Saturday, March 31, 2018

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

March 31, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I am doing this post a little early this week, because Easter is tomorrow, and I wanna just worship, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and what it means to mankind, rest and eat Puerco pibil.

This has been a wet week--rain through most of it, and ground so soggy we won't be mowing the back of the property for a bit. I had to use the dryer, which I didn't like, but at least the laundry got done. Today is a bee--yoooo--tee--ful day, and I am hanging clothes out. I usually do all my household stuff during the week, but since the Redneck was off for Good Friday we went to Denton to do a really big stocking the pantry shopping trip. It went well, and we got almost everything we needed, but...can someone tell me how, WITH a shopping list, I FORGOT TO GET KOOL AID AND CHEESE? Shaking my head.

Rhonda over at If You Do Stuff Stuff Gets Done ( posted about Aldi having a 'clone' of Dave's Killer Bread 21 Seed Loaf. I found it! It looks pretty close, and I will let y'all now if it will supplant Dave's in my heart. It's still a little pricey, but at least $2.00 less than Dave's. I understand that bread that is as filled with all the good grains and seeds can't be as cheap as white bread that you can pick up at Allsups at 2 for a $1.00.

I picked up several new herbal teas at Winco, along with frozen fruit for smoothies. I got a huge bag of spinach, and several red and yellow bell peppers for a lot less than I have been paying. I stocked up on butter, milk and eggs, along with flour and sugar, corn starch and spices. Canned veggies and a few bulk items for fun (pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, etc) were added in the cart. We bought two big spiral cut hams at a great price. One is in the freezer for later, and I will be cutting up the second one for sandwiches, beans, etc, and putting the packages into the freezer.

This baggie contains leftover Shake & Bake BBQ powder. I save it in a baggie in the freezer, and after a few times of adding more from other boxes, I simply put it into a new bag and shake the pork or chicken in it. Since I keep it in the freezer, I have no concerns about spoilage. It has worked for me for years, and I also keep breading flour the same way. 

I emptied and defrosted my big freezer this week in preparation for our big shopping trip. I reorganized it, along with my two other fridges, and I will be redoing my pantry this week, and updating my inventory lists. I keep them all pretty much the same way, but occasionally I need to go through and make certain that everything is still good and where it needs to be for convenience.

Last week I mentioned that the Redneck had some points on a credit card. Well this week I was able to order a new comforter set for my bedroom! 

This was my old comforter. A lady was changing out her bedroom look, so she gave us the old comforters. I was good with it, and it served it's purpose well.

However, you can see where it has been hand patched a few times, and it was about to need patching again. Even with it being replaced--it will be recovered and used as extra bedding. I didn't mind doing this, because I didn't want to spend money on a new one until we found one we both liked.

We looked at the web site for redeeming the card points, and found one we both really liked. We ordered it, and Thursday evening the UPS gentleman dropped this box on my porch.

It came with the comforter, two pillow shams, a sheet and pillow case set, and a bed skirt. I am storing the bed skirt until I find another bed frame that is lower.

TA DA! I love this gray color, and it is so soft and luxurious. 

Poblano wasn't too happy about it though-she likes to sleep under the blanket, so she had to have a bath before she was allowed on the new bedding. You can see her look of hurt over my 'betrayal'!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Redneck's Aunt Flo passed away. His mom called to let him know that while cleaning out Flo's house, she had found a picture of wolves that we might like to have. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a numbered print by an artist names Phyllis Fox. I looked her up, but couldn't find anything about her. We collect wolf art, and this will go great in our living room, plus it will be a reminder of Aunt Flo. 

That's it for this week, I a planning a post on how to prepare for a big stocking up trip for later in the week.

HAPPY EASTER! Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

DIY Fail--Or Was It?

March 29, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

If you have read this blog very long, you know that I can't stand waste, especially food waste. So I try to make food last, by buying good quality, storing it properly, cooking in order to have enough at a meal and perhaps a meal later, such as the Redneck's work lunch or a quick heat up on the weekends. I put bits of salsa, leftover veggies, rice, and little bits of cooked meat into containers in the freezer for soup bases. I have recipes to use up leftover rice, beans, stale bread, and apple cider vinegar is my best friend when I clean out a condiment jar to get the last little itty bitty bit out for either a salad dressing redo or a marinade.

