Sunday, July 30, 2017

Money Saving Adventures For Last Week--New 'De Furring' Tool

July 30, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Well, it was a 'bad news/good news' kind of week.

 If you recall my blogs about the church movie, you may remember Drama, the bunkhouse cat. I'm sad to report that she passed away. She was quite elderly, and had been having some health problems. She will be missed.

On the good side, I FINALLY found a way to 'de fur' my carpets! When you have several dogs, especially two big ones who shed like mad, you look for ways to get all the hair out of the carpet. Let's face it--vacuum cleaners don't always get the job done. However, with a quick visit to the DOLLAR TREE, I was able to solve the problem.

A simple rubber squeegee! This is a BRILLO brand one, but I'm sure that any good rubber one would work fine.

This is the Redneck's side of the bed. The area has just been vacuumed. Looks pretty good, right?

Well, this is what came out of the carpet after I used the squeegee. It didn't take a lot of work, and what a difference--all for a $1.

Okay, on to my money saving for the week.

Saturday we helped the Redneck's aunt and uncle move to a new house. As I was moving a small table, I joked that it would be PERFECT for a space in my living room. The aunt pointed to another small table and said, "If that one will work, take it, I'm not fond of it,"

Isn't it cute? It even has a small drawer in it. I will clean it well, and it will look great under a large painting in my living room. I'm sort of considering painting it later, but for now it will do me a treat!

Of course, within five minutes Stripe had commandeered the table for a nap.

Sunday morning we decided to stay home so we could get some rest after Saturday's work. I was making chili dogs for lunch, so while the Redneck napped that morning, Obie and I went to pick up hot dog buns. 

As we pulled into the BROOKSHIRES parking lot, I remembered that I had a coupon book from the store. I pulled it out to see what kinds of store brands I could use them for. Sure enough, the buns would be covered, and I began to wonder what else I could use the coupons for...

I walked out after paying only $2.25 for hot dog buns, 4 cans of pasta sauce, and a container of foaming hand soap--a value of $9.00!

I had come to the store with $6.00, so after paying for the above, I still had enough to go next door to FAMILY DOLLAR and purchase 6 cans of GRAVY TRAIN canned dog food for my oldest dog, Punky (she's around 20 years old and can't eat too much of the dry food), spending $3.00.

Not bad at all for an unplanned store visit! What did ya'll do to save money this week?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Last Week's Frugal Fun--I Perform My Poem At Church

July 24, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Last week was pretty darn good in many ways. It was a lot calmer schedule wise, and HALLELUJAH, Fang is well enough to go back outside! I love that mutt to distraction, but he was getting so spoiled and clingy, we were all going nuts. So he's back outside, happy as a clam, and his sister Angel is finally taking her turn inside. She is enjoying flopping down on the floor of the kitchen, and snoozing in my closet. She's not going to be too happy later this week when gets a major grooming session, including a bath and dip.

Here she is, just taking up space while I cook supper. She's a BIG girl, and this doesn't even show her huge tail.

Found several ways to save money during the week. Thursday was our weekly library night, and we got several DVDs to watch, along with books for Obie and I to read at his bedtime. We also ran to the store afterward, and I decided to start buying powdered detergent again, because 1) It's a LOT cheaper, and 2) I don't have to worry about disposing of the plastic jugs, since we don't have a recycling place for plastics where I live. I purchased Original GAIN, a box which is supposed to do 120 loads. I only need to use a half scoop, so that will stretch it out to 240 loads. MUCH better bargain than the liquid. Yes, I could make homemade detergent, and I have several years ago, however the Redneck and I have some concerns about just how well it actually cleans, so he told me to stick with the regular detergent for now. 

When we bought animal food this week, we also had to buy cat litter. We prefer to buy WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER. It comes in a vacuum sealed bag, and it is made from corn cobs. I like it better, and if one of the dogs decides to 'snack' out of the cat box (don't make that face, you KNOW they do it), I don;t think it's as potentially harmful as the regular clumping types of litter. Walnut shell based litters are also very good. 

Saturday morning Obie and I went around the corner to a one day only garage sale, and I found a few goodies.

I've been needing new pajama pants, and these two pair were 50 cents apiece. Practically new and very comfy.

$1 each netted us three new DVDs. 

