Cats Are Crazy, And I'm About To Join Them...

April 26, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I had my four female cats spayed last week, and not that they are healed up I am slowly introducing them to the outside. This is not going as easy as I had hoped.

Stripe has no problem with this idea, she goes out and spends a lot of time exploring. When she's ready she comes back in. She's gonna be pretty easy to transition I think.

Stormy, my youngest, only goes out if I put her out. Ever try to carry a weed whacker close to your chest--as it's running? She then sits and glares up at me through the glass door at the front, or the window in the laundry room door. The second the door opens, she shoots inside. She doesn't care if her food is out there, she wants in.

When I put Fraidy outside, she's not happy, but she allows it. She will search for a way inside, but she is pretty patient. I think she will be better about it as the summer progresses.

Then we come to Pounce. She's about 3 or 4 years old. She is the cat that I WANT in the house. But something happened to her brain after being spayed.

Before she was fixed, she was an okay cat. Not affectionate, unless she was in heat, then of course she wanted holding and cuddling. Since she came back from surgery however, she has become clingy, meowing as she follows me everywhere. She sits on or next to me every chance she gets, purring and cuddling. She never got under a blanket before, but now I wake up to find her under the covers with me. It's sweet, in an annoying sort of way. But that's not the bad thing.

I have two large husky mix dogs, brother and sister. They take turns being 'house dogs'. Pounce has known them since she was a kitten. She never paid them much attention before, unless they got too near her food bowl. Now however...

...she ATTACKS them.

I'm serious. This ball of fur will go after Fang and Angel with a ferocity I never knew she had. She sees Fang all the way at the other end of the kitchen, and she will jump from the couch and run at him, yowling and spitting, claws out. Poor Fang just runs away, only stopping to bark at her, trying to get her to leave him alone. It would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous for anyone in the way of this furry fiasco. I yell at Pounce to stop, trying to grab her and get her away to another room. Ever yell at a kid, trying to get them to stop picking on another? And the kid you yell at stops and yells back at you, saying how it's the other kid's fault? Yeah, imagine that in this scenario. Pounce will stop and meow loudly at me, almost as if she's trying to justify her assault on a big dumb dog who only want to snooze in the corner. Then she goes right back to attacking him. I have taken to putting her in a kennel or another room while one of the big ones are in the house, letting her out when they go outside for the afternoon. At night the dogs will sleep under my bed while Pounce is in the living room. This morning Fang needed to go out to potty, and went to the bedroom door. By the time I got to the door to take him out he had heard Pounce on the other side of the door, decided he could hold it a bit longer, and shot back under the bed. I have to escort the dogs to the door to out and potty.

Anybody got any ideas how to handle this before I go nuts?

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


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