Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

February 18, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I realized it has been a while since I did a money saving adventures post, so figured I needed to get back in the swing of things. The Redneck said I could use his laptop to upload my photos, but I had to take a solemn oath that I will delete them as soon as I am done. He's cute, but fussy!

I had already posted a few things last week--my buying groceries with a tiny budget, but I wanted to give y'all a few more things.

My favorite deal was when I was in Brookshires and checked the clearance racks. I always do this, because you never know what you will find. Sometimes the prices are still too high, but if you look close you can find some real good deals. This week I found 30 cans of grain free canned dog food for 50 cents a can. My dog Punky is 20 years old, and she started losing weight because she can't really digest the dry food as well as she used to. I buy her cans of Alpo, but I wanted more nutrition for her, so this stuff fit the bill. She is already putting weight on, and she loves this stuff.

Today was 'grub Sunday' at church, and we had potluck. There were some leftovers as usual, so the volunteers and I split them up and I got some good food to stretch my budget a bit (plus, I don't have to cook tonight...BONUS!!!!). We got Ranch Beans, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, salsa, and taco casserole. Yep, tonight is heat and eat!

Our church provides coffee and donuts before church. So many folks are out sick or caring for those who are ill, that we had a boatload left over. We got to bring them home, and the guys will enjoy some of them with coffee in the morning. I will freeze any leftovers--if there are any. Earlier I watched Obie stroll past the box, ease it open, and snag a donut. He skipped off, chowing down. I think I need to put these in the higher cabinet...

I checked the church freezer, and found a bag of smoked turkey legs left over from several weeks ago. They were past the 'people food' stage, but after they thaw, I will take the meat off the bones and my pups will be delighted with treats. The bones can be put in the crock pot with water, and simmered overnight to make a broth that can be poured over dry food for them. The bones will be discarded, since I don't have a burning barrel yet. 

I made a vegetarian 'rice' dish for today's lunch, along with a taco casserole. I found this recipe over 7 years ago when I was doing some dietary 'tweaks', and I love it. I take it to church lunch, funerals, etc, and everyone enjoys it. I thought I would share the recipe with y'all. It's not expensive, and the ingredients can be used in other dishes. This is the web site,  The funniest thing about this dish is when folks asked what was in it, and I tell them cauliflower. They either swear there's quinoa in it, or as one guy said, "Wow, you really chop it fine!" I tell them my secret is the 'S' blade on my food processor! I hope you try this, it makes a great salad or side dish. It calls for a jicama, but if I can't find it I just add more cauliflower, and it still tastes great. I just make the rice, not the sauce, but I would like to hear if any of you try it, and how it tastes.

Well, I got chores. later y'all.
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  1. Sounds like you had a great week. I love the sneaky donut caper.

    1. Yeah, he thinks he's a lot more clever then he really is!


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