I drink a glass of milk each morning, and I often use the milk for gravies, sauces, etc. Well recently I had about a quart of milk left in the gallon jug in the fridge. I realized that I hadn't had time for my daily glass, nor had I made any gravies that called for milk in a while. I opened the jug and took a sniff. Sure enough, the milk was going 'off'. I wasn't thrilled, but I also knew that I could use the milk to bake with (sour milk biscuits ROCK!). Yet...

I wasn't going to be making biscuits for breakfast until the weekend, and I really didn't want to bake cookies or cakes right then.

What could I do with the spoiled milk?

I turned to Yummly. It's a website ( where you can type in the ingredients you have, and it does a search to pull up recipes that will work for you. It will ask you a few questions, like--Do you want 5 or less ingredients? Do you want recipes with fruit?

I found a page for uses for spoiled milk, so I went to the site ( to see what it had to offer.

Along with recipes for beauty masks (glurk!), and using it to polish silverware, I found recipes for making cottage cheese and a regular cheese that looked pretty simple. I am of the mind that one can never have too much cheese of any kind, so I got out my old double boiler and poured the milk into it, bringing it to temperature and stirring. The milk was supposed to reach a stage where the solids separate from the liquid (whey), and then you strain it, add a little cream, and voila--cottage cheese!

It didn't separate. It did nothing, and after a long while, I simply poured it out. Well...fuddle.

However, I didn't see it as a fail. Instead, I learned a few things. I realized the milk hadn't been as spoiled as I has thought, because it hadn't 'clabbered'. This means that the milk develops thick lumps and a sour smell. I am not certain, but I think pasteurized milk doesn't do this. I know that I have added lemon juice to milk and it has curdled a bit for recipes.

I learned that I hadn't been planning my milk use well, which had caused the situation. I needed to plan out meals and recipes with milk better. I am the only one who drinks it in our house, so I am responsible for better implementation in cooking.

I learned a new way to make cheese that was simple, with few ingredients. The recipe was fine, and when I get a gallon or two of raw milk, if it starts to go bad I can give it another try. I can even allow a quart to set out and clabber on purpose if I want to try it again. My grandmother did this with milk so she could make killer biscuits the next morning. She even called them 'killer biscuits'--true story ;) (okay...maybe a bit of blarney there...after all--I AM Irish by heritage!)

I would have had to toss the milk even if I hadn't tried the recipe, because I had no desire to bake sweets that used it. I am trying to not keep too many desserts around the house as part of our family's health plan. And trust me, my cats don't need that much milk poured in their bowls--if they don't drink it all, it will get nasty and attract flies and skunks (believe me--Pepe Le Pew LOVES him some lactose). So by trying to make the cheese I made an attempt to prevent waste. Sometimes though, ya just gotta let it go. This is a big guideline of Thriftology--Learn and move on, whether you succeed or fail.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Report On The Ladies Event And I Got A WONDERFUL Surprise For Supper!

March 27, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Sunday evening I attended a ladies event at Lighthouse Assembly Church here in Bowie. It's a yearly event for the women of Lighthouse and other ladies in the community, to help them get to know one another and to know God better. Obie and I attend the Wednesday night services here when we can, and the people are very friendly and loving. So when I learned about this evening's event, I made sure to come. I had a blast.

It was Western themed, and the title was WANTED. The fellowship hall was decorated so cute, and the women in charge of the evening did a great job.

This was the stage area. I love the big WANTED poster frame.

The centerpieces on each table were adorable--a tray with a metal bucket that was filled with gravel, and a can of STERNO inside. Around the bucket was all the makings for 'smores--graham crackers, marshmallows, little Hershey bars, skewers...but the most amazing thing were the Keebler Fudge cookies. Trust me when I say, if you use them instead of graham crackers to make a s'more, well, it's life changing. This was just so clever.

The food was delicious. One of the ladies made chili with elk meat. It was fabulous. They had all the fixings to go with it--cornbread, corn chips, cheese and onions. I drew the line at adding coconut to my chili, even though one woman swore it was phenomenal.

Of course, there were photos with the WANTED poster. The ladies featured above were the ones who put all of this together--Kara Harris, Kim Livsey, Krista Hunt, Jamie Hickey. Kay Maxwell was helping to take photos, so she wasn't in the frame. I think the cutest picture is the one on the bottom, where Kim and Kara are trying to make sure their feet are 'standing proper cowboy'!

Many of the women dressed up in Western clothes. 

