them and recover the seats, they will be perfect (and in spite of what the Redneck thinks...I am painting them in bright colors!).

We had plenty of hot links and leftover ham in the fridge, so I made my version of Poor Man's Meal, a recipe I found on YouTube years ago. It's from the channel Depression Era Cooking, The lady who made the videos was absolutely delightful and inspiring.

Started a new lemon peel jar. I put the peels leftover from juicing into a jar in the fridge.  When the jar is full I add white vinegar and let it set for a couple of weeks (or longer--sometimes I forget it's in the cabinet), then strain it and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. I add a little lemon essential oil, and it makes a great counter cleaner in the kitchen (don't use on granite counter tops--vinegar will etch granite). The peels then go into the compost pile.

I desperately needed to organize my hardware drawers, but I didn't want to spend money on dividers. Occasionally we buy lunch meat in the little plastic containers at the grocery store. I wash and use the empty containers to store things. I had several of them laying around the work room, so I took them and sorted all the little things that I use. It worked great, and no money spent. I will use the lids for templates for crafts, and the Redneck suggested we take them to the gun range to use for target practice--smart idea!

I wrote about my Awesome Toes several months ago, and how much they helped to fix a problem with my right foot. One of them ripped when I took it off, so I sent a photo in an email explaining what happened, and asked about a replacement set, since I understood they are supposed to last longer than a few months. I hope to hear from them this week. We will see what happens.

I bought a batch of homemade horse treats for my mare Fancy. A lady at our church makes them, and it only cost me $10.00 for around 45 treats. I will give them to her when I brush her down each morning. The treats are made with natural ingredients, and Fancy loved the sample I gave her. Yes my horse is spoiled.

As I posted yesterday, we went to the International Ordnance Museum, and it's free, although they accept donations to help keep it running. I forgot to post this photo of the flag that hangs in the museum. If you count the stars, you will see it only has 48. It was made before the United States added in Alaska and Hawaii. 

So that was my savings for last week. What did y'all do to save money? Let me know in the comments below.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018



  1. Wow! What a lot you've got going on at your place. I do hope you get new toes. Giggle!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Thanks for writing to me. I replied on the blog.

  2. We will both have the second hand dining sets. I bought a second hand set and gave back the table. repainted the chairs and made new pads. I love the idea of bright colors.

    1. This is my third second hand set since we moved in here. I just kept taking what was offered, then 'traded up' when I got the chance. This one should be with me for a long time--it's the style I have wanted for a lot of years. I want to paint the chairs turquoise, maybe recover the seats with an Indian blanket in bright colors.


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