 And since I wanted a new prayer journal, I snagged these two little composition book for 25 cents each. There were also two metal hanging baskets on the 'free' table, so I grabbed them to use on my porch.

The whole family went grocery shopping later that morning, and I was thrilled that we didn't spend our whole allotted budget for this period. My stockpiling and budgeting is finally paying off!

Later that afternoon we decided to drive to Denton and visit MARDELS Christian Book Store, because the Redneck really needed a new Bible cover. While he was looking for that, Obie and I checked out the Bargain Books section.

I found LOVING MY ACTUAL LIFE; An Experiment in Relishing What's Right in Front of Me, by Alexandra Kuykendall. It's about how the author decided to find out how to appreciate her real life, not the life she kept waiting for. I figure that will be a good read for me, cause I still sometimes find myself waiting for that 'perfect' life to start. Don't we all?

For the Redneck, I found MAN STUFF by country singer Josh Turner. He's the one who sang Long Black Train. It's a devotional book about Faith, Family and Fatherhood. Together, I only spent about $8.

On Sunday, our church had the singing service a week early, because our preacher and his lovely wife are going on vacation this week. I was able to get up and do my poem before the band started, and you can see me making a fool of myself for Christ in the video below. 

After church, Wes Robinson, our local produce guy told us to take some of the cantaloupes in the back of his truck.

We stopped at K-BAR Dairy in Paradise, and they were having a sale on Raw Milk--two gallons for $10! 

After a long nap at home, I made dirty rice for supper--don't be too impressed, it was Tony Chachere's box  mix! Added in a salad, and we were good.

Well, that's it for my post of bargains--what did YOU do to save money and have fun this week?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tummy Troubles, Frugal Fashion, and A New Poem

July 17, 2017

Hey Ya'll, it's me!

Last week started off really good. Obie, Fang, Poblano and I all went for long walks every morning, and I got a few things done...then Mean Ol' Mr. Stomach Flu hit me, and I was so weak I just lay around and ached when I wasn't stuck in the bathroom. It wasn't until late Friday night that I felt better.

I mentioned last week that a lady at church had givein me a bag of clothing she was getting rid of, and after going through them and BEING HONEST about what I would actually wear, I now have a few new pieces to bump up the wardrobe with. Tell me what you think of these;

First, just look at this gorgeous purse! I don't carry a purse often, but when I do I like something nice or funky, like my skull purse a friend gave me several years ago. THIS is my new nice purse. 

And when I looked inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lining is pristine--no crumbs or dirt like you so often see in a used purse. I could have easily cleaned it, but this was an added bonus. And look at the label inside--MONTANA WEST! 

I have been needing a new nigthgown, and this cute little nightshirt is perfect.

There were also three long lounge dresses. They are comfy and cool, and perfect for after I take my afternoon shower to clean up. I can be comfortable and still look nice for the Redneck.

Aren't they pretty?

I really love this little T-shirt--the colors make it versatile. 

Over the weekend I also got a couple of bargains at a yard sale Obie and I spotted. Obie has been into dinosaurs lately, and the lady had four good sized plastic ones for a dollar, so after a bath in the dishwasher, they joined his collection on his shelf.

I also found a container of litter box deodorizer for 50 cents, so I snagged it. AND...

A new CD (and I mean NEW--never played) of 80s music! For 50 cents I now have some of the songs I enjoyed in movie soundtracks of the 80s, like the theme to FLASHDANCE, the Eurythmics SWEET DREAMS, Tina Turner's WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, and of course, "Oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind!" Now if I could just find an album of power ballads....

Last week I also began reading Neta Jackson's YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP series again--I think it's my fourth time through. If you enjoy Christian fiction with good storylines and GREAT characters--you gotta check her out. I always pick up on something new when I read them, and this time was no exception. I was reading how the women were at a prayer conference, and a speaker was talking about Hebrews 13:15, where it says,

"15Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of lips that openly profess his name."

Did you catch where it says, "a SACRIFICE of praise"? I had never considered praise as a sacrifice, but the more I thought of it, I realzed that while praising God for all the good things He gives us is easy, being able to praise Him in the BAD stuff (I said IN the bad stuff--not FOR the bad stuff, remember only good comes from Him) is when praise becomes a sacrifice. That's when you take the focus off yourself and your problems, and you put your focus on God and Who He Is. That takes a lot of effort on our part, cause let's face it, we all get tied up in our problems and forget the One Who is in control. God deserves our praise at ALL times, not just when we are having good times.