Kara enjoying a s'more.

After dinner there were some fun activities. I didn't get photos of the improv they did because honestly, I was laughing too hard.

Then there was a game with teams, where the organizer would call out an action, and the teams had to do the action and not be the last team.

It was hilarious.

After all the fun, we delved into more serious matters, and Kara spoke on how we are WANTED by God because He loves us, and how we are WANTED by the enemy because he wants to destroy us. It was a good lesson, well delivered.

Afterward we each received a gold $1.00 coin, to help us remember that God has paid the reward for us. 

I look forward to the next event, but I don't know how they can top this one, it was so good.

Well, tonight Obie and I received a wonderful surprise for our supper. We were just sitting down to some leftover homemade pizza, when my neighbor Kelly and his younger brother Simon came to the house. Kelly works at the local library, and we talk a lot about all kinds of things, along with the other librarian Charlcie. Kelly is Vietnamese, and I had mentioned how much I love the cuisine, and especially the nuoc mam nhi, or fish sauce.

Turns out Kelly had told his mom this, and that lovely lady sent them over with a plate of food (I was so hungry for this, I almost forgot to take a picture!), plus a container of fish sauce that was mixed with vinegar and spices, aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddd.....

A brand new bottle of fish sauce! I love this stuff--I will put it on all kinds of foods. I was so touched that she did this for us. I mean, we have never met, but just because her son mentioned my love of Vietnamese food, she did this. What a nice surprise and a blessing. I gotta think of something nice to do for her.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

March 25, 2018

Hey y'all, it's  me!

Spring has sprung, baby, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

Yes indeedily do, warm weather has come to Texas, and I am THRILLED. I must have some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. While I am fairly productive no matter the weather--the SECOND it turns warmer, I turn into a dynamo of energy and project accomplishing.

Just got back from a Ladies Out Loud (LOL) Event at Lighthouse Assembly Church here in Bowie. The evening was great, and I will do a post on it in a day or so.

My money saving this last week was pretty good. Of course with the weather so nice, I used the clothesline and kept the windows open. Energy bill goin' down!

We got our horse trailer fixed--a small bit of welding was all that was needed--and it didn't cost much at all, and we supported a local business. Now we are ready to load up the ponies and go for a trail ride or two. We love to go to the Grasslands, and it makes for a nice inexpensive day out in creation.

We had points from a credit card, and we are trying to get a new comforter ordered with them.

I sent the leftover cake from our church lunch last Sunday to the Redneck's work as a treat for the other folks who work there, and goodness knows WE don't need that much temptation around the house!

I got four cans of organic black beans on clearance for 50 cents each. I learned how to make black bean brownies with some of them--delicious, yet one should always check the label to be certain one is not using the black beans in a SPICY SAUCE! Oh yeah, you could taste the chili flavor in the chocolate, but fortunately we like Mexican hot chocolate, which is made with chili powder, so it was all good. I will be making a batch with the regular beans this week.

Also got some points from the ban account, deciding what we need so we can use them.

I have finally stopped buying cooking spray, and for the past few months I have been simply oiling my pans with a bit of oil, spreading it about with a silicon basting brush I have had for years (got it for 50 cents at a yard sale). Works just as well as the spray and costs a LOT less.

Obie and I were out Thursday, and we split a Happy Meal. I know it doesn't sound like much, but seriously, it was enough food to make us feel satisfied, and it was a little treat in our week. Plus the toy made a cute gift for a friend's little boy.

Found a jar of green salsa Verde on clearance for $1.00 (I LOVE salsa Verde).

At a garage sale this weekend I got two brand new CDs for $1.00 each. I am always looking for ways to add to our music, movie and book collections at a good price.

Speaking of books, I got these three James Herriot books for $1.00 each. I normally wouldn't pay more than 50 cents for a paperback, but this money goes to support our library, so I don't mind. I love this series, and hope to find the BBC series on DVD someday.

I got two new tanks tops for 50 cents each. during the summer I wear them all the time outside, and layered under button up shirts. They also make great pajama tops.

My friend Linda gave me these Jasmine roots at church today. She has been transplanting them, and I mentioned I am looking for cuttings from folks to grow some plants. I am not sure if these will grow, but we will see.

I have mentioned Dave's Killer Bread before, and I still love the stuff, even though it's a but pricey. Today I found this loaf of Nature's Own bread, at half the price, so I am giving it a try. It's not Dave's, but it's not bad at all.

