Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

February 25, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

Hard to believe we had an ice storm last week, until you notice the gigantic pools of water all over the yard and pastures. Today the temperature is 65, and the sun is shining. We had a marvelous service at church this morning, and it was wonderful to see all the folks who have been sick back today. We even had an elder who had heart surgery and a lady who had broken her leg! God is so good. Tonight we are taking the Redneck's folks out for dinner--their 48th anniversary. It should be fun.

Okay, on to the money saving adventures.

I checked the clearance shelves at Brookhires and found boxes of Shake and Bake BBQ for chicken priced at 50 cents. They each make 2 meals, so I decided to stock up. I don't buy any convenience mixes, but I like S&B.

When the weather was good, I turned off the heater and flung open the windows. Let me tell you, no Air Freshener or Scentsy can make a house smell as good as fresh air wafting through the rooms.

Brookshires had canned veggies on sale for 49 cents a can, so I did a small stock up on green beans. I passed on the corn however, it had sugar in the ingredients. Always check!

The dairy aisle had gallons of milk (organic!!!!) marked down to $1.00. I snagged about 3, and tossed them into the freezer. Don't forget to pour out about a cup before freezing, to keep it from blowing up.

I found a package of Chili's Chipotle Honey Chili mix for a $1.00. It made a nice pot of chili for lunch, with my ground beef, canned tomatoes, and some of the ranch style beans left over from last Sunday's church lunch. I will try to get more of this.

When the power went out, we used our propane heater (a Big Buddy) with canisters of propane we had purchased earlier. We stayed warm and comfy, and the many candles I have collected from yard sales and thrift stored provided light. I was excited when my friend Barbara told me she was going to a candle making supply shop soon, and I will go with her. Then we will spend the day making candles, using the wax left over from all my candles--I save the wax for reuse.

Another use for scented candles--sometimes my free candles may have a wonderful scent, but the wicks are shot, or the candle is burned down too much to use safely.

I chop them into chunks, store them in a baggie (washed and reused, of course!), then use the pieces in my little wax warmer. No, it is not a Scentsy, so please don't comment on how I am voiding the warranty. I save the wax when the scent is gone, so I can add it to my candle making supplies. Anyone know of a type of string I can use for wicks? Please let me know in the comments.

I deconstructed 2 pillows for the bandannas they were made from. I will use them to cover my hair this summer when working outside. I mended my comforter where it was torn. 

I started making my liqueur bases for Christmas. This is black cherry. I will start a blueberry, a blackberry, and if I can get some, a peach. I will let them all marinate for a month or so, then add the vodka, and let it all sit in the fridge until December, and strain it, put the flavored liquid into jars, and the fruit will go into a jam I will make. 

We ate a lot of leftovers, or as I like to call them, planned overs. There was a good amount of the chili leftover, so I used it, tortillas, cheese, and a chili-tomato sauce I made from a recipe in the Less With More Cookbook to make enchiladas. It made enough so I could also make a freezer meal for Obie and I to enjoy later.

I dropped my blusher last week, and it busted all to bits. I wasn't too upset, the blush was pretty old, but it still had a lot of uses left in it. I used my blusher brush, and very carefully dabbed it into one of the eye shadow colors in my LA Colors palette, and brushed it on. The soft rose brown worked just fine, and it will get me through until I can find a new blush.

Okay, I think that's all for this week. 

What did y'all do to save money this week? I would love to hear from you.

I gotta go finish getting ready to take the in laws to dinner. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. Hey great money saves. I went into a goodwill that had so many candles on sale I wish now I had purchased some.

    1. I found a couple of boxes of votives in glass holders at a thrift shop--they were leftovers from a wedding. The price tag was a dollar for 12, but it was also 50% off that day, so I got 24 for $1.00. They were barely burned, plus when I had burned them out, I placed the cooled gladd holders into the freezer overnight, then a few gentle taps made the wax pop right out. A good wash, and they are ready for new candles. Always check the free box at yard sales! Last year I went to a church sale, and there was a huge box of candles in a box marked free. I snagged them quick. Are you feeling better today?


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