Shaping Up To Be A Busy Yet Sad Week

March 6, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me.

I'm posting today to let y'all know I probably won't be posting again until my Adventures In Money Saving post next week. I had a busy schedule already planned, and then we got bad news last night.

The Redneck's Aunt Flo passed away yesterday afternoon. She was a sweet lady, and she was always kind to me and my son. Her funeral is this Friday afternoon, so several of the projects I had planned for this week will have to be moved up or postponed as I get things ready for us to travel to attend the service.

Monday we all visited our family chiropractor, and I am thrilled to report that I am no longer coughing at all. He tweaked the adjustment he did when I was sick, and now I feel fabulous. In fact, when we got home and the Redneck left for work, I suddenly  had energy to spare, and I did laundry and cleaned house all afternoon. For the first time in weeks, I didn't have to sit down every 20 minutes to rest. I didn't rush around either, just did a smooth steady rhythm of movement. I slept great, and got up with no dragging this morning. If you have never tried chiropractic, I really recommend giving it a try. I am always amazed at the healing that takes place in my body and mind when everything is lined up right.

I called yesterday and got an appointment for all the girl kitties to be spayed next month--YAY! I love them, however four of them in the house is a bit much, so after getting their surgery and shots, and having a few days to heal up, I will begin to introduce them to the great outdoors. Stripe will be thrilled, because she has wanted outside for months, and will sneak out the door if we aren't watching. That will put an end to scratched woodwork and missing bottle lids from the drain board.  I am also convinced that one or more of them is responsible for my bread machine mixing paddle going missing! Still looking for that.

Tomorrow morning my neighbor will pick Obie and I up and we will ride to the library, where we will load up all the books that have been donated for the twice yearly book sale. Then we will take and unload them at the Community Center, and arrange them for the sale that starts around noon. I love helping to set up the sale. Not only does it make me feel good to help out....I get to shop while I work, thus getting a first shot at what I would like to buy! I am looking for my favorite authors--Sandra Hill, Mary Kay Andrews, Jennifer Crusie, Tony Hillerman, to name a few. I am also looking forward to checking out any DVDs that will be for sale. Last time I got the complete BBC series Father Brown Mysteries and the Hamish Macbeth mysteries. If y'all are in Bowie this Wednesday through Saturday morning, stop by and build your home library! I hope to post some photos next week.

Thursday afternoon we will be at the library again. The Redneck will drop us off on his way to work, and we will do a lot of downloading of videos, and I am looking into printables to create my own planner. I like my little $3.00 one I got at the last of 2017, but I will need to expand a bit in order to be ready for 2019. I already found a cute graphic for the front of it. I will use a simple 3 ring binder. I'll do more research and post about  this new project later in the year.

We had planned to drive to Wichita Falls on Friday to check out the town, but as I said earlier, we will be going to a funeral instead. I enjoy seeing his family, I just wish it could be a happier occasion.

Well, I have to do some laundry ahead of the week's schedule, so when we get done at the sale tomorrow I can just come home and relax. I also have to pack our back packs for tomorrow, so we have our water bottles and snacks while we work.

I would appreciate prayers for this week as I try to crowd the 'gotta do' into a shorter time frame, and for safe travel on Friday.

Well, I got chores. later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. So sorry to hear about your Aunt... ((hugs)) to all!

  2. I am sorry for your loss. Have a nice time at the funeral. I always say that because you will see so much family and they are important. Funerals for me are great get to gathers with loved ones.

    1. I always say that funerals are very important, for 3 reasons.
      1. It is a time of closure for those left behind, a way to mark the closing of one chapter of life in order to move on to the next.
      2. It is a time to remember and honor the memory of the one who has died. We share stories, laugh and weep together as we remember.
      3. And this one is the most important reason of all...
      I look REALLY GOOD in black!

      Thank you for your good wishes.


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