Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

April 16, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!


Excuse me, but I am a bit pooped today. The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. Saturday we got up and got dressed for a wedding later that afternoon, and then ran errands. Since the guys wore nice jeans and t-shirts, and I wore jeans and a nice top, it made it easier. I seldom wear anything really fancy anymore, I am more of a biker/cowgirl/goth kinda gal.

The wedding was lovely, set outside, and then the reception was a pot luck dinner with delicious food from the kitchens of the guests. It was great, and then there was dancing out on a big enclosed patio, and I can't forget the margarita machine!

Sunday was our church grub Sunday, and I was busy from the moment I got there, making the tea, working with others making sure the food was put on the right counters, etc. I love that even if the person in charge of an event can't get there, we have folks who will jump right in and work to make things go smoothly. After lunch, we ran to a lady's house to pick up some furniture she was getting rid of. I kept a small end table to paint for the living room, then dropped the rest off at the local consignment shop to sell.

Ah well, on to the money saving!

Several years ago we bought a counter top ice maker. It gave us a lot of faithful service, but now it has worn out. I put it into my scrap metal, because there was a nice heavy compressor, and it will add to the money I make. 

I kept the little wire basket from the ice machine. I saw that it is the perfect size to hold various envelopes of mixes in the pantry.

I buy stevia in large bags, but I prefer the powder in a clean used creamer container. I do keep the bag the stevia came in. Washed and dried, I can use the zipper closed bag to store other foods in the freezer--just put a label on it, and it can be re washed and used again.

I already mentioned it in another post, but I made hamburger buns from a recipe on the Raising Olives Blog (

We watched Thor, Ragnarok from the library--it was great! Waiting now for The Avengers Infinity War. Yes, we are big comic geeks at my house.

I got my dehydrator set back up in the kitchen, ready to go. I will be making dried fruit chips, veggies for soups, dog treats from sweet potatoes, and crackers from various ingredients--my favorite cracker is made from the pulp left from juicing, adding spices, etc. Word of advice--NEVER use fenugreek seeds that tea has been made from. I once added some to a batch of pulp crackers. They were so bitter my head turned inside out (true story!). I tossed them out to the dogs, but they just peed on them. Everybody's a food critic these days...

I found a few goodies on the clearance aisle, including a large bottle of fruit juice, non GMO, in a nice carafe, and three pounds of unsalted butter at half price.

Of course, we did the usual--used the clothesline on nice days, ate leftovers, scoured the Internet for ideas, etc. What did y'all do to save money last week?

Well, I got chores. later y'all.
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  1. At Walmart, I bought a bunch of juice drinks that were .50 and .75 (about 1/4 their original price) Also some very nice clearance sleepwear and I bought 2 $3 ones for my mom and and 4 $1 ones for me. She said she badly needed new ones and she rarely gets out to shop.
    Note taken- I will never make something with fenugreek

    1. Good deals! I love the clearance racks. The funny thing is, I enjoy tea made with fenugreek, its soothing for sore throats and coughs, and the sprouts are a bit peppery. But wow, those crackers were ROUGH.

  2. I love my dehydrator, but I have never seen a counter top ice maker. How clever.

    1. Ours was one of the early models, expensive, big and awkward, but it did well. Now you can buy them for under $100, and they are a little bigger than a bread machine.


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