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Money Saving Adventures For Last Week--New 'De Furring' Tool

July 30, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Well, it was a 'bad news/good news' kind of week.

 If you recall my blogs about the church movie, you may remember Drama, the bunkhouse cat. I'm sad to report that she passed away. She was quite elderly, and had been having some health problems. She will be missed.

On the good side, I FINALLY found a way to 'de fur' my carpets! When you have several dogs, especially two big ones who shed like mad, you look for ways to get all the hair out of the carpet. Let's face it--vacuum cleaners don't always get the job done. However, with a quick visit to the DOLLAR TREE, I was able to solve the problem.

A simple rubber squeegee! This is a BRILLO brand one, but I'm sure that any good rubber one would work fine.

This is the Redneck's side of the bed. The area has just been vacuumed. Looks pretty good, right?

Well, this is what came out of the carpet after I used the squeegee. It didn't take a lot of work, and what …

Last Week's Frugal Fun--I Perform My Poem At Church

July 24, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Last week was pretty darn good in many ways. It was a lot calmer schedule wise, and HALLELUJAH, Fang is well enough to go back outside! I love that mutt to distraction, but he was getting so spoiled and clingy, we were all going nuts. So he's back outside, happy as a clam, and his sister Angel is finally taking her turn inside. She is enjoying flopping down on the floor of the kitchen, and snoozing in my closet. She's not going to be too happy later this week when gets a major grooming session, including a bath and dip.

Here she is, just taking up space while I cook supper. She's a BIG girl, and this doesn't even show her huge tail.
Found several ways to save money during the week. Thursday was our weekly library night, and we got several DVDs to watch, along with books for Obie and I to read at his bedtime. We also ran to the store afterward, and I decided to start buying powdered detergent again, because 1) It's a LOT ch…

Tummy Troubles, Frugal Fashion, and A New Poem

July 17, 2017

Hey Ya'll, it's me!

Last week started off really good. Obie, Fang, Poblano and I all went for long walks every morning, and I got a few things done...then Mean Ol' Mr. Stomach Flu hit me, and I was so weak I just lay around and ached when I wasn't stuck in the bathroom. It wasn't until late Friday night that I felt better.

I mentioned last week that a lady at church had givein me a bag of clothing she was getting rid of, and after going through them and BEING HONEST about what I would actually wear, I now have a few new pieces to bump up the wardrobe with. Tell me what you think of these;

First, just look at this gorgeous purse! I don't carry a purse often, but when I do I like something nice or funky, like my skull purse a friend gave me several years ago. THIS is my new nice purse. 

And when I looked inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lining is pristine--no crumbs or dirt like you so often see in a used purse. I could have easily cle…

Quick Catch Up

July 9, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

WHEW! It has been off the hook busy around this place the past couple of weeks, so my blogging has taken a back seat to everything. However, yesterday we finally finished shooting all the scenes in the movie, so that's done, and I have some free time on the weekends to get caught up on everything else.

Last week the Redneck had taken off for the 4th of July and a couple of other days to get some stuff doen around the house, including getting the riding lawnmower up and running so we could finally get the grass cut. We put in a new battery, worked to get the new belt on (of course it was the wrong size), and put gas in the tank. The Redneck suddenly began yelling and shaking his hand. Turns out there was a yellowjacket wasp nest under the mower, and he was stung on his finger. After I got the wasp spray and ruined the little sucker's day, I put stuff on the Redneck's hand to help with the pain and swelling, and we went back to work …