Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

December 18, 2017

Hey y'all, it's me!

I have so many AIMS (Adventures In Money Saving) this week, I may have to do a two parter! I will have to do a separate post on Saturday's whirlwind of blessings, because it was wild, I tell ya!

Okay, buckle up buttercup, here we go.

Monday I made two crock pot meals so I could get everything done without worrying about cooking later in the week. Of course, while the weather was nice we had the windows open to enjoy the fresh air before the icky stuff showed up later in the week.

I used a lot of the leftovers goodies from the church Christmas party to make a few cold plate luncheons for Obie and I during the week, plus a lot of the veggie plate leftovers went into some nice big salads for supper.

I even picked up some seaweed sheets and made nori maki (seaweed, rice and veggie) rolls one day.

We are still enjoying the salted cabbage I made a few weeks ago. Anytime I didn't have enough salad fixings for all of us, I make a salad for the Redneck, and Obie and I enjoy the cabbage.

I have been wanting some house plants, but I don't have enough stretch in the budget to purchase them, so I will be asking for some cuttings from friends for ivies, aloe, spider plants, etc. I will start them in water, then transplant them into potting soil in containers. For now, I am starting a few avocado seeds on the window sill. I need a few small sweet potatoes for vines too!

I am still doing the online surveys for Amazon gift cards, and I am enjoying having a little extra money for fun stuff. I love the scents of leather and gun powder, so when I found a body wash from Outlaw Soaps called Blazing Saddles, I had to try it. It came in, and it really smells like leather, but the gun powder doesn't really come through. I don't care, it still smells amazing, and it feels great on your skin. It also comes in a cute burlap gift bag.

I signed up for the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. I am impressed so far! Not only  have a gotten free two day shipping with several things I have ordered, there have been additional discounts on the products I ordered! Now, to be honest, I normally don't order enough online to justify the monthly fee, so I won't be keeping it past the 30 days. If my online ordering habits ever increase to a certain point, however, I will definitely be subscribing!  

I ordered the Redneck's Christmas gift--a Cody Jinks CD he has been wanting for a long time while on the Prime trial. I got a new copy, at a good discount, and free two day shipping. I wanted to get it wrapped and put away so I could surprise him Christmas morning when I bring his coffee. 

I used the burlap bag from the body wash I ordered, some red tissue from a gift bag we received, and a ribbon from another gift. I wrapped the CD in the tissue so you couldn't see what it was, sipped it into the bag, and tied it with the ribbon.

I think it makes a nice masculine looking gift. Oh, if you're thinking he will read this and know what he's getting, don't worry--he LIVES this blog, he ain't gotta READ about it!

I ordered a couple more CDs, and again, there are some perks with the Amazon Prime. Songs Of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 and Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man. That was the very first Leonard Cohen album I ever owned, and I wanted to replace the one I used to have. (I love his music, I mean, come ON--lyrics like "It's Fathers Day, and everybody's wounded" CLASSIC!)

Last week's survey earnings were $25. Not bad for just giving my opinion. 

I have been enjoying the wax warmer I got in the Christmas party gift exchange. It came with cinnamon wax cubes, but I was wondering if I could use pieces of a scented candle. I had a big flat piece of one that came in a jar that I loved, but it had gotten to where it wouldn't light anymore, so I removed it from the jar so I could use the jar as a storage container. I kept the wax disk on a saucer on my writing desk. Well, I cut the disk into four chunks and put one in the warmer. It WORKS! So now I can use up ALL the candles I get in jars, and nothing goes to waste.

Our family enjoys when I read books at the table (when we drive anywhere, I am the 'designated reader'), and we really enjoy funny books. I recently ordered books 1-4 of the Bill The Vampire series from Amazon for my laptop Kindle. Each evening after I finish eating, I read a chapter of this, and it's hilarious (warning--vulgar language and some other unsavory elements, so not for younger readers). We are on the second book right now.

Speaking of Kindle books, have you tried Book Bub? I can't just insert the link here, because it keeps taking you to MY page, and you need to go to the home page so you can get your own account. Just look up Book Bub. They will have you sign up, and then you can let them know the types of books you like (romance, fantasy, etc), and then let them know you are interested in the free ebooks. You can check the site each day and choose some great free books to download from Amazon and a few other sites. I prefer real books, but these are good for when I can't hold one, and I can just press the arrow buttons to turn pages. 

Friday night our church had the 'premiere' of the movie we made over the summer, A Return To Faith. It was great, we had free popcorn and sodas, kind of like a date night for us. A lot of folks showed up, and it was so much fun to watch the movie with everyone laughing and enjoying the message of the film. And of course, we had to watch the BLOOPER REEL! Honestly, I had no idea I could mess up my lines so much! We ordered our own copy, and I will let y'all know how to get your copy if you are interested. The money raised goes to cover the expense of making the movie, and also towards the church new building fund.

I had a big can of pumpkin pie filling, but I didn't want to make a pie, so I did a search to see if there was anything I could make with it. I found a site, Yummly, I put in Pumpkin Pie Filling, and then answered a few questions about how many ingredients I wanted to use, quick, etc. I found a recipe for cookies made with the filling and a cake mix. I picked up a mix on sale yesterday, and I will bake them up later this week. 

Almost forgot--at church yesterday, my friend Renee gave me the most beautiful dream catcher. I will post a photo after I get it hung in my bedroom. The first cat to get ANYWHERE NEAR IT DIES. (just saying)

Now, this is the end of this post, but as I said at the beginning, it's not the end of the Money Saving for last week. I will do a separate post later this week about Saturday, cause it's a stand alone tale all by itself.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017


  1. What's in the crockpot? Looks yummy. Also, I'll have to check out yummly. I was trying to figure out something interesting to do with some Italian bread I picked up for $.20 and all I could find was how to make Italian bread LOL!

    1. One of the crock pot meals was Mongolian Beef, in the other was country style ribs. I just received ANOTHER large crock pot--will be doing three meals at a time next week. I love how just one day of cooking can free up time for the weekend and really busy days. Yesterday a friend from church came out to my house, and she, my son and I all went out thrift shopping for the day, while my crock pot fixed dinner so I didn't have to rush when I got home. The Redneck walked in the house with a hot meal waiting on him. Love your blog, BTW.


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