Cold Temps, Cabin Fever and Christmas Lights

December 6, 2017

Hey y'all, it's me!

Any time that I begin to doubt that Texas weather is fickle, changes come along to remind me of that fact. In the past few days it has gone from 82 degrees down to freezing. So plugging in the heat lamp in the well house, digging out sweaters and sweatshirts, and playing 'musical mutts' at night to bring in the outdoor dogs to keep them safe from the cold are standard actions to be taken. Baking goodies and making rich hearty food, along with bringing out the makings for hot apple cider this weekend also fill up the day's activities. Yes, we are quite cozy here in our home.

We are also going STIR CRAZY from being unable to get out and do anything. Let's just say that Obie and I love our home centered life, however we enjoy getting out in the fresh air just as much, so cabin fever sometimes strikes when the air turns so cold it hurts your lungs to breathe. So tonight after supper, the Redneck handed me the truck keys and told me to get out for a time.

Didn't have to tell me twice. Snagging my camera, I told Obie that we were going to walk around and take photos of the lights downtown. He was in the truck before I finished speaking!

We got there just as the sun was going down, parked just before the section I wanted to go to. We walked about, enjoying the crisp air, and I took some photos.

This was the outside of The Brick Coffee House and Cafe. The lights were really moving, and every time I thought I had timed it right--they clicked off! 

I took some pictures of store displays. I love the little winged dachshund!

This display is gorgeous. I love how the skirt is a red tree. This is at Belle Rose Boutique. The street we were on is Mason Street. I had forgotten that the stores were staying open tonight--I had never been inside this store. I looked up and saw these chandeliers. Tracey Gilbow is the owner, and she  was very gracious to allow me to take pictures of them.

Nostalgia lives up to it's name--they carry many lovely things from days past. I couldn't resist this Santa with his nice or naughty list.

This street lamp put me in mind of the song It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. Bowie takes great pride in making the town look festive for many occasions.

 I saw this little western themed tree, and had to show it off to y'all.

This is The Rack Sports Bar. I have told y'all about their cheeseburgers. If you come here to see the lights, you need to tune your vehicle radio dial to AM 1410, KNTX. The music and the lights sync up, and it's quite wonderful.

This is the window display for Thrift Angels, one of several thrift stores here. Now, is it just me, or does the headless mannequin in the red dress make you wonder if Santa offed Mrs Claus? You have to admit--it's a creepy little tableau!

These are the trees in front of The Brick. Again, I had a heck of a time catching the lights perfectly. I would get so flustered my hands would shake, hence the blurry results.

I want to go back tomorrow evening as dusk to re shoot the big tree in front of the newspaper office. It had gotten so dark by the time we reached it all I got was this floating light effect.

After we had walked about and enjoyed the displays, we went to Dollar General and Family Dollar to do a little research on holiday gift bags and containers to put gifts in. I saw some cute t shirts with slogans on them that I want to get later this month. By then it was around 7 or so, and we were ready to come home and bring the dogs and Sue the tomcat (don't ask) into the house for the night.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and that they inspire you to come visit our little community.

Well, I got snacking to do. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017


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