Money Saving Adventures For Last Week

November 12, 2017

Hey y'all, it's me!

While I didn't have any money saving adventures to report last week--this week should more than make up for it. I mean seriously, if we got any more blessed than we did--it would be scary!

Monday Obie and I went for a walk along our country road to survey the potential 'can harvest'. I've mentioned before that we pick up aluminum cans and scrap along the road to sell to make a little extra money. When the weather warms up, however, and the grass gets tall in the ditches, we stop until it gets cold again. Tall grass means snakes--I'm not scared of them, yet I have no intention of invading their territory and possibly being bitten. Also, walking, reaching, stretching, bending, etc, while gathering cans is hard work, and hot weather makes it worse. But with cooler temps, we will start up again, and from what we saw last week--our can harvest should be a 'bumper crop'!

I got the chance to do a little pantry stocking up when our local Brookshires had a Buy 1, Get 1 for a penny sale.

I stocked up on Tony Chachere's Dirty Rice and Jambalaya mixes--about 80 cents a box, The bell peppers were about 75 cents each. The Special K granola cereal was 2/$5.00--cheap! The floss picks were free, due to a coupon from a game the store is running.

I have been wanting a planner to help me keep my schedule of events, especially for church and the holidays. I stopped in Dollar General to get magnesium, and I saw this little 18 month planner for $3.00. I liked how it is laid out, so I got it.

I didn't need the little stickers that came with it, so I passed them on to my friend at the library for her planner. I really like how this planner is working out. I added some clips to hold coupons, and a few other little additions, like a sliding bookmark to keep my place. That and a pen, I'm ready to go.

We decided to buy a ham dinner from the Brookshires' deli for Thanksgiving this year, instead of me cooking. We will be going to a friend's home for dinner that day, along with other folks from our church, and I will take something I made. Now, while that takes care of the actual holiday, we still have the rest of the weekend to get through, and we like leftovers, hence the deli ham dinner! We chose ham, because we know we will get plenty of turkey on the actual day, and ham can be used in more ways than turkey in dishes we all like. I will even freeze some of the ham for beans later in the holiday season. It will only cost $49.00 to the dinner, and that includes several side dishes, and I can relax and enjoy my guys. 

Obie and I volunteered to help set up the Bowie Public Library Book Sale on Wednesday morning. We started to walk into town, when our neighbor stopped and picked us up. He was sweet to drop us off right at the door of the Community Room where the sale was being held. I was thankful, because even though we had rain coats on, it was still pretty wet that morning. After a couple of hours of hauling boxes, sorting and setting up, we got to shop first. I hit the jackpot!

I found DVDs of 2 BBC mystery series, Father Brown and the Hamish Macbeth mysteries. I haven't seen either yet, but I loved the books on both. I also got Blood Moon--a 'werewolfy western' I think, A Christmas Horror Story, about the Krampus legend (yes, I have weird taste in films), and an animated THOR cartoon for the Redneck. I also found a CD with songs from The Happy Goodman Family. I used to watch them on TV Sunday mornings with my grandparents. All the discs were in perfect condition.

I found the gun catalog book for the Redneck. It was SUPPOSED to be a Christmas gift, but he saw it when we got home. Oh well, I am just happy he likes it. Another cowboy cookbook joined my library.

Two more of my bargains. I got the Ripper book because I am still waiting for someone to convince me that James Maybrick WASN'T Jack the Ripper.

More books, including the devotional Jesus Calling.

I even found a near perfect 1955 copy of Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov, a classic book from that era.

I even did a little Christmas shopping.

This 1,000 piece puzzle was STILL shrink wrapped! It will be a good gift exchange item for a party. All together I paid around $15.00. Not bad for a few hours work.

Afterward, Obie and I had lunch at The Rack, a sports bar here in Bowie. All day Wednesday they have a $6.00 cheeseburger special with fries and a pickle spear. We order one and they are kind enough to cut it half for us. With drinks, we only paid around $9.00, and trust me, those burgers are HUGE. When we finished lunch we did a little shopping on the square, including getting Obie a 'new' sweatshirt at Thrift Angels Thrift Store.

This one looks very nice for going somewhere. Only $4.00. 

 I saw this over in the 'ugly Christmas sweater' section. It's a 4X size, big enough to wear as a dress. I fell in love with it, and for $4.00, I will be wearing it with leggings or jeans at Christmas parties for years to come!

It was 'buy one piece of women's clothing, get one free' day, so I found this black tank top to wear under button shirts. I am always looking for tank tops of different colors.

Friday morning I accidentally washed my old cell phone in the laundry, soooooo....yeah, it's dead. I hadn't had service on it for almost a year, but I was using it as a radio, alarm clock, camera, wifi when I was someplace with open connection, etc. My biggest concern was the alarm clock need, so the Redneck pulled out his old flip phone and now I have an alarm clock again. I will resist getting another cell phone as long as I can.

Saturday we went to the International Ordinance Museum in St Jo, Texas, about 20 miles from us. It was so cool--he has big guns, anti tank weapons, etc, from different countries. I couldn't believe I forgot my camera! I am going back later to get y'all photos. The museum is free, and if you have interests in history--you gotta go see this place! After this we went to the customer appreciation day at Trinity Ordinance in Lake Worth. This is one of our favorite gun shops. They gave away free t-shirts to the first 100 veterans, and the Redneck and I each got one! They also gave us a bag of stickers, pens and other goodies. They had free hot dogs, nachos, sodas and water. I got to visit with several other veterans from different eras. Again, I kicked myself, because I didn't have my camera, because there were all kinds of t-shirts, biker patches, and tattoos I would have loved to photograph. 

So as you can see, we had a lot of frugal fun last week. There were even more 'adventures', too many to list here, but these were the big ones. I hope these posts inspire y'all to look for ways to have your own 'adventures'. I know when I read other blogs where folks have spent little but had quality of life, I am moved to use my creativity to reach new heights of 'Thriftology'.

Well, I got chores. Later y'all.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017


  1. I love perusing thrift stores with my husband. He finds things I would never see.

    1. The Redneck and I don't usually do thrift stores together, it's more my gig. We do enjoy garage sales and flea markets together.

  2. Love love love thrift stores and your Ugly Christmas sweater is too cute to be ugly!!! We washed our tv remote and believe it or not, after about 3-4 days, it dried out and started working again. You may want to try your phone again in a few days.

    1. Hmmm...I will give it a try in a few days, thanks! I had removed the battery, and it's just been sitting on my desk since. I'll let y'all know if it works! I love the cat sweater, it was so different from all the others hanging in the shop. BTW, I love your blog.


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