I buy a lot of cat litter and white vinegar, and I put the containers to use as storage bins.

I use a razor blade and carefully cut around the container, using the little ridge as a guide.

I discard the tops, wash the bottom part (the vinegar labels come off with just water, and the cat litter labels usually just pull off). I use them for storing bags of popcorn, packages of ramen, plastic food storage containers, etc. I label them, and it gives me extra storage without spending a lot of cash for the prettier bins.

A friend from church had a bridal shower Saturday, and she gave me a few of the goodie bags leftover, since I couldn't go. Along with a little candy in each one, there were bags of sweet smelling bath salts, so I will be having a little 'spa night' this week.

What have y'all been doing to stretch your budgets this week?

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Goodbye YouTube--Hello Patreon and Vimeo

March 22, 2018

Hey y'all, it me.

Several years ago I began a channel on YouTube called Bible Babe. It was a simple little channel, and I had a lot of fun posting videos of things I did to save money or decorate my home, etc. Sometimes I would have little 'chats' with my viewers, telling them how I felt about things going on in the world. I did hauls from decluttering other folk's homes, coupon hauls, and my favorite--library hauls, where I would share the books and movies that I would get from the different libraries I used.

I didn't do it for money, or for fame. I did it because it was an outlet for my creativity and my weird personality. I also hoped to get folks to think outside the box when it came to doing things to save money or being a DIYer. It was a great learning experience for me, as I found out that I could create a video that made folks laugh, pray for someone I told them about, make them think. I confess, the time I had the brilliant idea to post 100 videos in 100 days almost did me in--but I pulled it off!

After several years however, along with moving back from the mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma to Bowie, Texas, I realized that it was time to let the old channel go dormant, and to move on to a new channel that suited my current life better.

I created Blessed In Bowie as a companion channel to this blog, a way to enhance what I was doing here. But for some reason, I couldn't get into making videos for it. It was as if every time I went to create a video, I felt I needed to wait.

Well, I am glad that I did decide to wait, because as of this morning I no longer have any channels on YouTube. I have removed all content from a site that I formerly had enjoyed as a source of entertainment, instruction and inspiration.

You see, I and my family are gun owners, and we are big supporters of the 2nd Amendment. YouTube has declared war on all gun channels, basically killing them off with ridiculous new rules and penalties for them. Channels which are for gun enthusiasts are being demonetized for violating 'standards', but never getting a real explanation what the violations are.

I understand that it's 'their tree house, their rules', and they can set the terms of who can and cannot post, and what content is allowed to be posted. I also understand that I don't have to stay in the tree house--I can take my toys and go elsewhere.

Which is what I am doing. I deleted both my channels this morning, and let me tell you, it hurt a little to let all that work go down the 'data drain'. However, for the cause of freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, I will do what it takes to get my point across. I know that YouTube could care less about my piddly little channels--they have thousands of other channels that generate income for them, so I don't matter, and I can live with that.

I have created two new channels on Vimeo and Patreon. I am not certain which one will serve my needs best, so I will be posting to both in order to determine which--or possibly both--will meet my needs as a vlogger.

I will post links to my new channels as soon as I get a few videos up and running. I hope you will join me at my new sites, and let me know which you prefer, what types of videos you would like to see, etc.

If you have a YouTube channel, I won't be tuning in to watch anymore. I'm sorry, but I don't feel it would be right. I wish you all good fortune however.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

March 18, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Well, last night at the women's worship event was mind blowing. While it wasn't quite as large a gathering as the last one, it was more intense with the presence of the Holy Spirit filling up and spilling out the building. The next one is June 30, in Decatur, Texas, and it's going to be an all day event. I will post more details as it gets closer. All I can say is....WHEW!

Okay, on to money saving adventures!

First of all, thanks to Rhonda over at If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done
(, for posting about Aldi's Seedtastic Bread, which is supposed to be a less expensive clone of Dave's Killer Bread 21 Seed Bread. The next time we got to Aldi's, hopefully next week, I will give it a try.

We use PUR water filters on our sink. This week I found them at our local hardware store for $4.00 less than Walmart--and I had a coupon for $2.00 off!

