Money Saving Adventures For First Week Of August 2017

August 7, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Last week was a good one. My son and I have been trying out a Bible Baptist church on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, since it's too far to drive to our cowboy church in Springtown on a weeknight. The Redneck has to be in bed around 7 p.m., so Obie and I go by ourselves. The services on Wednesday are good, and there's a prayer group on Tuesday nights. The people are nice, and two of our local librarians attend too.

Last week, I found a blog named The Prudent Homemaker ( She has a lot of interesting articles on saving money, menus, sewing, etc. One of the recipes that she posts is for 'meatless chicken fried steak'. I thought, huh? Sounded just interesting enough to try. I had the ingredients on hand, so I was good to go. It uses old fashioned oats, seasonings and eggs. (for the full recipe, see

I mixed them up, made them into smaller patties than the original recipe called for, then fried them in my old electric skillet. I made up the gravy and poured it over the patties and let them simmer. They look pretty good!

I had some leftover mashed potatoes and corn from supper, so I reheated them and poured the gravy over the potatoes. 

They were delicious! And they had a texture very like a chicken fried steak. As you can see, Obie was enjoying them immensely. Since I made the patties smaller, there was enough for a second lunch. Now, the Redneck is not a meatless meal kind of guy, however, this recipe will give Obie and I a hearty meal without spending a lot of money. 

We had purchased whole cherries a week or so earlier, but were unable to eat them as planned. To avoid wasting them, I placed them into quart jars and added sugar.

You will have to at least cut the cherries or mash them a bit, so the sugar can begin to break the fruit down so it can expell juices.

Here is the fruit and sugar after about two hours. See how the juice is coming out? I will continue to add sugar occasionally for the next week or so, shaking the jar well each time. After a while I will add inexpensive unflavored vodka, and let it sit for at least another week. Then I will strain the mixture into bottles and store them in the fridge. They make a lovely sipping cordial. I have also taken a spoonful for coughs in the winter. I have done this with blackberries, and other soft fruits work well too. Some folks use the strained fruit over ice cream, but I simply compost it.

I took some stuff to the local consignment shop (The Red Barn), and while I was there I picked up my payment ofr other things that had been sold for me. While I waited for the lady to add my totals, I looked at the DVD shelf. I found a copy of BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE in DVD/Blu Ray, in perfect condition, for only $3! We collect the Batman animated movies, and this was almost $20 at the local Wamart. I snagged it. 

During the holidays when turkeys were on sale for 99 cents a pound, I bought an extra one to store in the freezer. Last week I had let it thaw in the fridge for a few days, then I baked it in the oven. After serving the breast meat for supper that night, I put the rest of the bird in the fridge until today, when I will finish deboning the carcass. I will freeze the meat in meal sized portions, and then the bones, skin and giblets will be made into stock for soups, ets. I use every part of a turkey but the gobble!

So, that's how I saved money last week. What did ya'll do?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017