Whew! Rainy, Busy Spring

June 8, 2017

Hey ya'll it's me!

Man, it's hard to believe that I have been back in the great state of Texas for a little over a year--just doesn't seem that long. I call Memorial Day my 'Homeaversary', since that's the day my son, my animals and I crossed that old Red River Hoss, back to Texas where Bob Wills was an awesome musician, but Jesus is the King.

Lately our time has been taken up with trying to get outside projects done--mowing, trimming, building a dog run for the three oldest ones, setting up my patio so we can actually use it, and last but far from least, my son was given a 15 foot above ground pool, so that has to be set up around the back.

But of course...

It's been raining.


For weeks.

So everything has to be put on hold until it stops--which can be intermittent at best. My place is so overgrown I am no longer embarassed. I just tell people I am doing my bit to save the ozone layer.

Another big time taker this spring has been the movie that our church is making, "A Return To Faith". We have been filming every weekend that it's not raining. Last week we didn't film due to 80% rain chances, and this weekend, the Redneck and I are going to a 'Race Under the Lights' at the Raceway, as guests of some friends who have tickets to watch the race in a private box. Apparently food and drinks are included, we will get to go to the pits to look around, etc, and it's free. Since my son is going to his father's Friday morning for the weekend--it will be like a date! Yippee!

Back to the movie news. Here are a few photos of the set, cast and crew.

The sign for the town of Faith. Isn't the town set amazing? I didn't get to work on it, but so many in our church did such awesome work/

The building that is being used as the jail was already on the property, One of our guys, Ty, simply added the door and the bars on the window. I don't think the plastic chair is period correct...

Of course, the Jines Sisters are here, ready to be snarky and trying to convince the Sheriff to burn down the saloon. Don't we look wonderfully self righteous?

The schoolroom. Yes, that's a real old woodstove as a prop.

Mary Bowden, our preacher's wife and an AWESOME lady, wrote the script, and she's also the director. The *AHEM* 'dancing girl' in the background is Mercedes, daughter of my friend Teresa.

Kenny and Barbara Woodruff are the mayor and his wife.

David King as the Sheriff, James Frazier as a rancher who's marrying the schoolmarm, and of course the Redneck as Ray, the saloon bouncer.

After lunch, Obie just got way too comfortable to act. 

And of course we can't forget Drama, the bunkhouse cat. in her film debut as the town stray.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the little preview of the movie. I'll post more photos as we go along. I promise photos of our time at the raceway too.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017