I took stuff to the consignment store to make a little extra money, plus today at church a friend brought me a lot of stuff after she had decluttered, so I have more goodies to take to the store on Tuesday. She also brought me several bags of clothes, and after I found a few things for myself, I put the rest aside to drop off at our church to be taken to a local women's shelter, along with my own results of purging my closet.

One of the best things she gave me was this set of stainless steel pans from the Wolfgang Puck line. I have wanted good stainless steel cookware for a long time.

Obie needs elastic laces in his shoes so he can get them on without worrying about tying his shoes. I found a set of shoes that were too small for him in his closet that I had forgotten about, and there was a brand new set of laces in them. I switched them into his new shoes, and put the non elastic laces aside for my shoes, in case I need them. Not a big savings, but it saved me time and money by my not having to drive to the store and buy a new set.

I cut up the sale ham I had purchased the week before, and I made a huge pot of pinto beans, which gave us several meals through the week, plus I had enough slices of ham to make fried ham one meal, and I made two ham and cheese quiches for another meal. I also had some fat for dog treats, and I have a nice big bag of ham chunks left over for another pot of beans later in the month.

I found 2 gallons of milk at Brookshires for $1.00 each--froze them for later use. I had bought a half gallon of buttermilk previously, and I used it to make biscuits, put in it the quiches, and I made buttermilk waffles for Saturday breakfast. I am planning on more biscuits in the morning.

I baked 5 dozen cookies for the Redneck's lunches. I went through some of the freebie fabric I had stashed, and found a big enough piece with horses on it to make a new curtain for Obie's room.

I was walking across the parking lot at the grocery store, and noticed something shiny on the ground. I was 30 cents worth of bright shiny pennies. I scooped them up, and they are now in the container that stores them until I cash them in. 

Use my clothesline more this week now the weather in so nice. Also, no more heat lamp needed in the well house, so the electric bill should be a LOT lower this month.

Ordered a new charge cord for my I pad from Amazon, which was a lot cheaper than from the manufacturer, and I used a gift card, making it even less.

Thursday Obie and I spent the afternoon at the library, downloading YouTube videos to watch later at home. This saves on my data plan, plus we get to visit with our friends who work there. We went to the thrift store to walk out some kinks from sitting, and I found a really 'Man Cave' cute sign for the Redneck's area. It wasn't just painted, it was stained and routered out--nice, for only $3.00. 

I used empty feed sacks as trash bags.

Today was grub Sunday at church, and afterward, when we were cleaning the kitchen up, I was given bags of leftover pulled pork, BBQ venison, a big pasta salad, fruit from a fruit plate, corn, two bundt cakes, and three bags of smoked turkey from the freezer, which will be treats for my dogs.

When checking the clearance aisle at Brookshires, I found two jars of cashew butter, marked down to $1.50 each, so I snagged them.

I bought bags of compost, peat moss, cow manure and vermiculite to put in my raised garden beds. I was wondering how the heck I was going to mix it all together without killing myself, when I remembered that I have a few 55 gallon metal barrels with lock on lids someone gave us. I will simply layer in the elements, lock on the lid, and roll that sucker around the yard until it is well mixed. Hey, I am not just gorgeous--I'm brilliant!

One last goodie. The Redneck bought us a LAWN MOWER!!!!!!!!!!! It's a nice Cub Cadet, 46 inch cutting swath, with a warranty, and he got it on sale. He is mowing as I type, and the yard looks so much better. He has promised me a new weed eater next week--be still my heart!

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Preparing For A Rockin' For God Saturday Night!

March 1, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

A month or so ago I attended a Women's Worship Event in Decatur, Texas, and it was phenomenal. Women from different churches got together to praise Jesus Christ with awesome music and singing. There were some spectacular speakers. It was just a great time, and there were women who would pray with and for those who needed it--just a WOW kind of night.

Well, this Saturday night here in Bowie, there will be another event, and I am getting everything done that I can so I can attend with my mind free of worries. I am cleaning house today, and tomorrow morning I will put a roast in the crock pot with veggies so my guys can have a good supper while I am out (some ladies from my church and I are going to grab a bite before the event at a local restaurant as a treat and fellowship time). Sunday is our church's Grub Sunday, so I will be making a couple of dishes for that ahead of time. We are also buying a new LAWN MOWER Saturday, and I am so excited about that, I can't STAND it!

If you are anywhere near Bowie, Texas, please come out and join other women in worship and praise, and receive Godly encouragement from the speakers who will be there. Here is the poster for the event.

