Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

March 31, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I am doing this post a little early this week, because Easter is tomorrow, and I wanna just worship, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and what it means to mankind, rest and eat Puerco pibil.

This has been a wet week--rain through most of it, and ground so soggy we won't be mowing the back of the property for a bit. I had to use the dryer, which I didn't like, but at least the laundry got done. Today is a bee--yoooo--tee--ful day, and I am hanging clothes out. I usually do all my household stuff during the week, but since the Redneck was off for Good Friday we went to Denton to do a really big stocking the pantry shopping trip. It went well, and we got almost everything we needed, but...can someone tell me how, WITH a shopping list, I FORGOT TO GET KOOL AID AND CHEESE? Shaking my head.

Rhonda over at If You Do Stuff Stuff Gets Done ( posted about Aldi having a 'clone' of Dave's Killer Bread 21 Seed Loaf. I found it! It looks pretty close, and I will let y'all now if it will supplant Dave's in my heart. It's still a little pricey, but at least $2.00 less than Dave's. I understand that bread that is as filled with all the good grains and seeds can't be as cheap as white bread that you can pick up at Allsups at 2 for a $1.00.

I picked up several new herbal teas at Winco, along with frozen fruit for smoothies. I got a huge bag of spinach, and several red and yellow bell peppers for a lot less than I have been paying. I stocked up on butter, milk and eggs, along with flour and sugar, corn starch and spices. Canned veggies and a few bulk items for fun (pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, etc) were added in the cart. We bought two big spiral cut hams at a great price. One is in the freezer for later, and I will be cutting up the second one for sandwiches, beans, etc, and putting the packages into the freezer.

This baggie contains leftover Shake & Bake BBQ powder. I save it in a baggie in the freezer, and after a few times of adding more from other boxes, I simply put it into a new bag and shake the pork or chicken in it. Since I keep it in the freezer, I have no concerns about spoilage. It has worked for me for years, and I also keep breading flour the same way. 

I emptied and defrosted my big freezer this week in preparation for our big shopping trip. I reorganized it, along with my two other fridges, and I will be redoing my pantry this week, and updating my inventory lists. I keep them all pretty much the same way, but occasionally I need to go through and make certain that everything is still good and where it needs to be for convenience.

Last week I mentioned that the Redneck had some points on a credit card. Well this week I was able to order a new comforter set for my bedroom! 

This was my old comforter. A lady was changing out her bedroom look, so she gave us the old comforters. I was good with it, and it served it's purpose well.

However, you can see where it has been hand patched a few times, and it was about to need patching again. Even with it being replaced--it will be recovered and used as extra bedding. I didn't mind doing this, because I didn't want to spend money on a new one until we found one we both liked.

We looked at the web site for redeeming the card points, and found one we both really liked. We ordered it, and Thursday evening the UPS gentleman dropped this box on my porch.

It came with the comforter, two pillow shams, a sheet and pillow case set, and a bed skirt. I am storing the bed skirt until I find another bed frame that is lower.

TA DA! I love this gray color, and it is so soft and luxurious. 

Poblano wasn't too happy about it though-she likes to sleep under the blanket, so she had to have a bath before she was allowed on the new bedding. You can see her look of hurt over my 'betrayal'!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Redneck's Aunt Flo passed away. His mom called to let him know that while cleaning out Flo's house, she had found a picture of wolves that we might like to have. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a numbered print by an artist names Phyllis Fox. I looked her up, but couldn't find anything about her. We collect wolf art, and this will go great in our living room, plus it will be a reminder of Aunt Flo. 

That's it for this week, I a planning a post on how to prepare for a big stocking up trip for later in the week.

HAPPY EASTER! Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Hi Evelyn,
    I’m glad you got to go to Aldi and Winco? We have to go to OKC to shop at Winco and we really like it.
    I hope you like the Seedtastic. I prefer it lightly toasted at breakfast, with jelly. And yes, even at Aldi it’s pricy.
    Your new bedding is beautiful. It looks very calm and that’s especially nice in a bedroom.

    1. Yes, Winco too! The closest one is over an hour away, but fortunately we have several other stores to go to, so we just make it an all day adventure. I hope I will like the bread too--the big test will be when I toast it, spread avocado on it and place a fried egg on top with a few chia seeds. If it can stand up to that, BAM! Happy Easter.

  2. Happy belated Easter my friend. He is risen! I love the grey.

  3. It is great that you cleaned out your freezer before a big shopping trip! That prevents things like finding entire bags of boneless skinless chicken thighs at the bottom like I did. They were old, but not too far gone, so I trimmed them and used the entire bag last week, in various marinades.

    I'm glad you had a good Easter, we did, too.

    1. I am pretty good at not letting my freezer et out of hand, however I have been known to help a friend declutter theirs and I have come across some bizarre 'artifacts'. I was helping an old biker buddy once, and I pulled out something large, oval shaped, and FURRY. "Um....Stinger...what is this?" I asked. He let out a yell and said, "Oh great, I have been holding on to that, waiting for you to come and visit. Could you please cook me up a pot of BEAVER TAIL AND BEANS?" "Oh, uh, yeah, sure. You got a recipe?" HE DID! And I COOKED IT! wasn't bad, although I won't be adding it to the household menu any time soon!


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