Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

April 22, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Looks like I survived not having a weekend alone. In fact I had a pretty nice time. Saturday we went to get new tires, had a quick lunch at Long John Silver's, and did a bit of price comparison on a new saddle for the Redneck. It rained all day, so we didn't get a lot done at the house, but we did get some badly needed rest. Sunday was beautiful, and we had a great time at church. I even got a gig set up to go pick up furniture that a friend is getting rid of on Monday afternoon. After church the Redneck bought fence panels, t posts and fasteners, and together we built an enclosed yard for Obie and his dogs to enjoy. When Obie got home I took him out there, and finally had to MAKE him come back in the house, he liked it so much! He came in and told the Redneck "Thank you!" It made our hard work (and the usual arguments we have) worth it.

Well, on to money saving for last week.

I got my four female cats spayed at a low cost clinic, and once their little tummies are healed, three of them will resume life outside. Pounce is my oldest, so she will stay inside. I still need to buy cat collars so they can display their rabies tags.

In order to get the girls fixed, I had to have a kennel for each one. I priced kennels at the store, and it was over $70.00. I stopped at a local thrift store to check on something else, and there they were--four pet kennels, perfect size, in great shape--$5.00 each. God really knows how to surprise me!

I used my senior discount on Tuesday at Brookshires to get a few needed groceries--saved 5%.

I needed a rip saw for some projects, but didn't have the funds to buy one. Walked out to the well house to get something from it, and found a rip saw that had been left by the former owners, and it works! I just need to buy a new blade for it, and I am in business!

Downloaded a couple of free e books, one on using leftovers.

I found a big bottle of V-8 veggie mix juice on clearance aisle for $1.50.

I found this touch lamp in a box of stuff I had packed away, and wanted to use it on my writing desk. The piece that went in the center of the shade was broken, and it wobbled when screwed on. 

I looked through my hardware bins, and found some hose washers. I used them to stabilize the shade.

It worked great, and now I have a light where I do my writing.

While driving home the other morning, I saw two of these classroom projectors by a dumpster. I tossed them in the truck, and later I took them apart for metal to scrap.

I saved every little screw, nut and bolt--it all adds up!

I also keep the cords, because they can be used on other appliances.

I took out the mirrors, glass and lenses. The glass I threw away, because I honestly had no way to use it. The mirrors will go to a friend who crafts, and the lenses will be used in a window decoration. The plastic pieces that made the image reverse....I dunno, but it's cool to look through!

One of the cases was metal, so it was scrapped, but this one is plastic, and I am actually considering spray painting it and gluing on some shiny stuff, then making it into a planter on my patio, It has vents on the bottom, so it has drainage. If I do this, I will let you see the process and the end result, no matter how tacky!

I make my own potting soil for my raised beds, and I mix it up in this barrel with a locking lid. Obie's job is to roll it back and forth across the yard. Every so often we flip it end over end a few times, then back to rolling it. It gives him a task so he can contribute to the family food supply, he gets exercise, and I get to brag on him for his hard work. Win win!

Not a lot for this week, but Thriftology wisdom is that every little drop in the bucket helps to fill it! 

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. I love your posts about your son. What a blessing for the world. HE is a child without guile and such an angel.

    1. Obviously you have never met my mugwump! lol. He is a love, but he can also drive me so far up the wall I need a ladder to get down. But thank you for your kind words.


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