Money Savng Adventures For Last Week

September 17, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Good golly Miss Molly, it's been busy round here this week, and it's about to get even busier this coming week, as our family works to prepare for the 9th Annual Trail Ride For St Jude's Children's Hospital that our church, Western Star Cowboy Church is putting on. The Redneck will take off Thursday and Friday, and we will have a 4 day weekend, riding, cooking out, fellowship and singing around the campfire. If you love trail riding and you are in the area, here's the website for more information:

Okay, on to last week's savings.

Monday I called a company about the razors I had purchased, because they are just awful--the heads swivel, and I kept nicking and cutting myself, no matter how careful I was. They sent me a coupon for a replacement product, and I found a package of regular razors that should do the trick. Seriously, one should not have to go to the ER because of leg shaving!

As ya'll know, Monday was the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. It was a day of mourning our nation's loss, yet also a day of celebration, because we are still here and kicking as a nation.

I cut up one of the watermelons we bought, and it had wonderful thick rinds.

Most melons today are grown for thin rinds, which may give more melon flesh, but I think it lessens the flavor. This rind went to the horses, but next summer I want to try watermelon rind pickles. Anyone have a good recipe I can try? Please post in the comments.

Tuesday I cleaned my fridge, and then I made packages of biscuit mix to store in the bottom drawer. I don't make a big package of mix, It's just easier to grab a bag, dump it and a cup of milk (or sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc, whatever you have on hand--it all works) in a bowl and mix it up. 

I put 2 cups of flour (all purpose), 1 Tablespoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt into the food processor (you can also mix it up in a bowl with a pastry blender or just a fork) then add 1/4 cup of shortening (I use the butter flavored Crisco or when the budget allows, real butter!). Whir it around until it's all mixed.

I use a big funnel to pour the mix into a Ziploc bag (I reuse the bags, simply storing them in a bigger bag in the fridge or freezer), and then I store the bags in the bottom drawer of the fridge until I'm ready to bake. Then I add 1 cup of milk, mix well, knead gently for a bit, pat down and cut out. I place them on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. This week I will make up pancake mixes also.

Wednesday I started reading Loving My Actual Life, Relishing What's Right In Front Of Me, by Alexandra Kuykendall. In the book's description, it says,

"In this entertaining and relatable book, Alexandra Kuykendall chronicles her nine-month experiment to rekindle her love of her ordinary "actual" life. After wiping her calendar as clean as a mother of four can, Kuykendall focuses on one aspect of her life each month, searching for ways to more fully enjoy her current season. By intentionally adding one thing each month that will make her jump for joy, she provides a practical challenge women can easily replicate. With humor, poignancy, and plenty of personal stories, Kuykendall weaves together spiritual themes and practical application into a holy self-awareness, showing women how a few small changes in their routines can improve their enjoyment of this crazy-busy life."

I've already gotten some great ideas. She writes with humor and without bragging. She admits when she makes mistakes, making the reader rejoice with her when she succeeds. I highly recommend it.

Thursday was our library night. We got a few DVDs and books, and while talking with one of the librarians, I found she is moving, and she has a china cabinet she wants to give me! We are now trying to coordinate picking it up, and I can't wait to show photos! I have been wanting one for a while, and this is old enough that I can paint it to give it a new look. 

Friday Obie's new comforter set arrived--it's gorgeous, and perfect for the look we are going for in his room. An unexpected blessing--I was moving something in his room, and a part of the carpet came up in the corner. There are nice wood floors under that ugly, 20 year old carpet! WOOT WOOT! He will be going to his father's the last weekend of the month, and I will use that time to rip up carpet, clean and wax the floor, and put everything else in his room. I'm still figuring out how to strip his dresser, I have to get the bolts for his drawer pulls, paint the side tables (they are actually old wooden camp chairs), and finish putting the decorations on his new headboard (an old butcher block table top), then bolt it to his bed frame. At some point I want to find him a touch lamp and a nice western looking cross for above his bed. I may have to do some of the projects at a later time, but I can at least have the furniture put in his room. I have to remember that this isn't a half hour decorating show, and I don't have helpers or a big budget. However I am a mom who loves her kid, and I have a great imagination and lots of elbow grease to apply!

Sunday morning a lady at church gave me two bags of clothes after she purged her closet. After lunch I went through them, and I now have a few more goodies to wear.

I got about 10 new pieces, but this one is my favorite--it's sort of like a dashiki, and I have always liked those tops. I am thinking that with a pair of black leggings and a long sleeve black top, this will be beautiful for winter.

What have ya'll done to save money this last week? Please comment below.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017


  1. Hello, that's a great top and it's perfect to wear with leggings.
    I've seen your biscuit mix by the bag method but I like it. Thanks for sharing

    1. I love the top--can't wait to wear it next Sunday to church. This coming Sunday, since church will be out in the wide open spaces around a campfire, Jeans, boots and tshirts and a hoodie will be in order! Any suggestions on other recipes you might be interested in seeing?

  2. Your trail ride sounds like so much fun for a good cause. My daughter is a rider, she would love to do something like that.

    Great biscuit mix tips and what a savings idea to reuse the bags each time.

    Have a great week!

    1. It's always a lot of fun--and we got great news Sunday morning. We had set a goal to raise $5,000 for St Jude's. Two weeks before the trail ride even happens, and we had raised over $9,000! God has DOUBLED what we set out to raise. There will still be people paying on the day of the ride, and there's an auction after the ride. Thise riders get a little crazy bidding on the stuff, so I can't wait to annunce our final total raised! You have a great week too!

    2. Oh my goodness, Pamela, I just got the name of your URL for your blog! I LOVE Keeping Up Appearances! My favorite British comedy of all time is The Good Neighbors--it's what actually got me into homesteading back in the 80s. Can't wait to read more of your blog!


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