Money Saving Adventures For The Second Week Of August 2017

August 8, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Well, this last week was an agony to get through physically, because I wore the wrong shoes, which caused pain all the way up into my back, and so I was a whiny, lazy lady for several days. I still got the basics done, but I also spent a lot of time just watching Sons of Anarchy on DVD, since it hurt to do just about anything else! But after stretching on my back arch, resting, Epsom salt bath soaks, and better shoes, I'm back in the game. Let the saving report begin!

As you may recall, last weekend I roasted a turkey. We ate a few meals from it, and then I cut most of the meat from the carcass, and then I put the rest of the bones, skin, etc, into these two crock pots and covered them with water. I let them simmer overnight on low, and this morning before leaving for church I strained out the solids to sort the bones out of later, so the meat can be used to stretch the dog's food. The bones will be thrown away, and I also ended up with almost two gallons of turkey broth. This will be frozen in pint jars to be used in soups, cooking rice or noodles, and making gravies. I don't add seasonings to the broth as it cooks, instead I will season it when it is used to make other dishes.

This is the meat cut from the carcass. I was in the mood for a little Asian flair in my supper, so...

I cooked up some rice in my trusty rice cooker, which I have had for almost 30 years. It was a gift from a Vietnamese lady I used to know. I lost the lid in a move many years ago, but a small plate placed on the top as it cooks works just fine. 

I warmed up the meat in the electric skillet, then I mixed up a package of seasoning for General Tso's Chicken, and added it to the meat. Let it simmer for a bit, and it's delicious.

There was a garage sale a mile or so from the house Saturday, and on the way there, I stopped by a local farm, where I got these two Black Diamond watermelons for $7. The big one was over 35 pounds! He gave me the small one as a bonus, and told me that if I wanted to pick my own melons, I could have them for $5 each! This one was really good tasting, so I will be taking him up on his offer. We eat a LOT of fresh watermelon in the summer.

When we got to the sale, I saw there were several boxes of music Cd's and Movie DVDs. Make sure that you ALWAYS check the condition of the discs when buying used, or you can get some really badly scratched ones that won't play. For $2 I got two new Cd's for Obie--A Stevie Ray Vaughn and His brother, and a George Thorogood one.

I also got the 5th season of my favorite TV show, Sons of Anarchy, for $2. I have the first three seasons, and now the 5th. I need to find season 4, 6 and 7. 

My best bargain? A Sons of Anarchy poster, still in the plastic with the price tag for $9.99, and I paid $5 for it. I will out it up in the TV room. 

Sunday afternoon I needed to buy some bananas, and while I was in BROOKSHIRES, I used the rest of my store coupon book to buy two boxes of dogs biscuits, and 4 cans of black beans. Each coupon was a $1 off, so I paid $1.50 per box of dog treats, and 19 cents for each can of beans. I paid $3.99 for almost $10 worth of groceries. I have to say, I will be looking for ways to get a few more of those coupon books!

Not a bad little bit of bargain hunting, I must say. So what did ya'll do to save money last week?

Well, it's too late to do chores, so I'm going to bed. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017