Money Saving Adventures for Last Week

September 10, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

It's been a pretty good week, got a lot done, and I think I like the menu planning gig. I am still assessing the savings potential, but as far as not having to wonder what I will be making each day? That absolutely ROCKS. Even if I have a glitch, like today I realized that I hadn't taken a roast out for Sunday dinner, I can easily switch a menu around with another day's. Instead of roast, we had enchiladas for supper, and the roast will be in the crock pot on Tuesday. I've also found some new recipes that my family likes, and they have been added to my menu ideas. I have a few menu planning sheets I downloaded from a couple of sites, and I will be trying them to see how much more efficient I can be. I'll let ya'll know which one I like best.

This week we have been able to turn off the AC and fling open the windows all over the house to enjoy fresh air, due to much lower temperatures. It's been glorious to fall asleep with breezes blowing over me from the windows above the bed. And airing out the house after a summer of the house being shut up has been refreshing. Between that and using my clothesline as much as possible, our electric bill will be a lot nicer!

I made mashed potatoes this week, and I always drain the water I boil them in into a container. When I mash them, I use the hot water instead of milk to make them smooth. You can add powdered milk if you wish, but I have never had anyone be able to tell the difference.

Also, when I boil potatoes--or pasta of any type, I place a wooden spoon over the pot, and for some reason, it won't boil over. I keep the heat on medium high, and I haven't had a problem yet.

Friday I was up and cleaning like a fiend all morning. Around 11 o'clock my friend Eleanor called and said she was on her way to get me and my son, because she needed help packing stuff. She had her house for sale, and she finally has a contract. I will miss her horribly, but I am excited for her moving to Kansas. Thank heaven for Skype, we can keep in touch!

We went to her house, and spent the afternoon purging and packing, then the Redneck came from work to pick us up. We loaded a few goodies into our truck that Eleanor didn't want anymore, Like a George Foreman Jr rotisserie grill with all the parts! Later I downloaded the manual, and I can't wait to try 'air fried french fries'. 

We also got this swing and garden table! I will be repainting both--trying to think of a good color. Also, you can see there is a frame for an awning. The original one tore up after years of use. I was trying to figure out how to get another one, when I recalled reading on Lady Lydia's blog, Home Living several years ago how she had used a twin sheet to make an awning for some outdoor rest area. I looked at the frame and sure enough, with a little adjusting, a twin sheet will make a nice awning! I will post the results after I finish painting and making the awning. 

She also gave  me this potted cactus, which now has a place of honor on my porch. I think I need to re pot it soon, maybe separate it into a few different pots. The funny thing was watching my outdoor cats be confused at a plant that pokes when they try to love on it!

Saturday night I had to run to the store to get fresh salad fixings for the week. Whenever I am in  Brookshires, I always check the clearance areas for potential bargains. I found a great one in the dairy case. Four gallons of whole milk for....

$1.50 a gallon! They weren't even out of date. I grabbed them all, and when I got home I poured about a cup from each one into the gallon I have in the fridge, then I froze the gallons. Now, along with the gallon I already had in the freezer, I won't have to buy milk for at least a month. I'm the only one who drinks it, but I use it in making gravy, sauces and biscuits, so it's nice to have a supply on hand.

I also picked up my family's favorite magazine. These are always full of ideas, projects, historical tales (this month has a background of the Bowie knife) recipes, etc. I am looking forward to trying the mesquite pod drink listed in one article. As soon as I can I will get a subscription so the cost will be lower. We save every issue, and it has become a valuable resource in our quest to be as self sufficient as we can.

If you recall, I am working on redoing Obie's room in a more rustic/western style. Well, all the pieces are coming together, and hopefully I will be putting them together soon. I will post before and after photos I am so excited about this project. Today we went to Second Monday Trade Days here in Bowie, and I found some more elements for his room. I wanted some stars for the headboard I am making, and I found these three for $8. I have marked them where I need the Redneck to drill holes so I can attach them to the headboard.

He has a dresser that is real wood, and it had oxbow handles on it. Unfortunately, only two of the handles are are still intact, so I found another booth that has these handles to replace the broken ones after I strip and refinish the dresser. I am thinking of simply tung oiling it. There are also a couple of wall hooks that will be put on a wood backing to hold his jackets and 'gimme hat' collection. I paid $11 for all of them.

Now, this isn't for his room, but I saw this little candle holder, and I fell in love. The man sold it for $5. 

Here's a bit of a close up. Seriously, this is gorgeous.

While we were walking out to out truck I noticed that our neighbor who sells watermelons was there with a trailer full of sweet watermelony goodness (is watermelony a word? It should be). I bought two HUGE melons for $10. They will be dessert and snacks all week, and any excess will be frozen for smoothies later.

Now, while everything else for Obie's room has been showing up easily, the bedding part has been a frustrating search. I don't mind doing everything else as thrifty as possible, but I don't want to skimp on bedding. So this afternoon I went online and began a search for a new queen comforter with a rustic theme. I kept posting photos on Facebook and asking for opinions. Finally a friend posted a link to I FOUND IT! It's red and blue plaid, microfiber, and MACHINE WASHABLE, THANK YOU LORD, NO DRY CLEANING BILLS FOR ME! And it was less than $50 on sale so I ordered it. I think it's going to be very nice with everything else I have planned for the room. I will purchase throw pillows from garage sales and recover them with more western themed fabric, and they will give a little 'punch' to the bedding. Also, I can buy a simple bed skirt from Walmart or Target for a finishing touch. I am so excited, I can't wait to get started putting all this together. I still want to find a touch lamp for the side of his bed--oh well, it will show up when it's time.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017