Unity Or Division? How I Relate To Other Bloggers

November 17, 2017

Hey y'all, it's me!

As you can see on the right side of my blog, I have several blogs that I follow. Now, this list changes from time to time, as I find that one blog doesn't really meet my needs, or another one strikes a chord with my life. Sometimes a blog is just not what I thought it would be, so I change my list again. I'm not fickle, I'm picky.

However, I do have my favorites. There are a few blogs that, unless something really drastic happens, will always be in my list. 

Herbmama's Words ( http://herbmamaswords.blogspot.com) is written by a dear friend, and she truly cares that the advice she gives is the best she can offer. Love you Becky!

The Legacy Of Home (http://thelegacyofhome.blogspot.com), written by Mrs. White, was the very first homemaking blog I ever read. A homemaker of over 25 years, she has always wanted to be a homemaker. Her calling, her passion, her devotion is to care for her family and home, being the best example of Godly motherhood she can.

Lady Lydia, who writes Home Living (http://homeliving.blogspot.com), is a woman who loves homemaking and genteel living. She is always posting lovely photos, and I often feel that I need to 'take tea' after reading some of her posts.

My long time pen pal, Marqueta, writes a lovely blog entitled Sweete Felicity (http://sweetefelicity.blogspot.com/). She has a marvelous family, and her children are extremely creative and talented. She even sent me DVD of a movie they made together.

Kate Singh's blog (katesinghsite.com) is a more recent 'addiction'. Her e book, The Lazy and Cheap Housewife (https://www.amazon.com/Lazy-Cheap-Housewife-Kate-Singh-ebook/dp/B01N5GIGAM/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8), was recommended to me by Amazon. Honestly, I thought someone had written a book about ME! From reading her books, I sought out her blog, wrote her a fan email, and now I regularly read her blog. We comment back and forth with humor and advice, encouragement and, yes, even disagreement at times. I love her outlook on being a homemaker, and she in turn encourages me to continue with my own writing.

Now, do I agree with EVERYTHING these bloggers say or believe? Of course not, because we are all very different women, with different lives and circumstances. We all have different political and spiritual views. For instance, Kate Singh's family is vegetarian, while my band of carnivores would rebel if I cut meat out of our diet. She doesn't care for the current president, while I couldn't get to the polls fast enough to vote for him. She doesn't care for guns, and I love the feel of a good firearm in my hand as I practice at the range.

Kate paints her house with jewel like colors, Lady Lydia prefers tea cups and frills. Mrs. White loves the old fashioned look with soft lighting, Marqueta recreates the World of Tasha Tudor in her surroundings. Becky lives in a large travel trailer, and I'm pretty sure she has mystical decor gracing her walls. Me? I love a rustic look throughout, and you will find a skull or two in my kitchen, a Dia de los Muertos mask by my bed, along with Scripture verses and a Sons Of Anarchy poster over my writing space. What can I say—I'm very eclectic.

So what unites us? The fact that the bloggers in this list and I all share the same basic goals. We want our families to be happy and healthy, our homes to be cozy and reflective of our personalities. We want a better world and to help others, and we want personal lives that are content, fulfilling and filled with accomplishments we can be proud of. We all have different ways of reaching them, but they are the SAME goals.

I think that too often in this life we are so busy looking for the differences that divide us, that we miss the very things that can unite us as women. I know that when that has happened I have missed out on special friendships that could truly have brought me closer to my own goals, and where I could have encouraged another to reach her own.

I'm not saying just nod your head and look happy if someone is doing or saying things that go against your core beliefs and values. Don't stay silent if you truly disagree with another's viewpoint, or tolerate what you honestly believe is evil. I'm saying THINK before you discard other people in your life, whether online or in real life. Look for what is important, and let all the little stuff go. You might just make some amazing friendships along the way.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017


  1. I like your attitude on blogging. I feel the same way. I have made some great friendships.

  2. Thank you. I was just reading your latest post, and it helped me put this coming Sunday into perspective.

  3. thank you so much my dear friend for those wonderful compliments...means alot coming from you!! you mention discarding people...I was discarded after 7 yrs of daily sisterhood....yup just like a hot potatoe!!! but whatever...love ya gal ,😚💙🔮

    1. Well, then the people who discarded you were *ahem* buttheads. js. Love you, and miss you both.

  4. Dear Evelyn,

    Thank you for the mention! I, too, have met many friends of difference faiths and outlooks on life, and have been enriched by each of them. We have so much to learn from each other!



    1. Well, I can't write about my favorite bloggers without mentioning you!

  5. OMGosh Evelyn I really can't agree with you more! It does seem these days that many folks are looking for differences to divide us, or feel their way is the ONLY way & if anyone else is doing it differently they're doing it wrong. Oftentimes that deteriorates into an 'us' and 'them' argument. I love that you pointed out that as people, we're all different. We're not all vegetarians, or like to garden, or knit, or skydive! We're all different, and that's a beautiful thing. If we quit trying to draw that dividing line in the sand to separate 'us' from 'them' then we'd all see we have much more in common than we thought. And then wouldn't this be a wonderful world indeed??!! Oh how I love the sentiment of this post - thank you so much for sharing!


  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments.


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