Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

April 8, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

After a couple of weeks of lovely warm weather--BAM! Our temperatures dropped back down into the 30s and 40s for the weekend. Today we got up to the 60s, and over the week we will get up into the 80s. Yep, it's springtime in Texas, and I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else if God lets me pick!

I continued to process the foods I bought on last week's big stocking up shopping trip. I peeled and froze bananas for smoothies--the peels will go into the compost pile.

Stripe was upset that the cases of corn and green beans took up so much of her 'snoozing spot'.

I used leftover mashed potatoes to make potato cakes for breakfast one morning for Obie and I. Filling and tasty, plus no waste!

Obie and I got hold of an old radial arm saw that wasn't working, and we took it to the scrap metal place to sell. We made around $7.00 for it, and that went into the pool fund can. My goal is to save up $300.00 for the pool fund, to make sure that we can buy any hoses, chemicals, etc to get the 15 foot above ground pool that the Redneck's cousin gave us last summer when they put in a bigger pool for their family. With the little money making things we do, as of last night we had a little over $80.00 towards our goals.

I love books on CD--I get so much done when I am listening to a great story or sermon. Lately I am hooked on the John Cleaver series by Dan Wells, and I have been ordering the audio books through inter library loan. I pay a small fee, just couple of dollars when it comes in. I get to enjoy great fiction and 'test drive' a DIY or cookbook, before I spend the money to buy one that I may or  may not want to add to my home library.

I used the clothesline a lot early in the week before the weather went wonky. Pounce loves clean clothes--I can't keep her out of the basket. I may change her name to 'Fluff and Fold'!

The Redneck bought me a weed eater with a brush cutting attachment! I can't wait to go all berserk on the stuff at the edge of the yard, along with the world's UGLIEST hedges in front of my porch. I want those out so I can plant lavender, sage, and mint in those beds. Cleaning up the brush and weeds will make the yard more appealing to be in, and we will be able to invite folks over for cookouts, camp fires, etc, instead of going out to socialize. And the more you want to stay at home, the less money you end up spending. A Thriftology motto is, Cultivate contentment at home.

I cut off an old pair of Obie's jeans to make shorts. They were new, church jeans for a couple of years until they became stained or worn, then they became work jeans, and now that they have holes, he has cut offs.

The Redneck has several old button down shirts that he cuts the sleeves out of to use as over shirts at work (and yes, before you ask, he does look a little like Cooter in the Dukes of Hazzard when he wears them!). I sewed a new button on one to make it last longer.

I made $89.25 at the consignment shop--most of that went into the pool fund, but some of it was used to buy a few treats for Obie and I, a couple of small light bulbs for a project I'm working on, and a few deals at the grocery store.

I decluttered the TV room closet, and purged a lot of stuff that I had been holding onto.

Downloaded a free Ebook--What To Buy When, A Guide To The Monthly Grocery And Retail Sales! by Ann Eckhart. Who knew that the best time to buy a TV was in April?

I got 6 free coupon inserts from the public library, and found a few good ones for things that I actually buy.

Saturday we went to Wichita Falls, the nearest big town to us. We stopped in at Books A Million, an discount bookstore. The Redneck bought me this beautiful new Bible for an early Mother's Day gift! It was only $20.00. I love it because it has giant print, and I can read it without taking off my glasses and holding it up close. I need to get some Bible tabs for the pages. They make finding which book you are looking for so much easier. I still have my two older Bibles, but they have notes and highlighted passages, which I use for study. I wanted one that was unmarked, so I can see what fresh insights God wants me to get.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. What wonderful ways to save. I love the cut offs. I mean who would throw away a perfectly good pair of cut offs. Then I would see if I could find good patches for a quilt.

    1. I don't dare save up patches for a quilt--I would end up with a huge amount of fabric and never use it. I do weave and crochet rugs using fabric torn into strips.


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