I Think I Sprained My Blessing Muscle...

January 16, 2018

Hey y'all, it's me!

I am thankful to report that my tooth problems are cleared up, and I can eat again. That's good, because we are heading to the Ft Worth Stock Show this weekend, and there is always some yummy food to try out!

Okay, last week was, in two words--BIZ EE. I had to just take a few days to chill out and rest a bit. But I am back in the blogging saddle again, so here goes.

That Sunday one of the ladies of the church brought several things she was getting rid of, and I ended up with several scented candles to enjoy. I gave a lot of things to other folks, and they were thrilled.

Another lady at the church who paints all kinds of objects, told me that if I find her some unusual objects to paint, she will give me a little cash when she sells them. I figured that's a good way to increase my income with very little extra effort on my part, since I am always getting things anyway. I already have some neat stuff to give her. We'll see how that turns out.

I got a call from my friend Eleanor Sunday night. She had sold her house, and wanted me and Obie to come over and help her pack and declutter. She also told me to bring my ice chests, because she was emptying her freezers and fridges. And I would get a little money for my work too.

So Monday and Wednesday found Obie and I doing chores at 1:30 in the morning, riding with the Redneck to his work, and after dropping him off, driving to Krum at 3 am in the dark, the songs from Sons Of Anarchy blasting from the truck CD player. We got to Eleanor's around 3:30, lay back down till 6, a quick breakfast, and then working till 2:30 pm, when we finished loading everything she gave us in the truck and headed to pick up the Redneck and go home. If I never see bubble wrap again, it will still be too soon!

Some of the things I ended up with were a 26 inch television (ours is a 19 inch. They are both older televisions, not flat screens, but they work fine for watching our DVDs. The 19 inch will go into the Redneck's man cave), a gorgeous half table with a glass top that I have loved for years. a new weight scale to replace my over 15 years old one, a 'so ugly it's wonderful' metal chandelier someone gave her and she had in her shed (seriously, I can't wait to redo it to hang outside), and food. Oh boy, did I get food. She filled up both of my ice chests--twice.

This is just from the first night, and I had taken out a lot of stuff before I took these photos.

All kinds of deliciousness, including 10 pounds of Ghee, which I love, two tubs of vegan butter, two large jars of marinated mushrooms, a big jar of artichoke hearts,a carton of madjool dates, a tub of tomato bisque,

raisins, a bottle of wine, two bottles of molasses, a big bottle of Italian dressing, a lot of little packages of salad dressings and toppings.

Several Jimmy Dean breakfasts for the Redneck to take to work.

Frozen veggies of all kinds.

Several bags of frozen goodies from her garden last year.

Bags of frozen fruits. Can you say SMOOTHIE BONANZA?

Now this photo is blurry, but these are some of our favorite gifts. Eleanor is always cooking up great food and freezing it for later meals. Obie and I call these 'lunch ala Eleanor'. We will thaw out a container in the fridge overnight and heat it up for our lunch. The bonus? Eleanor is switching over to all glass storage containers, so we get to keep all the Rubbermaid!

She gave us a bunch of spices, including this delicious mushroom seasoning. I tasted a little of it, and wow, cant wait to use it in a soup.

She also gave me supplements, and probiotics, protein powders to add to my smoothies, quinoa and other grains. Pasta, jellies, and hibiscus tea. I even got a jar of pickled ginger! 

I also got 6 boxes of these 'candy boxes'. I took those to the church, and gave one to a lady who makes candy. If the church can't use the rest, I will suggest they give her the rest of them to use.

Tuesday I spent cleaning house and doing laundry to keep up with my work here. Thursday we attended the funeral of the Redneck's great aunt. It was a sad day, but it was good to say goodbye to a very sweet lady who was always kind to me. We barely made it back home to eat supper in time for Obie and I to make it to the library to return movies and books. Friday I simply did laundry and watched movies. I was knackered. The rest of the weekend we all just rested and went to church. By the way, at church another lady gave me a bag full of cute tops in a style I like. Plus I have to go to her house this weekend to get some real wooden furniture she wants to get rid of. See what the title of my post means? I got my blessing muscles sprained!

Right now I am spending my time cleaning, doing laundry and making sure my animals stay warm in this cold weather we are getting.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2018


  1. I love reading about people helping people.
    I’m very happy you could help Eleanor and I know all the products you got will be used and enjoyed.
    Have fun in Ft. worth.

    1. I will! I am taking my camera, and hope to get a photo of me and Buck Taylor, the actor who played Newley on Gunsmoke. I am really looking forward to trying out one of those massage chairs they display, you know the ones that pull and squeeze and make you go all limp.

  2. Wow what a haul. You are so blessed, happy happy. But you deserve it.

    1. You're very kind, thank you. Not sure about deserve, I just get a kick out of doing this kind of stuff.


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