Money Saving Adventures For Last Week--New 'De Furring' Tool

July 30, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Well, it was a 'bad news/good news' kind of week.

 If you recall my blogs about the church movie, you may remember Drama, the bunkhouse cat. I'm sad to report that she passed away. She was quite elderly, and had been having some health problems. She will be missed.

On the good side, I FINALLY found a way to 'de fur' my carpets! When you have several dogs, especially two big ones who shed like mad, you look for ways to get all the hair out of the carpet. Let's face it--vacuum cleaners don't always get the job done. However, with a quick visit to the DOLLAR TREE, I was able to solve the problem.

A simple rubber squeegee! This is a BRILLO brand one, but I'm sure that any good rubber one would work fine.

This is the Redneck's side of the bed. The area has just been vacuumed. Looks pretty good, right?

Well, this is what came out of the carpet after I used the squeegee. It didn't take a lot of work, and what a difference--all for a $1.

Okay, on to my money saving for the week.

Saturday we helped the Redneck's aunt and uncle move to a new house. As I was moving a small table, I joked that it would be PERFECT for a space in my living room. The aunt pointed to another small table and said, "If that one will work, take it, I'm not fond of it,"

Isn't it cute? It even has a small drawer in it. I will clean it well, and it will look great under a large painting in my living room. I'm sort of considering painting it later, but for now it will do me a treat!

Of course, within five minutes Stripe had commandeered the table for a nap.

Sunday morning we decided to stay home so we could get some rest after Saturday's work. I was making chili dogs for lunch, so while the Redneck napped that morning, Obie and I went to pick up hot dog buns. 

As we pulled into the BROOKSHIRES parking lot, I remembered that I had a coupon book from the store. I pulled it out to see what kinds of store brands I could use them for. Sure enough, the buns would be covered, and I began to wonder what else I could use the coupons for...

I walked out after paying only $2.25 for hot dog buns, 4 cans of pasta sauce, and a container of foaming hand soap--a value of $9.00!

I had come to the store with $6.00, so after paying for the above, I still had enough to go next door to FAMILY DOLLAR and purchase 6 cans of GRAVY TRAIN canned dog food for my oldest dog, Punky (she's around 20 years old and can't eat too much of the dry food), spending $3.00.

Not bad at all for an unplanned store visit! What did ya'll do to save money this week?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll
© Evelyn Edgett 2017