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Money Saving Adventures for the Fourth Week of August 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

I have been blessed beyond belief this last week, in all kinds of ways. On last week's blog post I got THREE comments, all from ladies who also have blogs--and really good ones too! I was so excited.

Tuesday evening I began taking yoga classes here in Bowie at Serenity Yoga. It was fabulous. The teacher, Charlotte. gave very clear instructions, nothing too hard even for me, and I haven't done yoga in years. She kept the pace steady yet challenging, and while I never got out of breath...I did have to grab my sweat towel a few times! There were real people in the class--not a super model in sight. and everyone was friendly and focused. They meet at 5:30 pm every Tuesday night, and she is looking into starting a class for Saturdays at 7 am. All this for only $5 a class!

I am a big believer in letting companies know if a product doesn't meet my standards, or if it does meet of exceeds them. Monday I received two coupons from CLOROX for a free clean…

Money Saving Adventures For The Third Week of August 2017

August 21, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Remember how last week I talked about my back hurting so bad? Well......

I have great news and a recommendation!

I was online looking for something else, and I came across a video review for a product called Awesome Toes Toe Separators by Yoga Body Naturals. After watching the review, I checked out the Awesome Toes website, and decided you order a set. I got them last Wednesday, and after the first 24 hours the results were nothing short of miraculous. Below you can watch my video on the results.

These are the links I spoke of:
Please check them out.
I had been trying a couple of different shower cleaners, but they just don't work as well as I like, so I went back to making "Smurf Juice". The name comes from watching Kimmy at She's In Her Apron on Youtube as she made the DAWN and vinegar mix to clean her showers. At one point she talks about how all the blue cleaner makes it lo…

Money Saving Adventures For The Second Week Of August 2017

August 8, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Well, this last week was an agony to get through physically, because I wore the wrong shoes, which caused pain all the way up into my back, and so I was a whiny, lazy lady for several days. I still got the basics done, but I also spent a lot of time just watching Sons of Anarchy on DVD, since it hurt to do just about anything else! But after stretching on my back arch, resting, Epsom salt bath soaks, and better shoes, I'm back in the game. Let the saving report begin!

As you may recall, last weekend I roasted a turkey. We ate a few meals from it, and then I cut most of the meat from the carcass, and then I put the rest of the bones, skin, etc, into these two crock pots and covered them with water. I let them simmer overnight on low, and this morning before leaving for church I strained out the solids to sort the bones out of later, so the meat can be used to stretch the dog's food. The bones will be thrown away, and I also ended up w…

We Got To Meet Russian Artist Evgenii Fouk (Gene Fox)!

August 11, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Every Thursday night after supper and the kitchen is clean, Obie and I head to the Bowie Public Library to restock our books and movies for the week. It's a great library, and the staff are AWESOME. Well, last night we got a bonus to our weekly experience.

The Friends of the Bowie Library held a reception for Russian artist Evgenii Fouk, or Gene Fox, as his name translates. I had seen his paintings displayed in the library the previous week, and I was enthralled by them. Last night I gained an even better perspective of his work when I met and listened to the gentleman discuss his techniques.

Russian Artist Evgenii Fouk (Gene Fox) with one of his paintings. I confess, this one is my favorite.
Carol Reynolds, Ph.D. gave a brief introduction, telling how she had met Mr. Fox and his wife, about how they had come to be in America, and about how they had prayed for a special artist's visa--and they GOT IT. Dr. Reynolds is a retired South…

Money Saving Adventures For First Week Of August 2017

August 7, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Last week was a good one. My son and I have been trying out a Bible Baptist church on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, since it's too far to drive to our cowboy church in Springtown on a weeknight. The Redneck has to be in bed around 7 p.m., so Obie and I go by ourselves. The services on Wednesday are good, and there's a prayer group on Tuesday nights. The people are nice, and two of our local librarians attend too.

Last week, I found a blog named The Prudent Homemaker ( She has a lot of interesting articles on saving money, menus, sewing, etc. One of the recipes that she posts is for 'meatless chicken fried steak'. I thought, huh? Sounded just interesting enough to try. I had the ingredients on hand, so I was good to go. It uses old fashioned oats, seasonings and eggs. (for the full recipe, see

I mixed them up, made them into smaller patties th…