So...I had been having a drought of writing for a while, but this verse and Neta Jackson's book got me to thinking, and I felt a trickle of creativity as a poem took shape. I hope ya'll enjoy it.

A Sacrifice Of Praise
Evelyn Edgett July 2017

I'm gonna praise Him on my good days, gonna praise Him on my bad.
I'm gonna praise Him one time when I'm happy, gonna praise Him FIVE TIMES when I'm sad!
I'm gonna give my God a scarifice of praise.

I'm gonna praise Him when I prosper, gonna praise Hm when I'm poor.
I'm gonna praise Him when I'm strong and healthy, gonna praise Him when I'm flat on the floor
I'm gonna give my God a sacrifice of praise.

I'm gonna praise Him in my joy, gonna praise Him in my pain.
I'm gonna praise Him cause He saved me, washed away every stain.
I'm gonna give my God a sacrifice of praise.

I'm gonna praise Him with my singing, gonna praise Him with my lifted hands.
I'm gonna praise Him with my shouting, gonna praise Him with my dance.
I'm gonna give my God a sacrifice of praise.

The Bible says we're blessed when we come in, we're blessd when we go out.
So if you know you're blessed today, stand up and praise Him with a SHOUT!
Let's give our God a sacrifice of praise!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quick Catch Up

July 9, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

WHEW! It has been off the hook busy around this place the past couple of weeks, so my blogging has taken a back seat to everything. However, yesterday we finally finished shooting all the scenes in the movie, so that's done, and I have some free time on the weekends to get caught up on everything else.

Last week the Redneck had taken off for the 4th of July and a couple of other days to get some stuff doen around the house, including getting the riding lawnmower up and running so we could finally get the grass cut. We put in a new battery, worked to get the new belt on (of course it was the wrong size), and put gas in the tank. The Redneck suddenly began yelling and shaking his hand. Turns out there was a yellowjacket wasp nest under the mower, and he was stung on his finger. After I got the wasp spray and ruined the little sucker's day, I put stuff on the Redneck's hand to help with the pain and swelling, and we went back to work on the mower. When we went to start it up, however, we found gas pouring out the bottom of the fuel line, which had rotted during the winter. I grabbed a hose and went to siphon the gas back into the can. I wasn't readym so I ended up with gas in my mouth, up my nose and running down my chin. I had the presence of mind to put the hose into the can, then I spent a long time rinsing and spitting, brushing my teeth blowing my nose, gagging, etc. Seriously, HOW do people steal gas by siphoning? I mean, I would do it again if I was desperate, but DANG, that is NASTY. I belched gas scented fumes for three hours. URGH! I'm still shuddering when I think about it.

Today I got a bag of clothes from a friend at church who was cleaning out her closet, and I found several goodies to pump up my wardrobe. I will post photos in a day or two.

Also, I have an idea for some posts based on the 'stunt journalism' genre of blogging. Books like Julie/Julia, Living Oprah, etc. It's where a blogger reads a book, does what the book says, then posts about the results. I have a fun author/blogger in mind, Mrs. Kate Singh. I found her book The Lazy And Cheap Housewife, on Amazon. I thought, ooookaaaaay....someone wrote a book about me. I ordered the ebook for my laptop Kindle, and I loved it. Kate is married, has two adorable little boys, and like me she loves her job as homemaker, wife and mom. She's also just as tight with a penny as I am, and there are many delightful tips and tricks, along with sound bits of wisdom and inspiration. I went on to get Queen Housewife, Queen of Sober, Many Ways To Happy, and her latest, The Homemade Housewife. She has a blog at

I think I will read her books again, and try her different techniques and scheduling, recipes, etc, then post about the results I get, maybe once a week. I will also be reading her fiction, and reviewing it on here. I'll be honest about her novels when I review them. If I like them, I'll say so and tell you why--also, if I'm not wild about them, I will let you know and tell you why.

Please check out her site--she has some interesting insights.

Well, I gotta go to bed--Monday comes early, so I gotta sleep fast. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017