Quick Catch Up

July 9, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

WHEW! It has been off the hook busy around this place the past couple of weeks, so my blogging has taken a back seat to everything. However, yesterday we finally finished shooting all the scenes in the movie, so that's done, and I have some free time on the weekends to get caught up on everything else.

Last week the Redneck had taken off for the 4th of July and a couple of other days to get some stuff doen around the house, including getting the riding lawnmower up and running so we could finally get the grass cut. We put in a new battery, worked to get the new belt on (of course it was the wrong size), and put gas in the tank. The Redneck suddenly began yelling and shaking his hand. Turns out there was a yellowjacket wasp nest under the mower, and he was stung on his finger. After I got the wasp spray and ruined the little sucker's day, I put stuff on the Redneck's hand to help with the pain and swelling, and we went back to work on the mower. When we went to start it up, however, we found gas pouring out the bottom of the fuel line, which had rotted during the winter. I grabbed a hose and went to siphon the gas back into the can. I wasn't readym so I ended up with gas in my mouth, up my nose and running down my chin. I had the presence of mind to put the hose into the can, then I spent a long time rinsing and spitting, brushing my teeth blowing my nose, gagging, etc. Seriously, HOW do people steal gas by siphoning? I mean, I would do it again if I was desperate, but DANG, that is NASTY. I belched gas scented fumes for three hours. URGH! I'm still shuddering when I think about it.

Today I got a bag of clothes from a friend at church who was cleaning out her closet, and I found several goodies to pump up my wardrobe. I will post photos in a day or two.

Also, I have an idea for some posts based on the 'stunt journalism' genre of blogging. Books like Julie/Julia, Living Oprah, etc. It's where a blogger reads a book, does what the book says, then posts about the results. I have a fun author/blogger in mind, Mrs. Kate Singh. I found her book The Lazy And Cheap Housewife, on Amazon. I thought, ooookaaaaay....someone wrote a book about me. I ordered the ebook for my laptop Kindle, and I loved it. Kate is married, has two adorable little boys, and like me she loves her job as homemaker, wife and mom. She's also just as tight with a penny as I am, and there are many delightful tips and tricks, along with sound bits of wisdom and inspiration. I went on to get Queen Housewife, Queen of Sober, Many Ways To Happy, and her latest, The Homemade Housewife. She has a blog at https://katesinghsite.com/.

I think I will read her books again, and try her different techniques and scheduling, recipes, etc, then post about the results I get, maybe once a week. I will also be reading her fiction, and reviewing it on here. I'll be honest about her novels when I review them. If I like them, I'll say so and tell you why--also, if I'm not wild about them, I will let you know and tell you why.

Please check out her site--she has some interesting insights.

Well, I gotta go to bed--Monday comes early, so I gotta sleep fast. Later ya'll.
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