If you do get to come, and you see a devastatingly beautiful 61 year old on the first row dancing and singing with lifted hands, that's probably me! Come on over and say hello and get a hug! ;)

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

March 11, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

It's been a good week here, how y'all doing?

As I said, last Friday our family attended the funeral for the Redneck's aunt Flo. She was a sweet lady, and she will be deeply missed. Her church provided a nice lunch before the funeral, and it was a lovely service. Of course, humor just HAD to show up!

At our church each Sunday, at the beginning of the song service, the band plays I'll Fly Away, and it's a lively version. Folks sing, clap, just rockin' out for God. Obie loves to clap, and he will clap on my left hand as the song plays. Guess what the last song played at aunt Flo's funeral was? Yup, Alan Jackson's version of I'll Fly Away.

Suddenly, Obie is 'clapping' on my left hand, and he got in some REALLY LOUD claps before I was able to stop him, saying, "No, sweetie, not here, not now. Trust me, this crowd won't get it." He was puzzled, but he stopped. I thought, whew, close one. Then the whole pew started shaking...

I looked to my right, where the Redneck was sitting, shaking with silent laughter, his hand over his mouth, trying to suppress the giggles that were threatening to burst forth.

Really, I am the ONLY one in my family to have any sense of decorum!

Okay, on to my money saving adventures.

Of course, we ate leftovers, and always a good start to saving on the budget. Any time I was out, I checked the clearance aisles at Brookshires, and I got several goodies to add the the pantry, including a ham originally priced over $22.00, for $11.00. I will cut a nice big chunk to make a big pot of beans with this week, and the rest I will cut up and freeze for later meals. Any small bits will go into a ham and cheese rice casserole.

Wednesday Obie and I worked the library book sale, and as I was putting books out, I found several good deals, for $1.00 each.

If you grew up in Texas in the 60s, you probably read this book, or one of the many versions of it.
Texas History Movies was great. It took the reader through the history of Texas, in comic strip form. 

This little book just jumped out and yelled, "BUY ME!" As I looked through it, I was enchanted with the poems and essays that filled its pages. Published in 1887, Pleasant Hours For Home And School is the type of book that young ladies and gentlemen would have read for the improvement of their minds and characters. 

The Ghouls is a book about the stories that many of our most beloved movie monsters were based on. And of course, I just love Jennifer Crusie, and Fast Women is hilarious. I can always count on her books to give me a smile.

If you ever read Charles M. Sheldon's In His Steps, then you now where the "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelets originated. This book was a retelling of the story, written in the 80s. I just started it this afternoon, and so far I like it. There was also a movie made from it, with Jon Schneider.

One of my favorite finds was this Good Housekeeping Cookbook from 1963. It's in great shape, and it had a lot of handwritten recipes tucked in the pages. I also found a coupon insert page, and it had a coupon for PET milk, with No Expiration on it. I am soooooo tempted to see if it would go through!

And of course, I had to check out the movies and music. Both Jack Reacher movies, King Arthur, starring Charlie Hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy, a Tyler Perry Madea play, Joe Nichols Greatest Hits CD, all for $1.00 each. But my absolute BEST find was...

A Sergio Leone box set! Four movies, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, A Fistful Of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, and (be still my heart)...


For a dollar!  You can see that Stormy approves this addition to our movie collection.

Saturday we decided to go to Wichita Falls and check it out, since it is the closest large town to us. We found several stores that can meet different needs for our family. There's even a Books A Million, an Aldi, and a Natures Grocery Store. We won't be driving over an hour to go there very often, but it's nice to know that maybe once or twice a year, a full day trip would be fun for a change. We did shop at the Aldi before heading home, and I got a lot of good produce, stocked up on eggs, canned goods and spices, along with real cane sugar and chocolate chips. 

I took some things to the local thrift shop, and I will make a little from the consignment sales. I also received a bag of nice bracelets and necklaces to sell. I don't make a lot on these types of things, but every bit adds up!

I am about to make some raised beds for planting veggies, and I realized that a lot of the red cedar boards that were left over from building Obie's headboard will be perfect for a couple of beds. I bought some L Brackets, and will get weed cloth to staple on the bottom of the beds. I hope to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, a couple of zucchini vines, and some green beans. The more fresh veggies I can grow, the lower my grocery budget. I also want to plant a few fruit trees--peach, pear and maybe an apple. 

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018